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  1. I think what I'll do is buy the Samsung 860 SATA. I have a HDPlex 300watt LPS coming my way. I can power the SATA HD from the LPS as well as the MB and USB PCIe card. Maybe then I can call my server complete. My digital gear is plugged into a 2KW BPT AC regenerator. Not sure if that made any difference as I have not critically listened to it. Too busy just enjoying the music ;)
  2. Interesting highstream. I'm looking for a music storage drive, SATA format and while I've been playing with combinations of drives, I've noted differences in sound when comparing drives and too my NAS. I've hung a 5GB Seagate USB spinner and then my NVMe M.2 USB Samsung 970 EVO plus followed by my NAS spinners. I can't declare a clear winner. The NAS to me has a different sound to it. I'd say less defined. Bass seemed to lose its texture. Wife is not liking the NAS. She thought it sounded noisy. It was interesting because she was loving the sound then I had switched storage drives to the NAS w
  3. Yes I do, both programs operating inside my Sigao music server. I still don't understand the relationship between having the HQP and Roon selected as output devices. But as you mentioned, having programs run separately from 2 different servers may be ideal. I have a Small Green Computer Linux box collecting dust. I'll use that for the Roon core, which was its old job, and it least it is coupled with a very nice LPS. I wouldn't say the changes I made yesterday, moving OS to a PCIe SSD on MB and AudioOptimizer was a step forward. Seem to have lost soundstage depth but rea
  4. I've got my music server up and running and have been playing around inside HQPlayer settings. I'm using 20bit and 1.536M and my modulator is AMSDM7EC 512+sf, dirther is TPDF and I honestly don't remember why I used that setting. God Bless you all for figuring out the multitude of combinations of settings. My feet are still getting wet. Inside of Roon I only had HQPlayer enabled. I then enabled Holoaudio Spring 2 DAC KTE level 3. I thought I would no longer see 1.536m but it was still there. I then realized that both HQP and the aforementioned Spring DAC was enabled.
  5. Maybe I'll choose between the first 2, Crucial or Kensington. I'm really pissed off at Samsung. That being said, I should look inside my shiny little Pcie box. It might be a Samsung!
  6. Sorry folks, I have to say that last night listening was simply amazing. I did one further tweak adding a Synergistic fuse to my integrated. Fancy fuse or no fancy fuse, after one song for 15 minutes I was laughing so hard, my wife and 10 year old thought I had lost it. They sat down and it was game on. Jack Johnson - Rodeo Clowns; Music was coming at me in ways I thought not possible. My setting was NOS but when I switch to OS I get a tighter more focused image. I left it at NOS. This song set about my hysterical laughter. My 10 year took control and queued up The Stones - Ruby Tu
  7. I've got a miniDSP sitting on my garage table. I'm looking to sell but I also have 2 SW260 subs sitting silent as well. Trouble is, my system with the May is producing amazing bass coming from the 11" Eaton drivers which are part of my Usher Towers. Guess I'll hang on to it a bit longer.
  8. Finally, my music server is up and running - with HQPlayer no less. I struggled mightily with 2 other computers and never got HQP to work. I'm simply in awe at what is coming out of my speakers except that nothing is coming out of my speakers, music is simply there. Separation, layering and detail in abundance but there's something else. Beauty. The music sounds beautiful. Not sure I've ever used that adjective describing the sound of music in an audio system. And between the speaker and power cables that I've borrowed from my buddy, it seems my "bad" room isn't bad anymore. The ba
  9. Thanks guys, I figured it out. The HDPlex appears to be DOA. I plugged my son's laptop power brick and viola, a working server. I then plugged the HDPlex into my son's laptop and it wouldn't even charge. I measure 18.94 volts output from the HDPlex but don't know how much current is available when plugged into a load. Larry at HDPlex is shipping me another unit. Really great guy to work with and as mentioned here in this forum, responds very quickly to emails. I'll be buying more product from this company. They appear to be Pass Labs like (the gold standar
  10. All connections have been checked multiple times. It was a logical thought, thanks Steve.
  11. Yes they are nice people. Unfortunately, they have not been able to find a problem. They have asked me to try a standard ATX power supply to see if its a problem with my brand new motherboard. Normally, I would have a few in my spare parts bin, but the bin is in another state.
  12. Well, according to HDPlex, I could cause any damage when set to 220 volts. They ship that way in order for someone to not do damage when not set properly. But it still doesn't work.
  13. I think I killed it. Got everything plugged in to my new server using HDPlex 300W LPS. Good to go (or so I thought) I turned on the server. Got a blue front panel light but nothing through to the monitor. It's silent so hard to tell what's going on. I did note that there was an amber LED at D12 I turned everything off and rechecked. Damnit. I found the voltage setting for AC power was set for 220volts. Flipped it to 120 and tried again. Now I have a blue LED at D12. I don't know what the blue LED denotes. Looking at the online documentation it shows 4 LEDs on the HDPlex
  14. SLC SATA 3. I found a 1TB version here. https://www.amazon.com/Silicon-Power-Internal-Ultrabooks-Computers/dp/B07PHJCCY3 Is it similar or same tech? I'm looking for music storage and wish to go with SATA for using a LPS.
  15. I bought a music server for my Holo May DAC. HDPlex on the way and I wish to start with an OS using the Intel Optane SSD HD. Storage too will be installed on the motherboard which is a Asus Strix H470i Gaming. The backside has the SSD, a 250GB 970 Evo plus as shown in pic. The top side is the problem I think. Due to its fanless design, there's a heatsink in the path of having an additional drive. That heatsink can't be moved. One option I have is that I could put the Optane HD on the backside but, it's bloody difficult to find a ~250GB Optane drive in that format. I think I can ins
  16. Feels like everything I wish to buy in the audio world, is or has been on back order, wish is OK. I like to see performance audio in a renaissance even if it seems to me, music isn't. Wife tells me to get those Tekton's ordered! Yes Ma'am ;) Hope they'll take a deposit...
  17. You mean I'll need to wait 3 months for the Ulfberhts? Damn, better get my order in. Still haven't decided color and whether I should add the single Beryllium tweeter. To stay on topic we have this feeling the May with all its capabilities, the Kinki, and the Tektons in a dedicated room could be something very special.
  18. This is a computer audiophilestyle forum so my post may be out of place, but I'm here listening to my May DAC KTE and F-it, I'll share an experience my wife and I had a few minutes ago. We've been enjoying this DAC for a few weeks now so maybe a 100 hours or better. At the same time I've acquired some pretty damn fine power cables (for me anyway), and today, I assembled a Furutech DPS 4.1 with the F series NCF connectors. I was thinking of wearing this cable as a necklace in downtown Las Vegas as it's bling compliant. I replaced the Triode Labs Obsession's cable with t
  19. You know, I really like this post. When going through my music collection, I often get side tracked playing tracks on what to listen to when comparing... tracks. I mean I have my old standards but bilboda touched on something rather simple, a tambourine. I use Neil Youngs harmonica and his voice often enough and of course many other recordings but so often I struggle to get a good picture of what I'm hearing overall. And for me, it's just a crap shoot. Only continued listen between my wife and I had determined what sounded good over the course of time. Looking forward
  20. No worries, I won't use it on ANY electronic device before checking requirements.
  21. I found a power supply going through my closet. I believe I used it on my Squeezebox 3. Wonder if its worth using it on say a music server hard drive or my EtherRegen? If it's better than OK, I'll staple a power cord and or Furutech IEC (have a few in my toolbox) Not electronically inclined so here's a few pics. Thanks!
  22. Got my May as well. Congrats people! DAC's are fun and interesting to burn in, especially within the first hour or two. The May was no different. Initially I thought yes, loads of detail, notes trailed off, a league better than the Lindemann although stage was flat which was to be expected with no time on it. So I listened and listened and I liked what I heard. I went away for about 30 minutes and sat, grabbed the tablet and picked up some very familiar songs from one of my playlists. It was sounding better and I was thinking "this could be very good". My wife joined me
  23. Hi Diavolo,


