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  1. I’ve solved my issue when upsampling to DSD512. I read on another forum that someone was able to get DSD512 and A+ to run flawlessly on a late model Mac with a mRendu. I ended up moving a newer 2018 MacMini from another location to my music room and switching out my late 2012 MacMini. I’m only running 8GB of memory compared to 16GB on the older Mac but now have zero issues. Using a mRendu 1.4 as a renderer.
  2. I’ve got DSD256 up and running with zero issues. I believe a setting in my SonicOrbitor was the issue. Something to do with enabling direct DSD support. DSD512 plays and sounds fantastic except for the occasional stuttering. According to A+ they do not confirm or deny if I should be able to play and upsample DSD512. I’m confident that I am playing DSD512 as it is displayed on both DAC and in A+. Audirvana is asking me to try removing my mRendu from my front end chain and to plug the DAC directly into my MAC. My problem is that the El Capitan OS is not supported by the Project S2 DAC. I’d be over the top if DSD256 was the best I’ve heard in my system as things are functioning perfect at this sampling rate and it is a clear upgrade in sound quality from my previous 24/192 DAC. I wish I’ve never heard DSD512 as it’s clearly superior. Happy for now but I hope someone can offer a remedy without going to a Window based computer as Jud has stated. 😩
  3. I recently upgraded my 8 year PS Audio PWDII DAC to a Project S2. Primary reason for doing so was for its ability to play upsampled DSD512 files as well as fully decoded MQA files. I could not be happier with it's performance. DSD512 sounds magnificent. MQA as well but the surprise so far is that DSD512 sound better to me. My music server is a late model 2012 Mac Mini with 16MB of memory. I’m also running El Capitan for its OS. The reason for my post is that I need some advice and help. When playing the first track of upsampled redbook files to DSD512, I get a stutter. I get occasional stuttering during a track and usually again at the beginning of the next track. I’ve tried different settings in A+ focusing primarily with “memory allocation”, and sampling rates. All adjustments change the timing and rate of the stuttering but I cannot find a remedy for my issue. PCM up to 384 has zero issues. Another thing I noticed is when I move the sampling rate in DSD to DSD256, A+ accepts the change but the file playback sampling rate on the remote and at the right side bottom of the screen in the desktop app displays 16/44. I’m assuming that I am not playing back DSD256. What am I missing here? I was thinking that perhaps a new MAC with a faster processor would possibly be the fix but after reading this thread, others with newer and faster computers seem to have the same type of issue. Can anyone out there play DSD512 seamlessly without glitches or issues? If so, can you please share your setting or suggest something to try? DSD512 sound so good, I’d hate to playback and settle for DSD256 if that is even possible. Thanks and look forward to some ideas and feedback. Hoshi
  4. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Supra 8. I gave them a try due to the very positive feedback I've read here and on other online reviews. In the past I've only used generic cables both shielded and non and found the Supra to sound excellent. A bit polite and laid back initially but overall delivered a well balanced presentation once settled in and more likely me just getting used to the change. Come to think of it, after adding these cable to my spaghetti front end things sounded so smooth that I finally did a bit of surgery on my Maggie's crossover and bypassed the fuses. Not dirt cheap but not crazy expensive. In fact if you need a long rub, Supra sells their cable in bulk pre-terminated packages. Hoshi
  5. NEW Settings steepness: 3 length: 500,000 Cutoff: 1.25 Anti-Aliasing: 50 Prering: 0.36 I was previously using: steepness: 22 length: 500,000 Cutoff: 0.95 Anti-Aliasing: 100 Prering: 0.86
  6. Hi Buonassi, I'm a long time A+ user and have tried many different filter settings over the years. I gave your iZotope setting a try and must say that it sounds fantastic. I'm exclusively listen to loudspeakers and have owned Magnepans for over a decade a now currently have a pair of 3.7i's with a REL sub. I state this as so many now are exclusive headphone listeners. I saw your screen shot you posted regarding your SOX settings and noticed that had a DSD DAC. Do you feel that the SOX filter should primarily used with DSD? It seems that the SOX filter lacks just a touch of warmth. When I did audition a DSD DAC a few months ago, my impressions were that it was a touch on the warm side of things so I've come to the conclusion that SOX is a better fit for DSD. Do you agree with this assessment? I'm currently using a PS Audio Perfectwave DAC II and have been thinking about upgrade it. On a different note, I noticed the I can no longer adjust filter setting by directly inputting settings into the box to the right of the sliders in A+ but must us the slider to make changes. Have you noticed this as well? Again thank you so much for posting your filter settings. Hoshi
  7. Hoshi

    Audirvana 3.1

    An older issue has cropped up again. When A+ first give us the ability to play the first unfold of MQA files, I experienced an issue that would crop up every now and then when I would play standard red book followed by an MQA track. I experience a kind of "white noise" that plays for the first 2 or 3 seconds of the MQA track. After that 2 to 3 seconds of white noise, track begins to play. The track starts 2 to 3 seconds into the song. If I remember correctly, the fix back them was to delay a feature in the playback settings 4 to 7 milliseconds. This feature is no longer there in the current version which I believe is 3.2.5. I did not experience this annomially until I configured a MicroRendu 1.4 into my audio network. I'm also using the direct connection method to integrate the rendering device directly to my server which is a Macmini. I've got 16MB of RAM so I don't think it's a system resource issue. Prior to inserting the mRendu, I was using 3.1.7 and had zero issues so I'm not sure if the problem is with the version of A+ or Sonicorbitor/mRendu. Is anyone else experiencing this annomily or can someone suggest a fix? BTW, things sound so good with this Ethernet front end, I'd never go back to a USB playback option, even with this annoyance. Thanks
  8. Hoshi

