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  1. FEMTO working well and sounding great on my single I3 NUC/bubble UPNP/mControl I've used JPLAY from version 1 and over that time it's improved substantially in terms of sound quality and User experience. Yup there has been some hiccups along the way but those have usually been sorted pretty quickly. IMHO it’s pretty poor form to post complaints in this way before the release dust has settled when a little patience may be more prudent. Looking at the forum may give a slightly skewed account of what’s going on numbers wise. I’m sure that most exper
  2. AKA Ben Klock You should find Klockworks 20 under Ben Klock on Tidal listed as also appears on.
  3. https://binged.it/2x7OsRQ Found this on the music forum a while back. Just love this track. Great thread BTW
  4. · Yup Me too Sounded a little lacking in body to my ears after Kef's latest FW Update. Then I noticed that Roon needed upgrading to 274. Restarted Roon and had another play. With 274 its back to glorious. BTW I much prefer Roon over wired Ethernet to USB connection with SMS200. A juicier sound IMHO.
  5. Hi all I thought it about time to cash in my 3 month Roon try out received with the SMS200 I’d been using before the KEF arrived. I do read through the Roon forum from time to time and noticed that someone had installed ROCK on a J1900 based PC. I have one of those doing very little so thought why not. Installation was a breeze thanks to Roon’s great tutorial and Chris’s work here. Both helped to make things quick and painless. Works pretty well and snappy enough for now up sampling to 24/192 into the SMS200/Kef USB. I’ve read that people can’t h
  6. Maybe the real trick is to find the best sound for what we can afford to pay. For my part I’m glad to have had the chance to hear both speakers as they show what a holistic design approach can achieve. Both eye openers IMHO offering seriously good sound at their respective price points. Go and have a listen to the Kef and let us know what you think. You may be surprised.
  7. Good point. Here in the UK there are plenty of opportunities to demo the Kef’s. I had one shop Demo and one at a recent show where I purchased them for a nice price (same dealer as demo). But I’d have to say that the 2 listening sessions sounded a little different to home use. Only to be expected as all rooms sound different. However what I find attractive about the Kef is the fine tune DSP capabilities which helped my room no end. Unfortunately I also heard the Kii 3 at the same show which blew me away. Such an im
  8. Have you switched off Gapless playback in JRMC? The Kef's don't don't do gapless ATM. I'm using Jremote to control W10 JR 64bit DNLA and it works just fine this end (FOR NOW) but I have had the same lag with cover art and also the track time slider. it's no big deal and probably JR as you say. For me it's just a tide me over solution until Roon happens.
  9. Hi George. Tell us all:-) Room size (damped?), speaker placement, listening position, Kef settings. But the secret may be to play with different settings. the Kef recommendations may only be a ''guide'' to setup. My Kef's sound smooth, detailed, huge SS with plenty of well controlled bass. but to get that I played plenty with speaker placement, listening position and Kef settings. Bass wise I fond that moving from Ikea with isoacoustics to good stands with plenty of space for them to breath made nice difference and tightened things up
  10. Thanks Darwin I've just snagged one of those 650 on Amazon. Useful and smart.
  11. Hi Ernie. I’m using Jremote/Jriver DNLA server/wired network connection/Kef which also works well. When set up that way JRMC finds the Speakers as a renderer and plays really well. Simple and good enough not to miss my SMS200 much so another box less in my room. Maybe worth a try. Bad App hell yes But let’s be glass half full and give some credit where due. The sound is shockingly good. I found the DSP setting to be a really useful tool in overcoming my room’s limitations a little. That really do
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