    I just caught by accident, a reply to my post on Feb 18 - I think - regarding my desire for a music server driving a HoloMay DAC KTE version. You pointed me to the Atlasolutions web site. 


    I was surprised, pleasantly, at how robust that server is and how it seems to match well for the May DAC. I've read through 78 pages of DIY server builds as well as countless posts regarding bits and pieces of what is best. It staggers my mind and my pocketbook :)


    I've been using Supra cables for maybe a year now and found it betters a Sablon ethernet cable I just picked up. May have to revisit that as perhaps the cable had jet lag.


    But I think your solution is best and appreciate your post. Thank you. Don't know how I missed it initially.



    Michael De Salvo

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    2. MichaelHiFi


      Hi Diavolo,


      Placing an order for the Sigao now. Can I ask you what version of Windows you are using?

      Thanks again for pointing the way :)



    3. Diavolo


      I use windows 10 pro, but home should be fine too.  I sent you a message to separate from this one about the Sigao. 

    4. Diavolo


      Jonathan is very helpful very the atlastsolutions.com website's chat feature, let him know Jonathan C. from NC says hi!



  24. I'm going to use a Kinki Studio M1+ as an integrated then using the Kinki as a preamp using my BMC-S1 as the amp. Will be a good comparo. I've got a few HQ class D amps as well including a Nord MK 2 using the NC500's. Amp rolling. What I'm really struggling with is a music server build. I've read the 77 page DIY build report in this forum. So damn much great information it has given me many idea's. Last night while laying awake, I thought perhaps if I could get away with a 12ft long USB cable, I could build a high power music server for the May outside of the audio room I'm h
  25. Now it makes sense to me. Glad I bought a USB cable that carries the 5 volts!
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