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  1. I had the same with Roon Core on a Mac mini (macOS High Sierra) on the A side with a dCS Network Bridge on the B side. The dCS stayed accessible after the Mac mini disappearing from the network. Setting the network speed in macOS manually to 100BaseTX (full duplex) seemed to cure it. It now runs more than a day without problems. I don't know if it is possible to set this variable manually with your sonicTransporter.
  2. You are not integer and honest: And calling the LCD-4z a fraudulent product. Wow!
  3. @The Computer Audiophile and @mitchco thanks for taking the time to respond. It would be hypocritical to thank @Sonis because I don't feel like doing so. He keeps repeating himself and hammering on the 4K price point while I pointed out already a few times that I have spent enough time with the LCD-4z to know its characteristics, its value and its position in the field of higher end cans. For all you guys, there isn't a lot of difference between te sound character of the LCD-4z and LCD-4 when both are driven with synergetic upstream gear. They excel and have almost no competition in low end definition and impact, have a very smooth midrange and are non-fatiguing in the highs. They are not as airy as some competitors. Dark sounding is a term that is often used but to me this is not a negative aspect. Especially for longer periods of listening. So here is where taste comes in. I also think this is a deliberate choice Audeze made. Call it their house sound. And with good quality PEQ software one can alter these characteristics anyway without real compromises. True to the source is a very difficult concept. Sound staging even more, especially with headphone listening. Cross-feed compensation can help somewhat. And binaural material but this is scarce and mostly only available on an experimental basis. I stated earlier that I would take the LCD-4z without hesitation over my own LCD-3 (fazor version) if I had the funds at the moment. And this is the area were I feel a lot of friction: Sonis - in one of the comments on his own 'review' - mentioned that he found the LCD-3's to sound excellent. His exact words. The general opinion (as well as mine) is that the LCD-4/4z deliver all the qualities and characteristics of the LCD-3 but on a even higher level. @mitchco: I did not listen to the music samples but I will in the upcoming days. To put things into perspective I attached the FR graphs of the HD-800S and the Hifiman HE1000 (one of Sonis favourites). As you can see, both not really Harman TC schoolbook performers as well.... I don't know the exact level of smoothing that was applied but my impression is that is more or less the same as in the graph you posted. HD-800S (left and right channels) Hifiman HE-1000 (left and right channels)
  4. As with speakers and other TOTL stuff, in the end it is all subjective and comes down to taste. If you like the sound of Magico, YG acoustics or Raidho, you won't like Vandersteen, Harbeth or Devore and vice versa. Do you search for musicality and emotion or do you care for a pinpoint soundstage, perfect separation and listen more analytical? With headphones these differences are even more apparent because the interference with the room is out of the equation. Then you have the factor of upstream gear and music sources. Good headphones will reveal weak spots in these areas but these weak spots can easily be mistaken for flaws in the headphones themselves. Your subjective review basically says that you like the more analytical approach of the Sennheiser which is perfectly fine for me. And I wouldn't be surprised if the outcome of your assessment would be even more subtle if Sonis's 'review' never happened but this we will never know. Above this - no offence - I don't attach much value to your opinion on headphones because I think I read between the lines that you don't have a lot of experience and interest in this field. I found the objective review informative but the big problem (in general) with frequency response measurements based on sine waves is: we humans don't listen to sine waves, we listen to complex sound waves. Back to the speaker analogy, if a speaker measures perfect in an anechoic environment it is absolutely no guarantee that it will sound good in normal listening environments. Also, with headphones, there are a lot of factors that are really hard the objectify in measurements. The material structure of ear-pads alone can already make a big difference in how a headphone sounds.
  5. Kudos for bringing new life into this. I am still in a state of disbelieve about the - to my own and many others' references - totally absurd assessment of this headphone.
  6. From the User Guide: "If you are going to hear a difference with an Ethernet cable, it will more likely be with the ‘B’-side cable. This is also a good one to keep short." @Superdad what is the definition of short in this regard? What would be the maximum length without a compromise to SQ?
  7. Here is the review and comparison of the 12V unit. And here you can find the follow-up with a 15V unit and higher level DC-cabling. Both post from the very long "A novel way..." thread.
  8. Thank you. I will rest my case...
  9. This is more or less the same setup I have. Would it be wise and advisable to power the Mac mini and the the EtherREGEN both from the JS-2 or is it better to the keep power supplies separated Alex?
  10. I am not a skeptical person. And seldom flabbergasted but now I am...
  11. In my first comment I already stated that I did listen to the LCD-4z. So I have a good view on its position in the field of higher-end cans. And I auditioned quite a few. In this price category it is all a matter of taste but I would - without any hesitation - take the 4z over the HD-800S, every Focal and also over the LCD-3 (which I own myself). My problem with your review is that it isn't really a review. You basically say 'This thing sucks and sounds no better than any entry level headphones. If you want to know why? Well, figure it out yourself. And btw, the company sucks too!'. I am aware of the fact that a lot of reviews are commercially driven and have an editorial character. But I did not come across any negative rating of owners of this headphones and this includes the very critical head-fi .org community. You stand alone in this. Come to think of it and acting very suspicious for a moment: why the Hifiman promotion in your review? Does Chris do background research?
  12. Don't put words in my mouth. And, on the contrary. I am strongly against censorship and sponsor dependencies. I actually commented on some of @The Computer Audiophile own reviews as being not critical and comprehensive enough. What I meant is some kind of a structured approach to review writing and a final assessment if criteria have been met. Certainly needed when you work with a pool of reviewers in my opinion. I understand that not everyone has the skills and meticulousness of @austinpop but in this way overall quality will be higher. Reviews like this are placed on the homepage of this site and - by this choice - reflect a certain authority. If I were Chis I would care about it. If this item was placed in the speaker and headphones forum I wouldn't even have reacted and just taken @Sonis experience as bad luck.
  13. Wow, this could easily be the worst and misleading review I have read in years. It actually starts off quite nice with the technical stuff about sensitivity but after that, the blunt, only two or three sentences counting, part on sound quality makes no sense at all. You either must have had a second faulty unit or something else wrong in your setup with these kind of qualifications. All other reviews on the LCD-4z are very positive and my own experience is the same. Audeze makes very fine headphones and the 4z is no exception. They are not for everyone but a distorted top end would be in no-one's notes. Is there no final editing on reviews?
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