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  1. I did the dc power and fan upgrade a few years ago and I powered it with a JS2. Now the JS2 is being used someplace else and I wanted to use the mini again. Can it be powered by something else?
  2. "bam" worked! thanks! but why? will I have to do this each time to start?
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    HQ Player

    hmmmm i've used NAAs a rendu and/or windows for so long I guess i forgot it doesn't do more that 128.
  4. I know that NAA as usually run on a simple quiet compute. Could i run a NAA on my desktop iMac that i use daily and control with roon through the core HQPlayer then to my desktop? seems like it should work? i am getting this.
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    HQ Player

    Yes thanks! struggling to get the trial to work. After months, years even...I finally got 512 working on both systems. I’m nervous to start over. First issue...Shouldn’t I be able able to get dsd256 with OS X? And my lampizator big7 with 512 engine. I was able to using a windows naa. But now going direct I am unable.
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    HQ Player

    Geeze i go away for a little bit all kinds of stuff happen. Apparently i need to upgrade to desktop 4. I run my core on windows and send to naa on rendu for the main system. Just for simplicity i run my desk top on Mac os. I have 2 licenses, one for each. If i upgrade to 4 will my same code work for both? I read about 10-15 pages from May on and have not found the answer. thanks for any help!
  7. got it! thanks!i did a little of both suggestions. after a few tries were back up and running..
  8. No. nothing changed that I know of. My other system is flawless. I was changing back and forth from the pull down menu in hqplayer and then not able to connect. to the macmini NAA just the rendu.
  9. After months of trouble free use I now have a problem. I'm not sure if its related the the last couple pages of posts but here's my screen shot of the NAA
  10. So this week I was able to get DSD 512 to work with my main system, Lampizator dac and Mac mini as a NAA. And I was able to get my desktop system to also do DSD512 with a Holospring dac and the mRendu as a NAA. My core computer feeds both but for some reason can't get it to find main system again Is it possible I'm confusing the Hqplayer with the 2 separate drivers, the combo384 and the holo audio? the pull down menue will show the options but not connect. The techniques I used earlier in the week do not seem to be working now. The only difference being i added new drivers to my core system.
  11. Thanks for the help. I’m really impressed with dsd512 on a quiet NAA.
  12. Hey yeah. I’ll try to integrate roon next. I’m using a big 7. And using the combo384 driver. You tried to help me last year because you have a similar set up. Glad you stepped in today. Next im gonna try to get my holo spring and mrendu to do 512 on my desktop. 😬
  13. hey! great got it! Resetting helped. And i was able to get 512 going with a bit of trial and error. I guess I needed to turn on DOP. Set it to 44x512. Damn it took me a more that a year to get the time to set it up. Thanks for the help.
  14. thanks looks like you could be on to something.... I'll try this and get back. Thank you!
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