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  1. Just to make sure you understand correctly, I am not debating the power supply of the Chord DAVE. My questions are about the power fed to DAVE. I live in a large city in the Netherlands and the steps from (1) normal mains power to (2) a dedicated 10 AWG power line with a special circuit breaker for audio and (3) including an isolation transformer in series with it makes a substantial positive difference in the performance of DAVE. Power cords do also make a difference with DAVE but very marginally.
  2. Barrows, one more question, in your opinion, is it more likely that Paul's statement is more related to the other design principles of the older PS Audio regenerators than them having balanced power output?
  3. Yes. I agree and actually experienced it. See my comments one post back.
  4. There is no separate SMPS shipped with DAVE. It is build in so it cannot easily be bypassed. Although there are some reports on DAVE even performing better when modified and powered by a high quality LPS, the SMPS in DAVE is state of the art in its category. My personal experience is that DAVE profits from: better power cords, a dedicated power line and an isolation transformer and it all sums up. @The Computer Audiophile thanks for the redirection and @barrows thank you for your reaction. I will ask Chord and report back. My subjective observation is that DAVE certainly performs better with the isolation transformer in place but I cannot say if this is because of the IT blocking noise from the power line or because of the power being balanced (or a combination of both or may be even the positive effect of the first aspect overcompensating the negative of the second). The other component I use with a SMPS is a Lyngdorf TDAI-3400. With this unit I am not sure. It sounds more detailed, crisp and real with the IT in the chain but also a bit lean, edgy and less musical. So here is a clear trade-off. When I saw Paul's video, it got me thinking... Before the TDAI-3400 I owned it's predecessor, the TDAI-2200. This unit has a LPS and profited from the IT in all aspects. The underlying problem for me is that I cannot exclude one component from the IT's signal because this introduces other issues. It is all or nothing.
  5. My personal experience (ranked): 1. dCS Network Bridge 2. Sonore ultraRendu / LPS1.2 fed by Uptone JS-2 3. Sonore microRendu / LPS1 fed by Uptone JS-2 - big gap 4. Mac Mini (Uptone DC-modded) fed by Uptone JS-2 Note: connection between the streamer and DAC: AES/EBU (1) and USB (2, 3 and 4).
  6. In one of his videos on YouTube, PS Audio's Paul McGowan states that switch mode power supplies are happier with single ended power as opposed to balanced power. He does not really explain why. The reason I am interested is this matter is because I use an isolation transformer (in a 230V country), wired for balanced output, to power all my audio components of which two use switch mode power supplies. One of them is a Chord DAVE. Is Paul's statement true? And if so, can anybody explain it technically (in terms that I as a generalist can understand.... 😉)? I already asked this question over at the isolation transformer thread but didn't get a reaction.
  7. @The Computer Audiophile I feel the urge to express a general feeling about your reviews. I've checked the last ten or so, just to make sure if I was not imagening things. But I didn't. The point is: I miss a critical attitude, I miss comparisons and references, I miss setup clues and depth I can relate to etc. etc. And if people - understandable - ask for these insight in the comments section, you are very political in your reactions. Everything you reviewed in the last years is more or less highly recommended. Is the weight of site sponsors this heavy? I am sure the G1 is a fine piece of equipment. Other reviews of the same type already made this clear. I was hoping to get more context here. I found the latest contribution of @austinpop very refreshing. This is the level I would like the see much more. It is personal, it is highly informative and it really helps audiophiles in making decisions in their personal quests. This level could make this site really stand out from the rest of the community.
  8. I understand. Optical/Toslink has its limitation in bandwidth but since HMS is doing all the heavy lifting it kind of makes sense because by doing this you'll seriously eliminate all possible electronical noise upstream. I found Rob's quote:
  9. @austinpop very, very informative. Best (worked out) review I've read on this site for a long time! I am little biased because I am a happy DAVE owner for quite some time and considering adding M-scaler technology in the near future. Question: did you try optical out from your MacBook Pro > optical in HMS? I think I've read somewhere that this is Rob Watt's preferred connection.
  10. Question: in one of his latest videos in YouTube, PS Audio's Paul McGowan states that switch mode power supplies are happier with single ended power as opposed to balanced power. He does not explain why. Is this true? And if so, can anybody explain it technically (in terms that I as a generalist can understand.... 😉)? The reason I ask this is because I use an isolation transformer in a 230V country, wired for balanced output to power all audio components of which two use switch mode power supplies.
  11. Well, by now it is very clear that you are an unhappy customer. About 75% of your posts are in this thread. I feel committed to offer a little counterweight to all this negativism. I am very satisfied with the unit and I think a lot of people feel the same. I think that you and @Patatorz do this very well engineered product no justice with the way you communicate about it. In my opinion it is to be praised when a company chooses to not implement certain functions if they cannot guarantee their overal quality standards by just doing so.
  12. The best I have heard in my system. Sorry for not explaining that. So, people pay thousands of dollars for streamers, DAC's, amplifiers, loudspeakers and even cables and software has to come for free? In my book the player software is just as an important component in a digital music chain as all other components.
  13. I don't understand what this negativity is about? I use my NB as Roon Endpoint without any problems and it gives me the best sound quality when compared to all other ethernet to digital output converters. Why bother with dCS own music player app? Just like with Auralic, Lumin, Aurender etc. I personally don't understand why (basically) hardware companies dare to touch these area in the first place. Let the cobbler stick to his last.
  14. About a month ago I had the opportunity to make a good deal on a 3 months old demo TDAI-3400. I couldn't resist and I am very happy I didn't. I took more time to compare this new model to the TDAI-2200 I already owned and at the end it was clear that the older model had to go. In the way I use it, the TDAI-3400 is the better amplifier on every aspect. Not by al large margin, except for the control over the lower end of the frequency spectrum. The slight harshness I previously observed in the higher frequencies was clearly a burn-in issue and gone in the unit I own now. Earlier I wrote about my somewhat counter-intuitive setup with a Chord DAVE feeding the TDAI's analogue input module. So introducing an extra ADC. This setup is SQ-wise superior to directly connect my dCS Network Bridge to the TDAI. The latter setup is in its turn clearly better than feeding the TDAI directly via USB or Ethernet. But back to the Chord DAVE. As described earlier in this thread, my idea is that it's better digital reconstruction abilities of the DAVE lead to the better SQ. This got me thinking. What will happen if I connect one of the Chord M Scalers directly to the digital input of my TDAI? Would this give me the opportunity to use Rob Watts's filtering without introducing the extra ADC (and make my DAVE obsolete - investment wise not a bad scenario!)? I understand this will probably be a rhetorical question and I need to find out myself. But may be someone did try this already. This scenario would also be worth exploring for Devialet owners. The Devialet ADC is known to be not really state of the art, so adding an external DAC is not a wise option but may be M Scaler technology is. The same counts for Kii three owners and other all digital products.
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