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  1. Someone earlier on this thread mentioned interest in a comparison of the Benchmark LA4 preamp to the Makua. I was thinking about this tonight and came to the conclusion that I will try the 30 home trial of the LA4 before I spend a lot more on the Makua. It should be interesting to see if it has synergy with the Luxman m900u amp I will get. Got nothing to lose and a lot of savings to gain. I owned the Benchmark AHB2 for a while and I was impressed with the silence of that amp. The LA4 preamp is supposedly even quieter than the AHB2. The design goals of the LA4 and the Makua seem similar, a simple quiet circuit. The LA4 is currently sold out on Benchmarks online store. So there must be a few folks on here that have bought one. https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/reviews/la4-review-gary-l-beard-positive-feedback
  2. Yes, expected in around the end of 2019. I was debating whether to take to trouble of getting a demo Makua for my home and compare with the m900u or just get the c900u, your posts pulls me to getting a demo unit. On a side note, the Mola Mola gear seems a lot cheaper in the Netherlands than here in the USA. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9ff8a-mola-mola-maluga-and-makua-combination-solid-state
  3. Actually not asking that since this is a generic question I am posing. I used the Tambaqui DAC as an example since it has a wired Ethernet input and Roon Ready. Another DAC that could we considered with Ehternet and Roon Ready is the new Hegal 590 integrated. I am sure there are others. I was curious if the inputs were of equal quality would getting a Rendu be redundant. BTW - I already have a microRendu but that is not that relevant.
  4. If I got a network switch with optical and used a Sonare OpticalModule to input the optical and output to wired Ethernet to feed directly into a DAC (for example Mola Mola Tambaqui) would this be a better solution than getting any of the Rendu models to convert to USB? Let's hypothetically assume the sound quality and features between Ethernet connection and the USB connection on the DAC are the same.
  5. I am doing that now with the old microRendu. All paths are leading me to upgrade this to the SystemOptique with a Signiture Rendu SE. I have to figure out which DAC to get from likely one of the following: - Denafrips Terminator - Mola Mola Tambaqui (a Sonore Signiture Rendu MAYBE not needed) - Lumin X1 or T2 (in which case a Sonore Signiture Rendu IS not needed) Thanks for the info you guys have posted, it has helped a lot.
  6. Thank you. That was such a clear explanation.
  7. I do use ROON. Would I be getting the full sonic benefit (if any) of MQA by using ROON MQA unfolding as opposed to a MQA capable DAC such as a MyTek? I ask because I am going to buy a new DAC (and system) and figured MQA is something I should consider since I use TIDAL.
  8. Is it possible to do MQA unfolding using the Signature Rendu SE? I am considering a Denafrips Terminator (DT) DAC and it does not do MQA so I was told to look for a streamer that can unfold MQA and then feed it into the DT.
  9. USB to optical (optical network) is something I just learned about. I am going to explore this more. Sonare Signiture Rendu is supposed to now support this.
  10. When I tested DSP on ROON it was not that good. I imagine there are improvements with each release. I tested about 6 months ago.
  11. I am looking to get a digital-to-digital streamer for my new office system. I currently have a Sonare microRendu and that unit will move to another room once my new office system is built up. I also use ROON. I was originally considering getting a DAC with Ethernet streaming built-in but I may require a DAC with DSP and those DACs do not have this feature. I should add that the Linn SELEKT DSM streamer/DAC has Ethernet streaming and DSP but lacks the analog inputs I need (it also sounds excellent). It has been suggested to me to buy an Innous streamer to get my music across to the DAC. However, I am trying to understand why these products are better than my current noisy computer combined with the micrRendu digital-to-digital type products. Anybody done a comparison? Is it because of noise on the Ethernet wire polluting the DAC? http://innuos.com/en In no particular order the following streamers have have come up in my research as being better than the microRendu I currently own (I have not heard these) : Simaudio Mind2 https://simaudio.com/en/product/mind2-network-player/ Sonare Signiture Rendu http://www.sonore.us/Signature-Rendu-SE.html Auralic G2 Aeris https://us.auralic.com/products/aries-g2 I am interested in the feedback or thought process of people who were making the same streamer decision as me. What did you guys end up getting or looking to get? I know there are a lot of lower costs alternatives and I am open to anything that will take my to the top tier sound level. My preamp/DAC choice is looking like it will be the Anthem STR.
  12. I found the difference in sound between the Mark Levinson separates vs the ML 585 integrated was less than the same comparison for the Luxman gear. I would have been happy with the 585 over the ML separates. The 585 was not as good as the separates but it was close. I found the m900u to be my favorite amp out of the dozens of amps I have heard.
  13. Thanks for your feedback. I have looked into at your posts to learn a thing or 2 about audio. I am in the camp of less is more.
  14. I actually went to audition the Luxman 509x (store was using TAD ME1 speakers). I did not want to hear the c900u + m900u combo because of cost. However, I decided to have a quick listen and unfortunately I liked the separates a lot more than the 509x. The 509x does have an analog preamp so it would be the sort of like the c900u route in terms of sound. I think I actually preferred the Mark Levinson 585 (with internal DAC), from a prior audition, over the Luxman 509x, but that was with different speakers so the comparison may not be fair.
  15. I need a preamp because I use an analog tuner(s) and also a Sony SCD-1 SACD player that is modified and can only output analog via XLR (digital output is removed). I also have used a DAC as volume control, Benchmark DAC3 into AHB2 amp, and I did not like it as much as using a preamp. Low volume listening was not the best. In the past I had a BAT VK-42SE preamp that I found was better than direct to amps. It was not as clear in sound as the DAC3+AHB2 but the low volume was better It is interesting that the feedback on the Tambaqui as a digital preamp is not unanimous on whether it is better than the Makua. Two dealers are stating the exact opposite view points, one on this thread and the other via my personal correspondence.
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