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  1. I’m pretty sure that’s a triangle.
  2. Yes, definitely, high frequencies are much clearer and more precise - nice big bass...
  3. I'm 99% sure that Tusk was an early digital recording at 16bit/50Hz.....(could be wrong...)
  4. To be fair to Qobuz, if you buy the Hi-Res version of an album they do offer a variety of lower resolutions which you can download at no extra cost if you want. In the case of the new Coldplay album I can confirm that there´s hardly any audible difference between the 24/192 and 16/44. Oh well.... As regards HRA I was interested to read the comments above - so I had a browse of their website and the first thing I saw was Fleetwood Mac / Tusk offered at 24/96. Surely not.....!
  5. Just downloaded an album - no issues from Germany....
  6. I downloaded this album (24/44,1) and am surprised by the poor DR results posted above... On my system (Linn) it sounds very good - high frequencies are precise - nice full bass - I would even say that this is a perfect example of why 96kHz is not always necessary. Satisfied customer here!
  7. If you write them a nice email, they´ll open an account for you!
  8. Mike Oldfield Hergest Ridge 2010 is available to buy as a regular CD. It is also available to download (16/44,1) from Qobuz. Would anybody be able to say - purely from a sound quality viewpoint - which I should buy? Is there any guarantee that the files will be identical to the CD? Many thanks for your advice! Gussy
  9. Well, I finally gritted my teeth and downloaded the 24/96 version - very disappointed... I´m not saying it sounds bad but it´s virtually identical to the 20bit HDCD version - in fact, I would say that the higher frequencies are sharper and more precise on the HDCD disc... I´m not going to bother with Crises. Damn fools´ game this hi-res remastering... But thanks to everyone who posted!
  10. What does it sound like - was it worth the money...? Cheers
  11. Linn Records (UK) are currently offering Crises and Five Miles Out at 24/44.1 whereas HighResAudio.com (Germany) are offering Five Miles Out at 24/96.... Can anyone advise? Very grateful! Gussy
  12. The new McCartney remasters have generally been well-received (available at HdTracks) - I have Ram and Band on the Run - both sound very good considering how long ago they were recorded - I was less impressed with McCartney II... If I were you I would download the uncompressed files in wav 24/96 - you can convert them later if you wish...
  13. @Bogg I just got hold of the new Exit Stage Left - deleted it already...
  14. Several more Rush albums have appeared at Qobuz in "studio master" quality....any takers? Rush - Télécharger et écouter les albums.
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