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  1. I've been evaluating power cables and just yesterday, an ethernet cable. Wish to do a write up on what I heard and I'm still processing the differences in characters. So many variables here to! The clarity and nuance I heard yesterday was jaw dropping. I'm looking at the Lindemann with even more respect and my former power cables with less respect 🤨 I'm not going to drag my desktop downstairs to test yet. Too much going on in this household. What I will do is have my son load HQPlayer on his laptop and go direct as you mentioned. And I got a new USB cable to evaluate as well so it
  2. Fanless server next to DAC vs a noisy server located in another room. I've changed my mind about 60 times. I think at some point, after researching ~60 articles I've come to a decision, I don't know what decision that is. With regards to the May DAC, which is on order, I would like to be able to connect directly from computer to DAC via USB. I like the idea of the KISS method and if there's a better way to SQ, well, I still have the straight USB out computer/in DAC. I'm building a dedicated 2 channel audio room which will be silent. Special walls RCL, wool,
  3. Yes and that's the way I have it setup, to my desktops local address. I noted another error message that flashed up briefly inside HQP. "NAA output QOS functionality not available" or something like that.
  4. I tried playing a song from my local drive by loading it into the HQP interface. It won't play either. At bottom of HQP page I saw a "push to FIFO failed". Thanks for everyone's help here. Don't where to go with this. I was getting ready to build a music server for the HoloMay DAC using HQPlayer but I can't even get it to play a song. Need to start exploring other options.
  5. It is connected to the Lindemann DAC.
  6. I continue my journey in my seemingly fruitless attempt to get music playing using HQP. I've emailed Jussi and have sent him pics of my setup. It seems there are problems with Roon losing control over the audio device and, HQP crashes after being open for a period when I try to access the settings file. I also expect to see the Rendu in the signal path. Again, I can see a file playing above the control area of Roon from my desktop. Of course there's no sound, just a graph indicator that there's an output to - nowhere.
  7. Looks like I'm going back to basics here. I had uRendu showing in Roon and now its gone. I have HQ player showing in devices. Is there supposed to be an 'enable' associated with it? It will play but to nowhere because I see it in the icon playing but not at the bottom of Roon. Settings too seem to change magically. When I went back to Rendu home, it changed back to Roon Ready. Why did it do that? I changed back to HQP which maybe why I lost Rendu in Roon. But it's HQP that I want to stream. So frustrating...
  8. Yes, no problem there. I've been using Roon for years with my Lindemann and the Rendu. It's been solid.
  9. OK so I rebooted the computer (when all else fails). And what I got was the uRendu showing up in Roon. When I enable it it plays music. Then I though but is it using HQP? No. When I load HQP and hit play it does not make the handshake with Roon. Both programs reside on my desktop which is configured localhost. What I still don't understand is when I'm inside Roon, I see the uRendu and My Desktop as separate zones. I'd like to perform a marriage if needed. I mean, which one should be ignored? Only the Rendu plays. The HQP isn't playing with Roon. In HQP, my
  10. Oh, and my DAC is a DSD dac capable of DSD512. It's called the Lindemann Musicbook DSD 25 FWIW.
  11. Oh, and my DAC is a DSD dac capable of DSD512. It's called the Lindemann Musicbook DSD 25 FWIW.
  12. Thanks folks. I checked and changed a few settings based upon your generous recommendations. Still no sound from stereo. There's a smoking gun here. Roon should play at bottom of player but shows song and refuses to play. There's a handshake that's missing and I'm damned if I can see it. Sucks too as I'm getting 2 new cables to evaluate tomorrow. A few more screen shots although I see nothing there.
  13. I'm using a Lindemann Musicbook DSD and it shows up in HQPlayer in the output device settings. Nothing shows up in HQP.
  14. It helps in that it seems I'm there but not THERE. Meaning, The uRendu is active, the DAC is seen both in Rendu and in HQPlayer. What is not working is the fact that Roon and HQPlayer are not making a handshake. I use localhost because they both reside on my desktop computer. And in Roon I add the HQ player and it comes up in 21 instances as a zone. My Desktop and a name I used for the DAC. Neither works. With Roon 1.8, I noted that strangely (cause I'm just getting used to the interface) there's 2 players - seemingly. I'm posting a pic of some configuration settings. The on
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