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  1. To complete my contribution: on day three I was impressed by the Crystal Cable/Siltech room with the Arabesque Minissimo diamond driven by a full DCS stack. Best two-way system of the show in my humble opinion. Also very interesting to hear about the philosophy behind the new Siltech Symphony speaker (prototype) with open baffle woofers. Unfortunately a speaker that will be priced for the very, very happy few. I also liked the Marten room with the new Mingus Orchestra speaker, driven by CH Precision. And - for very different reasons - the complete Voxativ Hagen system. Very coherent, almost headphones like with a lot of music. The limitations of the full range driver approach could also easily be heard in dynamic or complex passages or when played louder: breakup. There was a Voxativ implementation that I liked even more and this was the PureAudioProject Quintet10, driven by a lot of tube gear. Here a Voxativ full range driver is accompanied by four 10” woofers in an open baffle construction. Very involving and life like. I had to push myself to leave this room and give-up a perfect chair in the center. I had high expectations of the Grimm Audio room with the LS1be and the new MU1 music player and although convincing is some ways there was something really off in terms of focus and sound staging. No matter in which row I sat, it was a constant feeling of sitting on in stead of in front of the soundstage. May be this was because the speakers were placed relatively far from each other and toed-in a lot. I did not take the time to ask for an explanation.
  2. The played with their 7LS and the large Krypton’s. With their own amplification and some pro-audio gear in the front-end of the system. Very neutral but also a bit clinical to my taste. I owned Amphion in the past.
  3. On my day two I really liked the Raidho room with their new TD 1.2 driven by a complete Chord stack. And for different reasons the Living Voice room. Here I had one of those wow moments of something getting very close to a live performance with certain genres. I also liked the small Einstein system (the smallest of the two they had setup). Heard a lot of potential with TAD, Stenheim/Playback systems, Lindemann/Manger and Vivid Audio/Mola Mola but unfortunately (except for TAD) these systems where setup in those awful smallish booths in the big halls.
  4. I also liked Wilson/Spectral, the Paradigm Persona’s 7F, the Vandersteen/Brinkman room and the Nordost room with YG acoustics. The best sounding affordable speakers (3500 euro/pair) I heard yesterday was from an unknown brand to me: WLM (Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur); an Austrian brand. I don’t know the name of the model but they were small towers with felt on the front baffle. Bass was again a problem in most rooms and a lot were to warm sounding to my taste. A trend this year: 7 out of 10 rooms play mostly vinyl!
  5. Best room for me thus far: Zesto audio with Verity audio speakers. Most remarkable room by far: Western Electric. Wow! There is something very right in the sound of that old horn speakers! (link)
  6. Thank you Alex. An update like this, once in a while, will put our minds (certainly mine) at ease.
  7. Well, there is a saying that no news is good news but it is extremely quiet in this corner of the Uptone forum lately. I get the impression that there are some non disclosured hiccups..
  8. So not my experience! I have a Emo Systems EN-70HD between Roon server (Uptone LPS-2 modded Mac Mini) and dCS Network Bridge and it only changes things for the better.
  9. I thought I read somewhere in this thread that the etherREGEN would be launched in the first quarter of this year. No signs of this yet. Alex (@Superdad), can you give some insights, planning wise?
  10. Looking at your equipment: could it be that your DAC is causing the harshness / digital sheen you experience? Beautiful speakers, beautiful pre-amp, beautiful amplifier but that DAC.... Other remarks: DRC when done right does make a system sound balanced. But a first perception could be that of a certain lean-ness. This is because most clean-up/correction is often done/needed in the lower frequencies. In general, I think a lot of audiophiles tend to strive for and are used to a fuller sound than reality (what was actually recorded and mastered). This can work for certain genres bus leads to unbalanced representations of other types of music and also leads to the misconception that this or that speaker is good for rock but not for classical music. A (good) speaker is not picky on genres is my belief. I am a strong believer in DRC in addition to room treatment and proper speaker placement. Harshness is not something I experienced as a result of DRC. A somewhat lean sounding system is. This is can be often corrected with slightly adjusting microphone placement in relation to the MLP and by the way the rest of the room is measured ( I use Lyngdorfs RoomPerfect and this system uses random measurements in the room besides a measurement on the MLP).
  11. I agree with you that safety is very important. So care has to be taken into designing the connector for these higher voltages. Mr. Speakers for instance did and I would use their hp's without hesitation. Actually if it comes to build quality and quality control a lot can be said about Hifiman. A reviewer from Asia actually reported some kind of leakage from Jade II and this was acknowledged by Hifiman. Headphone cables have to deal with a lot of movement during their lifespan and this can create wear and defects, especially close to the connectors. Same as with chargers for smartphones, laptops etc. A detachable cable makes easy replacement possible. And above that, most audiophiles care about experimenting and finetuning with different cables designs....!
  12. A non-detachable cable is this price category is a laugh..
  13. I thought it would be obvious but you are correct, my Mac Mini is not that amazing.. 😉
  14. Just to make sure you understand correctly, I am not debating the power supply of the Chord DAVE. My questions are about the power fed to DAVE. I live in a large city in the Netherlands and the steps from (1) normal mains power to (2) a dedicated 10 AWG power line with a special circuit breaker for audio and (3) including an isolation transformer in series with it makes a substantial positive difference in the performance of DAVE. Power cords do also make a difference with DAVE but very marginally.
  15. Barrows, one more question, in your opinion, is it more likely that Paul's statement is more related to the other design principles of the older PS Audio regenerators than them having balanced power output?
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