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  1. My guess is that it will potentially eliminate noise coming from your computer (and the network card itself), despite of the isolation measures already taken on the JCAT card (transformers and external PSU). Assuming you can meet the moat related setup requirements of the ER and (preferably) power it with a high quality power supply.
  2. How shall I put it? Together with the Chord DAVE, the Lindemanns are the last thing I would replace in my system. They make my listening experience through speakers rise above my headphones setup. I think for passive speakers and in this form factor, they are some of the very best out there. Their character is comparable to Raidho and Vivid audio. Neutral but musical. They completely disappear when setup right. It's a shame Norbert Lindemann stopped designing speakers. The BL-10s were hailed by all reviewers but I understand that the larger models performed less. Maybe
  3. Thanks! Hmmm, there goes my assumption of purposely built or at least custom built to spec for Chord. This is an off the shelf supply. For medical, among other applications. Costs about 50 euros a piece here in the Netherlands and a lot less when bought in large batches. Technical specs: https://www.xppower.com/portals/0/pdfs/SF_ECM40-100.pdf
  4. I have an idea! Why not send the SMPS that you @DAVE JS2 have taken out of DAVE and is now unemployed to @JohnSwenson with the intention to test it on the important properties of a power supply he mentioned above. I think a very large group (DAVE owners but also others) is interested in the outcome and maybe it also says something in general about the state of purposely built SMPSs in high end audio products. I am sure John will take on this challenge!
  5. With all due respect, but the TT2 (and HMS) are designed for other market segments and scaled down versions of their big brothers. The choice for cheaper (Chinese) external SMPS power supplies fits this thought. I can even imagine that Chord already assumed that many of their customers would experiment with better power supplies and therefore equipped them with a DC input. I am not saying that DAVE cannot take advantage of a very good external power supply but I suspect that the delta is determined by how well this supply is able to suppress mains noise and instabilities relative t
  6. This was mid 2019 and Ray progressed to the following. Note that he returned to USB but with the use of a low cost optical isolation system and he eliminated the M Scaler:
  7. These are exactly the kind of topics that led me to ban USB a long time ago. In my experience, even USB cables alone make huge differences. This connection type is so brittle. I settled with AES/EBU in on DAVE and have yet to hear a better combo than with the dCS Network Bridge. May be something like a Grimm MU1 will top this but I like to keep things simple and minimalistic and like to keep as much as computer hardware far away from the DAC as possible in noise injecting terms. The discussion about RFI and the apparent need for expensive cables with certain ferrite-configurations
  8. I won't start a psychological discussion... :) There is a whole thread in this sponsored forum about isolation transformers, infused by - who else? - John Swenson: When implemented properly it will reduce high frequency common mode noise on the AC line. All details can be found in the thread. It is quite a read so in short you'll need an isolation transformer that has enough headroom to power the needed wattage behind it and one that has extreme low so called interwinding capacitance. You need to power all components behind the transformer from one power
  9. I agree with you. With the development of DAVE, Rob Watts mission was to design a state of the art DAC within the technological possibilities (at the moment). I therefore see the choice of a SMPS as part of the overall the design decisions. If a LPS would have fitted better within this philosophy and contributed positively to the objectives, then he would undoubtedly have chosen that route. There are very good SMPS's and very bad SMPS's just as there are good and bad LPS's. The problem in high end audio is that SMPS almost seems to be a curse word because of the image that is crea
  10. Not @kennyb123 but I am happy to experiment with attenuators on the PlanetTech's. Just out of curiosity about the results. To throw in a few other perspectives: when going from copper to fiber with opticalModule + PlanetTech's in my system and to my ears SQ became less harsh and edgy and more natural. To a marginal extent of course. It was the first time I felt no need for the HF filter active on my Chord DAVE and the first time that I couldn't distinguish between streaming audio and locally stored files within Roon. My Roon server + DAS is directly connected to the EtherREGEN a-si
  11. My experience is quite the opposite but only after adding a Sonore opticalModule. My guess is that your Edgerouter is a weak link when going fiber for audio.
  12. I have 10m single mode combined with (I believe) the same Planet SFP's without attenuators and absolutely prefer this to copper. I cannot imagine that 3m vs. 10m makes a difference. Which optical cable do you use? I use this (OS2) one: https://www.conrad.nl/p/telegartner-l00875a0034-glasvezel-aansluitkabel-1x-lc-stekker-1x-lc-stekker-9125-singlemode-os2-1000-m-1542091 Edit: the opticalModule needs some time to burn-in so this could also be a reason.
  13. My setup: ISP router ->opticalModule -> EtherREGEN ->streamer/bridge -> DAC I now have my Roon Server connected to EtherREGEN A-side. Has anyone tested a comparable setup vs. placing the Roon Server (mac mini, nucleus etc.) upstream the opticalModule. So, a very electrically clean use of the EtherREGEN with only fiber in on the A-side but as a sacrifice the server in the more noisy environment of a generic router or switch. What sounded best? I know it is best to experiment with this myself but a fair A/B would be quite a hassle because of a joint LPS use in
  14. If I may ask: why do you sell this item?
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