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  1. Has anyone else tried this DAC/Headphone Amp? I've had good luck with my Samsung S3 Android phone decoding BSO broadcasts and 24/96 SC card files. The Encore mDSD By Sonic Unity | Headfonics
  2. Thanks Paul, Yes , I'll most likely get the Kimber USB. Audio Advisor sells a Kimber with less silver for a mid price between the full silver and the Belkin.
  3. Paul, My HP PC is an m9340f. I, too find the digital out excellent. It competes and/or beats upsampled to 96K CD and SACD from my Philips 963SA. As my processor (AT P2000,wrong entry before) is limited to 96K, the V-Link will be fine. Can you suggest some decent and cheap (say up to $100.) USB cables? Would AQ cinnamon or Kimber silver suffice?
  4. noogle1, Thanks for jitter answer. I suspected this was the case. Just read the V-Link review in April '11 Stereophile and agree adding it would be a great tweak to my system. I'll check out the JRiver MC as well.
  5. I'm currently decoding my digital music files via the SPDIF coaxial output of an HP Pavilion PC. It's on board audio is Realtek HD . I use the Direct Digital out configuration of Winamp. Also have Foobar and Media Monkey installed. The link to my Atlantic Tech T-400 processor is via a 25" length Terk 75 Ohm cable with M to M RCA to F connector adapters. This works fine and HiRez HDTracks decodes at 96K as indicated by processor's display. I've read about the advantages of asynchronous mode decoding and am considering the V-DAC. My question is: Is the SPDIF out as jitter prone as the USB without an asynchronous mode DAC? Or is the DAC in my processor controlling the timing of the data stream now? Bottom line: Will the V-DAC provide less jitter/better timing, ergo better sound than my present set-up? Also, which of my players will yield the best bit for bit transfer of my FLAC files? Winamp, Foobar, Media Monkey, or would you recommend a better alternative player?
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