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  1. http://penguinlovesmusic.de/ipeng-the-iphone-skin-for-squeezecenter/how-to-use-the-ipeng-application/known-issues/coolios-guide-to-remote-playback/
  2. Hi Jud. And hello everyone.This is my first post for several years. I usually browse posts and take advice, which has been invaluable. But your search Jud above prompts me to post with my recent experience. I have tried several ways of taking my music with me over several years on my commute to and from work, including Google Play uploading (transcoding down to 320 kbs - not my preference either) and carrying all my music on a SeaGate wifi drive and playing on my iPhone with mConnect or similar app (I had to make sure the Drive was charged, setup took time and connection often did so too). I started backing up my music in the last year to OneDrive after Crashplan stopped its consumer plan. I realised that since I have an Office 365 subscription (for Outlook, Word, Excel, etc) I had 1 TB of cloud storage sitting there doing nothing. If you also have OneDrive with enough free space (I realise your Google Drive is limited) or can get some cloud storage cheaply/free, there are now a number of apps on iOS that play music directly from the cloud. I tried several, and settled on CloudBeats. There’s a free trial version. Paid version is about AUS $8. I find this solution easy, almost free (for me) and I only have to have my iPhone with me. I can play my songs at full resolution. My music is nicely sorted with art work and genre. As I write this it’s sounding like an ad for the app. It isn’t. I have no affiliation. It’s a vote for the solution. 😊 I hope this is of some assistance. Cheers. Edit. Apparently this app also plays from a home server. If that helps.
  3. Hi precisionmike. I am interested in your comment about wifi hard drives only transmitting at 320kbs. I use a Seagate Wireless Plus while travelling on the train to and from work to stream my 250GB music library to my iPhone. I used PlugPlayer as the streaming player. My impression from the heat generated by my iPhone when playing Hi Rez files (down converting the Hi Rez files I presume), and having read nothing previously to the contrary, is that the SWP streams the files at their native resolution (lossy, lossless or Hi Rez) and it is the iPhone that then converts them when required. Have you found otherwise? Rob.
  4. Hi Joelha. Have you tried running daphile on it? ;-)
  5. Hi Kimmo. I was also having trouble with SrvrPowerCtrl Suspend using the beta version. However, for what it's worth, when I upgraded to the version: http://www.daphile.com/tmp.P8SxQ0Qwy6/daphile-14.08-b311632-x86_64.iso, suspend worked OK. Cheers, Rob.
  6. Hi Joel. When you've got Daphile showing up in Explorer, i just dragged the Daphile folder in Windows over to the Favorites list on the left of Explorer. Once you've got it there as a Favorite, when you open Explorer after that and click on the Favorite, Daphile immediately shows. Hope this helps :-)
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