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  1. I bought a used CODA CSiB (Version 1, 150 watt, Class A first 18) as a headphone amp for the RAAL SR1a. Compared to my Benchmark AHB2 amp it was much better with the RAAL. Compared to the RAAL HSA-1B headphone amp it was almost as good. I am using Audience Conducter SE speaker wire to the RAAL Amp Interface box. The CODA is shockingly quiet. Almost AHB2 level quiet.
  2. I was listening to Nike Drake's Bryter Layter for the first time just now while cruising the net and saw this article. Great writing.
  3. BTW - I was listening to the Waterboys on the SR1a last night and wow what an experience. I tried that same music on my Theil CS3.7 speakers and it was actually more enjoyable on the SR1a. However, I am severely underpowering the CS3.7's and will have mono blocks on them sometime very soon (already ordered). I expect the Theil to be the winner but the SR1a is sure making quite the impression with me.
  4. I was saying that the HSA-1b is a great amp with the SR1a. Well today I bought another amp, the CODA CSib integrated amp (Sept 2018 build) that maybe also good with the SR1a. I bought it for my KEF LS50s in another room from where the HSA-1b will hopefully reside. I will hook up the amp interface and compare wit he HSA-1b. It is 150 | 300 in 8 and 4 Ohm. The first 18 watts are Class A. It should sound rather good with the SR1a. It will be nice to have 2 rooms where I can listen to the SR1a.
  5. I have tried the Benchmark AHB2 with the RAAL Interface to amp +Audience speaker wire. It was not as good as this RAAL headphone amp made specifically for the HSA-1a. The very last resort would be to spend money on another amp with a warm signature. Crossing that Interface to amp and speaker wire do not interest me as being the best solution. After a few minutes with the ROON Parametric EQ I made a very slight adjustment on the treble and I also boosted the bass a tiny bit below 100 Hz. Now that sound is perfect. No fatigue. I was listening until 3AM last night to some hard rock an
  6. I am just getting too carried away with this new toy. I will adjust the volume to better levels going forward. I was commenting on a Headphone website about my desire to try a warmer DAC to tame a bit of harshness I hear with the Matrix Mini-i 3 Pro. I was given a great list of DACs that are considered warm sounding. However, the thing that was suggested to do first was to apply some DSP to the headphones. I run ROON so I am now trying to figure out a setting that I like. I should have thought of this myself and tonight I created 3 filter preset settings based on my 3 listening req
  7. For me cost does not equate better quality, especially in todays HiFi world. However, I am not a tube guy so I do not know if this also applies to tube gear. I do think the SR1a needs a warm sounding DAC. The HSA-1b is a bit warm (not annoyingly warm). I am using a backup DAC for these listening sessions. I am looking to get the Halo Audio KTE DAC and it should be great with the HSA-1b. I am also looking at the AudioByte Hydra VOX | ZAP | HUB. Likely getting both. Here are some complaints with the SR1a: 1) not as comfortable as my Meze Empy. The SR1a is very lig
  8. The have not released it yet. I read it was $1050 on Head-fi. I hope to get one from the RAAL dealer next week to have a listen. Though the stock cable is really working for me. In a few posts above I said that the Sony SCD-1 via my great Benchmark HPA4 preamp into the 2 channel amp and then to the INTERFACE TO AMPLIFIER was almost as good as direct into the HSA-1b. I take that back after more comparisons. The HSA-1b is so much better. I also did a power cord comparison with the SR1a and the HSA-1b. Normally most "audiophile" cords that I have, Virtual Dynamics, Shunyt
  9. Currently streaming DISK 2 of Santana: The Woodstock Experience. I guess I can now say I was at Woodstock. This disk sounds incredible on the SR1a and HSA-1b. Perfect amount of bass without overwhelming the sound. I recently demoed a $36K speaker with about $45K gear with this same Santana disk. That demo left me fatigued and bummed out. The SR1a makes me feel like I am at the concert. The speaker demo had obvious room acoustic issues. That is also such a cool think about headphones, the room is shown the door.
  10. After more listening sessions I have decided to get the HSA-1b. Crossing the Amp Interface and the speaker wires just cannot be as good as a direct connection with the HSA-1b. The SR1a is so good that I do not want to short change it with an external amp. This is an amazing review of the HSA-1b. https://forum.headphones.com/t/raal-requisite-hsa-1b-switch-drive-amplifier-review/9973?u=mrcypruz
  11. I have the SR1a and the new HSA-1b amp from RAAL in for demo. I was not able to get the new RAAL silver cable for this combo which is supposed to be even better. This RAAL pairs is an incredible system and very much like may brilliant Thiel CS3.7 which has professional DRC done and implemented as ROON Convolution files (in other words it sounds perfect). These headphones are so close to that sound, wow! I tried the SR1a with my Benchmark HPA4 preamp and single AHB2 amp with a Delta Sigma Matrix Mini-i 3 Pro DAC. It was too hot on top and underpowered. It was close to 85% on the vol
  12. Well I did see that and I also saw the statement by UpTone that A > B is preferred over B > A. Do you any knowledge on the product to clarify that statement regarding my use case? I was hoping to hear from someone from UpTone on this since they follow these threads.
  13. Is the following scenario supported by the EtherREGEN? 1) 1 DAC with Ethernet input 2) 1 DAC with USB input connected by a microRendu powered by UltraCap LPS 1.2 3) Both DACs connected to a preamp Is it possible for a single EtherREGEN to provide Ethernet input to both DACs? Is there some sort of splitter or some other means to connect both DACs with the EtherGEGEN's output?
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