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  1. I go between AMSD7EC 512+fs and ASDM7EC. System has been playing really well lately except for dropouts. I'm getting 3 to 4 second dropouts (silence) maybe 1 or 2 times per song. I've got an i9/10900 server. Hadn't had time to troubleshoot server but changing settings in HQP hasn't solved the dropout problem.
  2. Thanks to Alex at Uptone Audio who clued me in that having the ultraRendu in the chain does not need the Holo Audio driver as Linux takes care care of the role of that driver. First time I ever quoted myself :)
  3. Looks like the Holo audio driver doesn't wish to be seen. I deleted, reinstalled Holo May driver software, checked the device manager and saw that it was not installed. Checked the system32 folder and noted the AMD files but not the INTEL 3012 files. Checked DriverStore in registry and noted the same. This was working but perhaps making the etherregan mod (reversed to utilize JS-2) may have caused the driver to disappear to the May. But I'm playing music well. The cost of a complex setup..
  4. Yes Windows PC running HQP 30.12. In Roon, Holo Audio driver is disabled and athough shown as an option, is missing. In HQP, NAA selected and of course the Rendu. I did NOT have a backend device selected. I can select the Holo Audio driver however. I was under the idea that backend should be equaled to none. Not having a backend device music flowed. What was missed? And thanks for the help!
  5. A few things of note last night when listening with my wife. I'm often screwing around with my system and recently added the ultrarendu and the JS2 power supply. It was a startling upgrade. Simply more clarity and separation. Then I tried various tweaks with cables. But being busy setting up the house (new home new room) I haven't been listening much although the few times I had I felt anxious to get some room treatments. In my former home, bass was always a problem as in too much of it. In my new room it's as if I traded my speakers for monitors! The difference in sound between old home and n
  6. Time for me to decide on which direction (or both) to send music to my May KTE. What has worked well is using my Sigao server running HQP and Roon endpoint. EtherRegan through Microrendu USB into May. Using motherboard USB out of the server with HDPlex didn’t sound as well in my system. HDPlex 300 watt PS is gone. I just moved and the “almost audio room” is ready for setup. 🙁 I ran 3 different cables from the home network utility room to where my stereo will reside. OM1 fiber, Cat6 UTP, Cat 8 and a generic contractor installed Cat6. One
  7. It was working well, the 860 EVO and the HDPlex, although I hadn't yet tethered the EVO to the HDPlex. But going USB from server to Holo May KTE suffered compared to uRendu and EtherRegen. Moot point now as the HDPlex burned up. Failure #2. At least the Dell Powerbrick works well...
  8. Results will be different but it's great that you shared your experience. There are so many variables when swapping cables in and out. It's not just the cable for the May but cable for other associated equipment as well. Right now I have a Triode labs obsession plugged into the May. That cable is plugged into the Furutech GDX-D NCF (R) outlet that on a 10awg cryo'd dedicated line. But I've been swapping PC cables, Lessloss C-Marc, Furutech 4.1, and a Varastarr Signature all with small but detectable signatures. The Verastarr especially being a ribbon cable. But differences in my s
  9. Good question! I just grabbed a cable from my box of USB cables. It says HP on it. Must have been for my newly acquired printer. Don't remember the May coming with a cable. Need to locate the box.
  10. I'd barely know where to start but I'll say this. I've done countless cable comparison's. Countless. Last night I finally got a chance to make a USB comparison, but only locating 2 cables, a ~$250 dollar cable and a freebie still in plastic wrap. I gathered my wife and MJ 11 year old son, both have very keen ears. MJ's girlfriend listened too but didn't understand what we were doing. I didn't tell them what cable was being tested. But before they joined the test I listened first. I noted a difference between the 2 USB cables. Note that my system is using a
  11. Maybe not overkill but what did you notice after the insertion of those devices? I know my Lindemann DAC streamer didn't at all like isolation feet. Sucked the life out of the music. Found that maple worked wonders though. May sits on top of 3" maple but I haven't sat with my wife and performed an AB test yet. Too busy moving!
  12. I was thinking of upgrading to the Audioquest diamond :)
  13. You are paying great attention to your chain of connections and the fuse in my experience, is a great way to start. After discovering the staggering difference in fuse quality on my AS1200 class D amp, I went ahead and changed out the cheap tin fuse holder as well (at least I think it's tin). I started changing out fuses in all of my equipment, eventually settling on Synergistic orange. Not every component that I installed an expensive fuse in gained as much clarity as the AS1200 class D amp. I have a Nord class D as well but it already had a quality fuse in it. I might add that fo
  14. Yes I hear what you've been experiencing. I haven't heard a bad setting through the May, just different. And when scrolling through the settings, the first thing of note is how the stage changes. But there are so many factors involved in this, not just the May. Since I lost my music servers motherboard, I also received my BMC amp that has been broken for many years. And it won't play with my Ushers full range (bass bins) but plays with the to monitor section. So we played and compared the BMS with my Kinki Studio M1+ thinking the Kinki will best the old BMC. The May go
  15. Love the May DAC. Steep learning curve with HQPlayer but I'm understanding that I've had underlying problems from the get go. I always have to remind myself "this is a hobby" Always have a backup plan when computer audio fails (and it will) because it's music that soothes my soul. When your hobby involves highly complex setups, expect complex failures. Hug your turntable before you turn out the lights. Buy a transport if you wish full glory with the May. I visited my home which is being built with an audio room. The insulation was finished and or cou
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