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  1. Terrific music and sonically fine on my RAAL SR1a. Thanks for the heads up on his release. I do believe the artist was showcased on my local radio station a few weeks ago, KCRW. I forgot to search for her album.
  2. I heard the HSA-1b again today after about a 10 month hiatus. I have also heard the SR1a on lots of 2 channel amps I have owned, CODA #8, KRELL K-300i integrated, D-Sonic M3a 800s, Benchmark AHB2 mono, and LSA Voyager 350 GAN. So I have gained perspective on what great sound is with the SR1a. The HSA-1b today belongs in that great amp class, in line with the best amp setups I have had. I will likely get a HSA-1b for a bedroom. I currently use the KRELL K-300i integrated amp with the Benchmark DAC3B. The KRELL integrated has tremendous bass and really fills in the sound of the SR1a.
  3. I sold my AMT3SE DAC today (that was easy) and now only have the Benchmark DAC3B and the Gustard X26 Pro both connected by the ROON Ready Sonore OpticalRendu (2 of them). They get the fibre directly from a Ubiquiti network switch containing 2 SPF slots. I connect each DAC to the XLR inputs of my CODA 07x preamp with Audience AU24 SE XLR wire (same length). I use Mitch's Filter 1 for the SR1a on both ROON endpoints for the 2 DACs. I then GROUP the playback on ROON so that both DACs get the same synchronized stream. Unfortunately the preamp gain is not matching perfectly
  4. I got the filter from Accurate Sound and gave it a spin. I am drawn to filter 3, "FS3 = neutral plus bass and treble extension". Which I find surprising. Cut to the chase. The new best combo I have is the following: - CODA 07x preamp | Benchmark AHB2 | Gustard X26 Pro | Accurate Sound SR1a Convolution Filter 3 | Audience FrontRow speaker cables with SpeakON termination = 11/10 (Spinal Tap level good) I am going to sell my Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE DAC on Monday. I was using it just for the SR1a but with these Convolution filters the Gustard is better. I
  5. Here is some info from Accurate Sound. "thanks for your payment. Here are your filters. FS1 = neutral FS2 = neutral plus bass extension FS3 = neutral plus bass and treble extension I am sure you already know, but you just need to unzip the main zip, but you don’t have to unzip the individual filters. Just point Roon at each one of the three zip files."
  6. "What about those who own other headphones? This is where it gets very interesting and the future looks very bright. Accurate Sound can measure almost any type of headphone once, and have the filters available for all consumers with those headphones. I know I sound like the master of the obvious, but I'll just restate that once a headphone is measured, everyone with that headphone can benefit from the filter. There is no room or listening space to measure as there is with our main audio systems. " With my Meze Empy headphones there are 2 sets of pads that came with it, leather and
  7. Before you spend a ton of money on a server try using fibre optical to stream (maybe you do?). I believe the benefits of the expensive server are also provided by the much cheaper fibre. I do not have an expensive server (a cheap DELL server is what I use) so what do I know other than the stream sounds incredible. It did not before I started using fibre.
  8. I also asked Mitch to create some filters for the SR1a, just for fun. I have a perfect setup right now. However, I am very happy these filters were done. I am a huge fan of the SR1a. I have now got almost all the gear in place for my SR1a system. Over the past 6+ months the following was used with the SR1a trying to get them to sound perfect. I tried each for about 1 week or more - RAAL HSA-1b amp | AudioMirror Tubadour III SE tube DAC (AMT3SE) = I was only able to use RCA wire and not XLR [9/10] - Benchmark AHB2 x2 | Benchmark HPA4 preamp | Benchmark DAC3B =
  9. Mitch got this tiny 11 x 12 x 9 room to fit in Thiel CS3.7's. Sounds great. My convolution file run on ROON SERVER (in another room). https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/7605#&gid=1&pid=1 I would love to have my RAAL SR1a with some convolution options. Not sure if it would be better but it would be interesting.
  10. Now I know of 2 DACs with SFP inputs, this Linn and Lumin X1. One day the $1500 DACs will have SFP inputs.
  11. I have also had the RAAL HSA-1b in the house but was only able to test with RCA. Most of my sources are RCA so I had to use an adapter. The HSA-1b was excellent as I said in prior posts on this thread. However, I will eat my words because I said that an amp via the interface box cannot be as good as the HSA-1b. The CODA CSiB and KRELL K-300i integrated are just as good with the RAAL SR1a. The Audio Mirror Tubadore III SE was mazing with the Class A of the CODA (first 18 watts) and the KRELL (first 90 watts). Warmth, detail, and power. Just amazing sound. I kept the KRELL and sold the CODA onl
  12. I use Audience Conductor SE for connecting to the interface box. I have 3 of these cables now. The long one is 3 meter and the 2 short ones are around a meter. I bought a long cable and had it chopped up to the 2 shirt ones. I completely forgot that I had the RAAL cables. I will do a test later tonight but I am not sure how burned-in the RAAL wires are. I need to test some DACs so I cannot spend too much time this week to compare the RAAL wires. BTW - I now have an extra Audience Conductor SE with banana on all ends that is gathering dust (if you are interested). Here i
  13. I bought a used CODA CSiB (Version 1, 150 watt, Class A first 18) as a headphone amp for the RAAL SR1a. Compared to my Benchmark AHB2 amp it was much better with the RAAL. Compared to the RAAL HSA-1B headphone amp it was almost as good. I am using Audience Conducter SE speaker wire to the RAAL Amp Interface box. The CODA is shockingly quiet. Almost AHB2 level quiet.
  14. I was listening to Nike Drake's Bryter Layter for the first time just now while cruising the net and saw this article. Great writing.
  15. BTW - I was listening to the Waterboys on the SR1a last night and wow what an experience. I tried that same music on my Theil CS3.7 speakers and it was actually more enjoyable on the SR1a. However, I am severely underpowering the CS3.7's and will have mono blocks on them sometime very soon (already ordered). I expect the Theil to be the winner but the SR1a is sure making quite the impression with me.
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