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  1. Hello, Is it still on sale? I live in Switzerland and you? Best regards
  2. Thank you, but where are the attachments?
  3. Hello, Triple Lush here: Hardisk 8TB -> Lush -> Mac Mini -> Lush -> Uptone Regen -> Lush -> DAC
  4. Hello, AC3 is a lossy format... you can't convert it to a lossless format...
  5. Hello, Stop with this lossy and closed format. Look what it passed with the HDCD, only some old DAC still decodes it. And I do not want to put CD in a device! The future is in the dematerialized and in the format HI-RES! Don't you start again?
  6. Hello, I am testing AudioLinux 2.2.0 on my old MBP 2009 before installing it on my Mac Mini 2012. When I start HQplayer, I have this error message: "Required CPU instruction set features not available!" Strange because it works under OS X on the same MBP 2009... What I have to make?
  7. Waouw, tweak of the week: forum-hifi.fr And thank you Roberto for report ;-)
  8. Hello, thank you very much! But where it places the AQVOX in the classification? What are the measures? Best regards
  9. About what version? 4.2.420? • Fixes and enhancements to DSD/DoP integration > ??? Amarra send the file to the DAC in PCM and not in DSD/DOP!!! • Fixes and enhancements to iTunes mode > Integration of iTunes with OS X Mavericks does still not work Regards
  10. Another review of the Terminator: https://www.denafrips.com/single-post/2018/05/12/DENAFRIPS-Terminator-Jay’s-Audio-CDT-3-MK2-A-Review
  11. Thank you DancingSea, I've tried yours settings... Not as good as Amarra... Amarra is more organic, not more thin or small/tight in my system... Best regards
  12. Hello DancingSea, Can you share yours settings for Hqplayer please? Best regards
  13. Hello, Have you OS X Mavericks (10.9)? Integration of iTunes with Mavericks does not work. On the other hand under Yosemite it is OK. Regards
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