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  1. A great match and a rare opportunity to buy them both... If you have an offer don't hesitate to contact me. Shipping from EU.
  2. I have a matching AES/EBU cable also for this beauty... 😉
  3. I'm selling an Entreq Apollo SII 1,65 M AES/EBU. It is one of the bests AES/EBU cables a had. I changed my DAC and it has a good USB input, so I no longer need an USB/SPDIF converter and I don't use this cable anymore. It has the original wooden box. I have a great price for quick sale: 1 000,- EUR Shipping from EU.
  4. It is still for sale, I cut the price: My price: 1 600,- 1 100,- EUR
  5. Price: 2 000,- EUR 1 800,- EUR 1 700,- EUR
  6. We agree this is a very good PSU. I built my own 100% DIY one LPS, I use that for my PC. The sound of the Kaia is very powerfull, precise without any colorisation. It can be feeled that it is without tonal warmth but I have never thought it. It is worth to make a try.
  7. You're rght that the manufacturer doesn't produce new devices. This one works perfectly, it has two outputs: one 12V and one 5V, it can easily feed a PC with a CPU with 80W TDP. It is very stable. If you want to upgrade your device and it needs 12V or 5V or maybe both, this is your LPS! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. I'm open to offers.
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