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  1. Yes I hear what you've been experiencing. I haven't heard a bad setting through the May, just different. And when scrolling through the settings, the first thing of note is how the stage changes. But there are so many factors involved in this, not just the May. Since I lost my music servers motherboard, I also received my BMC amp that has been broken for many years. And it won't play with my Ushers full range (bass bins) but plays with the to monitor section. So we played and compared the BMS with my Kinki Studio M1+ thinking the Kinki will best the old BMC. The May go
  2. Love the May DAC. Steep learning curve with HQPlayer but I'm understanding that I've had underlying problems from the get go. I always have to remind myself "this is a hobby" Always have a backup plan when computer audio fails (and it will) because it's music that soothes my soul. When your hobby involves highly complex setups, expect complex failures. Hug your turntable before you turn out the lights. Buy a transport if you wish full glory with the May. I visited my home which is being built with an audio room. The insulation was finished and or cou
  3. Your ultraRendu is your limiting device. Supports the following PCM sample rates up to: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz, 384kHz, 705.6kHz, and 768kHz I have the uRendu and am limited as well but was able to utilize 1.536 USB direct from server. Happy listening!
  4. I got sound at DSD1024 using the settings above. But it was a high pitched whine with music barely audible in the background. Probably exceeding the uRendu maximum bit rate. Yep, confirmed, uRendu limit is 512.
  5. Thanks sledwards. I don't have an "auto" option. Never had as far as I remember. The rate limit looks foreign to me as well. I continue to feel like I'm massively missing something.
  6. Can I ask what bit rate limit you have set? HQP crashes when I try to go DSD1024. I have seemingly the slowest computer I have ever used. It can take minutes to open and close HQP. But it should be capable of DSD1024. This music server is kicking my ass trying to get some speed out of it.
  7. Wish I was 54, but that was a long time ago... But I was Rocking "Good Rockin Tonight" by Ronnie Montrose. That brought me to my younger days. Through the May, It brought a distinct difference to the sound as expected. The Technics SL1800 TT (I still own) is/was definitely warmer, but the drums through the May DAC? Wholly crap! I still can't believe how much recorded information the May DAC uncovers. Need to play with the room correction software through HQP one day although don't seem to need it lately. Enjoy your tuner. Wish I hadn't sold mine :(
  8. My etherRegen works well at firmware 30.12. FWIW I've been thinking about trying the Isoregen at some point. Lets see where this goes.
  9. I've been enjoying the May now, especially since I've got my server running well with HQP and Roon. I would say the only issue in SQ has been the bass region which in truth, has been a problem in my room. No I don't have bass traps. But I'm moving and will deal with any room anomalies later. I actually use a pair of GR-Research monitors to sit atop my bass bins. My setup consists of the Music server that feeds the May directly from its MB USB port and uses HQP. Yesterday I decided to reinstate my uRendu. This is fed from an EtherRegen. I expected maybe a small change but didn't kn
  10. I don't remember the May sounding that bad. But then I was constantly screwing with setup, cables and a newly minted Kinki Studio integrated not to mention the music server. But through all that pain and frustration, when it was playing, it was playing VERY WELL. I'm probably at close to 400hrs. As I rotate power cables I can tailor the sound to my liking. The May is getting a LessLoss C-Marc intropic, while the Kinki enjoys a Triode Labs Obsession.
  11. Well I got Gentlemen's Blues. Does that mean I need to procure Kerosene Hat 180g which is backordered? Guess I'll have to spin err, stream from Qobuz to the May and find out.
  12. Hey, congratulations Ted. Game changer for me and I'm as old as plastic. 😁
  13. I don't believe fuses make a difference. Except for my AS1200 class D Amp, it was startling to say the least. So much so, I. Changed the fuse holder too! But I don't believe in fuses. I changed the fuse on my Kinki integrated. I would say a gain in detail or clarity but nothing like what I experienced on my class D Amp. With all the detail many of us sweat for the best SQ, the mighty fuse has to be the weakest link. The best fuse I know of is no fuse. I'll at least put some nano fluid on it.
  14. I think I simply over complicated my setup. I'm home from a visit to my future home and wanted to revisit the Holo May armed with knowledge about filters. There were a few combinations I wanted to try as I discovered there's a manual for HQP. I only had a quick start guide and thought I was on my own when it came to setup. Regardless, I got things running and have been enjoying the MAY KTE immensely. But I couldn't leave well enough alone. I left my system Friday night in frustration. By recommendation, I put Roon on a separate music server, while HQPlayer sits on my hi
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