    Audirvana 3.1

    I think you need to go to Sonicorbitor.com. Your uRendu will show up on your home page if it is connected to your network. Click on the blue "Manage" icon. From that point follow my previous suggestion.
  9. Hoshi

    Audirvana 3.1

    Open sonicobiter; open apps; open MPD/DLNA and clear MPD database. You should be good to go. I had the same issue on initial setup.
  10. Hoshi

    Audirvana 3.1

    Currently still using the default settings with SoX. I did read where someone had posted a modified setting but wanted to try Damien's settings first. Please keep in mind that prior to modifying the setup configuration in setting up the mRendu using the traditional method, I too preferred the iZopote filter which I had set at 22 - 500,000 - 0.95 - 100.0 - 0.86. The direct connection method sound much better than the traditional method. If gives one a much quieter background and smooth presentation without loss of dynamics or punch. This method allows one to use the SoX filer and enjoy another level of transparency and realism. Integrating the MicroRendu into my system has been one of the most significant improvements in my system.
  11. Hoshi

    Audirvana 3.1

    I just wanted to let A+ users know that the direct connection method for those using a Micro/Ultra Rendu works perfectly with A+. I initially tried to bridge the WiFi and Ethernet connection and I could not accomplish this. I discovered that someone posted here in CA that according to Apple, it is not possible to get this bridge configuration to work. I ended up obtaining a thunderbolt Ethernet adapter and connected the mRendu to the Ethernet port on my Mac Mini and the thunderbolt Ethernet to my router via a wireless extender's Ethernet port. I was able to successfully configure this bridge in a matter of minutes. BTW, I did try to use the direct connection method via device sharing bridging WiFi and Ethernet. I was able to get the bridge to work, but A+ could not find the Rendu in the audio device set up. The direct connection method improves sound quality another notch although I did not find this improvement to be as dramatic as when I first inserted the mRendu and Uptone LPS-1 into my system as others have noted here in CA. I have not seen much activity from A+ users and the MicroRendu/UltraRendu. Configuring this minicomputer/rendering device into my system has been a monumental improvement in sound quality. Read the reviews and be amazed how good this device can make your System sound. Integrating it with A+ is an added plus. My main reason for posting here is because I’ve read how A+ users of 3.2.5 may have noted that the SoX filter sounds too forward or aggressive. I noted that as well and reverted back to iZotope when using the traditional method of connection of the mRendu which connects directly to your router. After listening for couple days with the new direct connection and iZotope I tried the SoX filter again. This time it sounds so well balanced with zero detriments to the over sound quality. I can go on and on with how good things sound but you get the message. Just wanted to share that SoX can be a rather nice improvement for some.
  12. Hoshi

    Audirvana 3.1

    I got things figured out. I had to go to my DAC settings in Sonicorbiter and change my DAC from Custom DAC to USB Output. Everything seems to work fine. I'd still like to utilize the Direct Connection method if possible and would like to know if anyone has been successful with it using Audirvana.
  13. Hoshi

    Audirvana 3.1

    I wanted to add that my connection to uRendu seems stable. I can revert my Audio Preferred device back and forth between "Built-In Output" and "uRendu" without any issues. When the output device is "Built-In Audio" A+ works. When I revert back to uRendu, A+ does not play.
  14. Hoshi

    Audirvana 3.1

    Thanks for the suggestion Rickca. I was surprised that it did kind of work. I did what you suggested and low and behold, Audirvana works. The issue is now that I loose my connection with the uRendu. When I reboot my uRendu to reconnect, A+ then reverts back to the issue and does not PLAY. I'm confident that it is something that can be fixed. Any other suggestions out there that I might try. Thanks, Hoshi
  15. Hoshi

    Audirvana 3.1

    I gave up on trying to configure my uRendu via Direct Connection so I connected the traditional method via a router and got things up and running. While trying different things during the process , I ended up downloading to 3.25 when trying to get the Direct Connection method to work. When I had music playing, I noticed that 3.25 was not running and I will still using 3.17. I really did mind at the time since things sounded so good, this didn't bother me. After returning to do some further listening last night, I lost my connection to the uRendu and had to reboot my Mac and when I re-launched A+, the uRendu was now back as my "audio device" and I was back in business. When I queued up the first album, everything seemed to be working fine but NO music. I could launch an album or track and it gets queued up but when it will not play. Hitting the Play arrow, the slider-bar does not move and just sits there. I did notice that when I hit the play icon, I can see a grey shadow move across the play slider which normally indicates that the song is being loaded and getting ready to play. Again, when I hit the play arrow, the track or album will not get the normal slider-bar to move that indicates the track is playing. This happens with locally stored music as well as with Tidal. I checked to see if my Tidal account is active and all is good there. My locally stored library seems to be in place. I had an older version 2.65 still active on my Mac. I closed 3.25 and was able to engage play successfully with 2.65. I did not try to listen to anything because 2.65 will not allow my to play through the uRendu. Trying to find a solution, I deleted 3.25 and 2.65 and downloaded a fresh version of 3.25 but I still have the same issue. I then deleted 3.25 and thought I'd try to reload 3.18 since someone had the link available on this thread. After installing 3.18, I still have the same issue. I can find all my music locally stored music and Tidal Favorites but cannot engage Play. Could this be a license issue? I've also read some are having problems with their library's but even if this was the case, I should be able to play music via Tidal. Any possible suggestions are welcome.
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