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  1. I have a great price for quick sale: 1 000,- EUR 950,- EUR 900,- EUR 850,- EUR
  2. Excellent support as always!!! Many thanks. I'm making a comparsion: - Catalog programs: Roon, Jriver - Player: Roon/Roonbridge, Roon/HPQE, JRiver/HQPE Now I have the chance to choose what is best for me. I come from Windows (JRiver /Jplay).
  3. I have no luck... This is my ControlPC with 32GB RAM und 1240L Xeon CPU.
  4. This is interesting becouse I haven't known that there's another option to mount/automount other than in the system menu. I always use that one and until now I haven't used the LQXT File Explorer. I set up everything (incl. the ramroot.conf) I booted again in RAM and nothing changed, I can't save system.
  5. Thank for the quick answer. Is this affects my SSD mounting options? I have an 4TB SSD with my music in this PC.
  6. I have a problem, pülease help me to solve it. I run Audiolinux LQXT 4.00 with menu 204 on my ControlPC. I set up everything, works fine. As the last step I put my system to RAM. It takes ca. 5 mintues, after the system works fine. But when I check the ramroot status or I want the save the system I have error messages. I rebooted the check it and my Roon database in not up to date, so it was in RAM. What can be the solution?
  7. Please help I gave up to suceed on my own... I would like to use AL from an SSD but I can't transfer from my flash drive to the SSD. I tried inside AL -> result is boot error I tried to clone the flash drive to the SSD -> same result Can you give a short description how should I do it?
  8. Hi, I live in Hungary. The USB is sold, I have the AES/EBU for sale.
  9. I have a great price for quick sale: 1 000,- EUR 950,- EUR 900,- EUR
  10. adamthebrave

    HQ Player

    Can you reccomend me a good GB switch?
  11. adamthebrave

    HQ Player

    I have the following issue: 2 PC's both with Win Server 2016, HQP3 and NAA, direct connection between the two. ControlPC with HQP3, AudioPC with NAA. CPC has 2 NIC's, one for the router and one for the APC. If both cables are plugged in, the HPQ can't find the NAA. If I unplug the router's cable it finds prompt the APC with the NAA. After the succelfully pairing I can plug in back the router's cable, everything works find until the next reboot, where I have to do this procedure again. Every NIC has its own static IP address. The direct connection has an separated subnet (192.169.0.X) than the home network (192.168.1.X) Is there a better easier way?
  12. Hi Guys, I have a problem, if you can please help me. I have a Spring Level 3 WILDISM mod, it has an USB version 30.08. I succefully updated the driver to 4.67. Ibut can't upgrade my firmware to 3.12 or 3.14 becouse I have an error message that this time there is no available firmware. I copied the files into the driver folder as it is in the description. I tried with my Sotm card and also with the onboard USB port as an admin, I have no more ideas... Can it be the Entreq Atlantis the problem or am I doing somethng wrong? Thanks for your help.
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