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  1. Denafrips serial numbers, https://www.vinshineaudio.com/so/5dN3cxJA5#/main
  2. I think there is a little negative connotation with having a DAC internal to a preamp or integrated. A separate external DAC seems preferred by folks with a lot of time or money invested in their systems. At least that is the sentiment I picked up on from A'gon posts. Maybe the reviewers feel the same. Eliminating 1 extra box is my preference, though that is not what I ended up doing. I went with the Benchmark HPA4 preamp (same as Benchmark LA4) instead of the Makua. Maybe ignorance is bliss but I think the HPA4 is one of the finest components I have ever heard. I still need a second DAC for my office system and the Tambaqui or the Denafrips T+ are what am considering to pair with the HPA4. So the flexibility afforded by an external DAC is what I will end up relying on.
  3. https://gttaudio.com/whats-new/
  4. I do not think this is off topic, but if so my apologies. If a DAC had a fibre optic input, like the Lumin X1, would something like the eR be needed? Assuming you used a good fibre switch from you router, such as this one. https://www.ui.com/unifi-switching/unifi-switch-8-150w/ I am debating between the following 2 DAC's: 1) Mola Mola Makua or Tamaqui DAC (plus 1 of) a. RJ45 streaming + eR b. USB streaming + Sonore Signiture Rendu SE Optical 2) Lumin X1 with fibre optic streaming. I have limited experience in this but my understanding is that the fibre optical cable eliminates all analog noise that can cause degradation in sound.
  5. Thanks for that link for the review. I am thinking of pairing the Makua or Tambaqui with a Luxman m900u and this review mentioned how good the Luxman and Mola Mola combo was. I was reading some of the comments earlier on this thread wondering about the volume control of the Tambaqui direct to amp vs Makua w/DAC. It seemed like the posters were saying the Tambaqui was better. The dealer I contacted for Mola Mola seemed to feel the Makua was the easy winner. The review posted above also indicated the Makua was better for volume.
  6. @mitchco Seeing as you have the KEF LS50 and also your comparison of the KEF LS50 with the JBL, I am curious if you have tried the BACCH DSP system from Princeton? https://www.audiostream.com/content/bacch4mac-3d-audio-playback-system It is also very favorably reviewed by Soundstage.com a few times recently. They test out the $25k+ hardware version. There is a $5K MacMini software even slightly more powerful than the $25K-50K versions. They demo with KEF LS50's. https://www.theoretica.us/bacch4mac/ It would be very interesting to hear your take on this new cutting edge tech. I hope to buy the $5K MacMini variant in a few months and use in my second LS50 system.
  7. First of all let me thank you for your book, I like it. Thanks also for this detail set of instructions on the UMIK-1 USB. I think this alleviates my confusion about the synergy with the Acourate software and USB mics. I will finish reading your book to figure out what I need to do. Your statement that I may not need an ADC would be a massive saving for me. Whatever, the case I will learn something from your book and give your firm a call, most likely to fix my mistakes. Best way to learn is to make mistakes.
  8. I did look at this mic ($75), the reason I did not select it was because I was reading to avoid USB mics for the Acurate software. However, for $75 I can try it given such a strong endorsement. I have not bought anything yet and I will contact the software designer before I buy anything. It is actually a little confusing as to what the designer is saying about USB mics, https://www.audiovero.de/en/system-requirements.php# Anyways, your suggestion will save me $2K.
  9. What a pleasant surprise reading this article. For the past year I have been toying with the idea of buying a little too large speaker for my office (already acoustically treated with GIK panels). I embarked on researching (and hearing) various hardware based DSP solutions, Anthem STR preamp, Linn Selekt DSM, Lyngdorf 2170, and Deqx (not heard). However, none of them really moved me like a non-DSP based preamp and amp combo that I heard and had to get. Not sure how I got to this stage but I came across the Acourate DSP Software and the following book Barnett, Mitch. Accurate Sound Reproduction Using DSP. Kindle Edition. I was excited to learn that I could use Roon, my computer, a rendu, and the non-dsp preamp and amp I preferred to tailor the speaker to fit into my smallish room. Now I come to this web site and read that the heavy hitters here are also touting the same path as me. This gives me a lot of confidence on what I am embarking on. I have started to read this excellent book and a novice like me understands it so far. I need to buy some measuring tools next. I will add the following info for the next guy/gal thinking of doing this: My next step is to buy the following items to run the Acourate software. This will cost me $4K new. There are other options to substantially lower the cost, I will spend a little more. 1) Earthworks M30 Omni Measurement Mic 2) Millennia HV35P 1-ch Mic Preamp 3) Lynx HiloUSB 12x16 A/D D/A Converter 4) On-Stage Stands Mic Std Rnd 5) 3' Studio Mic Cable XLRF-XLRM 6) 50' Studio Mic Cable XLRF-XLRM
  10. Would it be possible to connect 2 preamps with 1 Lumin X1. That is use both the XLR and RCA outputs from the X1 to 2 preamps?
  11. I have what is likely a simple question but I want to double check before I buy a 3400. If you use an external amp connected via the analogue XLR outputs of the Lyngdorf 3400 can you get the RoomPerfect corrected analogue signal to be sent to an external amp? I understand that the non-RoomPerfect analogue signal can be sent to an external amp (i tested it). Is it possible to send a RoomPerfect correct analogue signal to an external amp?
  12. Someone earlier on this thread mentioned interest in a comparison of the Benchmark LA4 preamp to the Makua. I was thinking about this tonight and came to the conclusion that I will try the 30 home trial of the LA4 before I spend a lot more on the Makua. It should be interesting to see if it has synergy with the Luxman m900u amp I will get. Got nothing to lose and a lot of savings to gain. I owned the Benchmark AHB2 for a while and I was impressed with the silence of that amp. The LA4 preamp is supposedly even quieter than the AHB2. The design goals of the LA4 and the Makua seem similar, a simple quiet circuit. The LA4 is currently sold out on Benchmarks online store. So there must be a few folks on here that have bought one. https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/reviews/la4-review-gary-l-beard-positive-feedback
  13. Yes, expected in around the end of 2019. I was debating whether to take to trouble of getting a demo Makua for my home and compare with the m900u or just get the c900u, your posts pulls me to getting a demo unit. On a side note, the Mola Mola gear seems a lot cheaper in the Netherlands than here in the USA. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9ff8a-mola-mola-maluga-and-makua-combination-solid-state
  14. Actually not asking that since this is a generic question I am posing. I used the Tambaqui DAC as an example since it has a wired Ethernet input and Roon Ready. Another DAC that could we considered with Ehternet and Roon Ready is the new Hegal 590 integrated. I am sure there are others. I was curious if the inputs were of equal quality would getting a Rendu be redundant. BTW - I already have a microRendu but that is not that relevant.
  15. If I got a network switch with optical and used a Sonare OpticalModule to input the optical and output to wired Ethernet to feed directly into a DAC (for example Mola Mola Tambaqui) would this be a better solution than getting any of the Rendu models to convert to USB? Let's hypothetically assume the sound quality and features between Ethernet connection and the USB connection on the DAC are the same.
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