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  1. I have some issues with the Nomachine server on version 4.4 LQXT. It dropped up an update notification and I did it ca. a week ago. I can't use it since. I can't see the NM red icon on the bottom right corner. I can see from a NoMachine client but the server doesn't accept any passwords. Please help to fix it.
  2. There's a bug at the new LQXT version's boot menu. It starts the command line by deafult. How can I change it to the windowed mode?
  3. Yes, this is the lqxt version and we've been one through this with the 3.X version, this was the first thing I checked and the automountig isn't checked.
  4. I bought a new Kingston USB drive, it seems ok, but I have another problem with mounting. It mounts automatically drives under run/media/audiolinux/ Why is that? How can I turn it off?
  5. I' very angry. I spent min. 8 hours to find out what is it. I'm not 100% percent sure but quite I am. I bought 2 pieces from this: https://www.amazon.com/Patriot-128GB-Supersonic-Transfer-Speeds/dp/B07NLNJB9C Patriot 128GB Supersonic Rage Elite USB 3.1 Type A, USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Transfer Speeds of Up to 400MB/sec These are high quality, extreme fast drives with good reputation. But. Both are useless to use with AL. I can write the image with Rufus on the drives but it works so slowly and with full of animalities, for example this mounting problems and many others. I took may 16GB Sandisk drive and I could without any problem install to it and I can use it. This is stabil and fast now, works as it should be.
  6. I have the same problem. I downloaded the new 4.3 image. I mount a drive I can see the contain but after a rebbot everything disappears and the script has the modification ($5).
  7. Up for sale an SOtM tX-USBexp is PCI express USB 3.0 host interface card + sCLK-EX with one output. The best digital USB interface I've heard. New price: 950 USD. My price is 400 EUR, shipping from EU.
  8. Pierro, thanks for the quick and accurate help, it seems now everything works as it should be! The new interface looks cool...
  9. I have a problem. My ControlPC has a 4TB SSD with NTFS partition with music. I would like to add another 2TB SSD with the same parameters. I installed the new SSD I could mount it and I strated the import the music into the Roon server. After a couple of minutes the system lost the new SSD, after a reboot both of them. I took out the new one and everything works. What can be the problem?
  10. Thanks, I installed. The 26 doesn't see out to the net so it can't be registered. Other programs ie. Chormium has net connection. Any thoughts?
  11. Thanks, it worked. It is disturbing that the Nomachine pops up windows like this one. Can you eliminate it?
  12. I have NoMachine problem on LQXT 4.1.1. I had a notification there's an update to the NoMachine. A ran the update and after it doesn' taccept my old user and/or password.
  13. I have a great price for quick sale: 1 000,- EUR 950,- EUR 900,- EUR 850,- EUR
  14. Excellent support as always!!! Many thanks. I'm making a comparsion: - Catalog programs: Roon, Jriver - Player: Roon/Roonbridge, Roon/HPQE, JRiver/HQPE Now I have the chance to choose what is best for me. I come from Windows (JRiver /Jplay).
  15. I have no luck... This is my ControlPC with 32GB RAM und 1240L Xeon CPU.
  16. This is interesting becouse I haven't known that there's another option to mount/automount other than in the system menu. I always use that one and until now I haven't used the LQXT File Explorer. I set up everything (incl. the ramroot.conf) I booted again in RAM and nothing changed, I can't save system.
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