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  1. Here is the review and comparison of the 12V unit. And here you can find the follow-up with a 15V unit and higher level DC-cabling. Both post from the very long "A novel way..." thread.
  2. Thank you. I will rest my case...
  3. This is more or less the same setup I have. Would it be wise and advisable to power the Mac mini and the the EtherREGEN both from the JS-2 or is it better to the keep power supplies separated Alex?
  4. I am not a skeptical person. And seldom flabbergasted but now I am...
  5. In my first comment I already stated that I did listen to the LCD-4z. So I have a good view on its position in the field of higher-end cans. And I auditioned quite a few. In this price category it is all a matter of taste but I would - without any hesitation - take the 4z over the HD-800S, every Focal and also over the LCD-3 (which I own myself). My problem with your review is that it isn't really a review. You basically say 'This thing sucks and sounds no better than any entry level headphones. If you want to know why? Well, figure it out yourself. And btw, the company sucks too!'. I am aware of the fact that a lot of reviews are commercially driven and have an editorial character. But I did not come across any negative rating of owners of this headphones and this includes the very critical head-fi .org community. You stand alone in this. Come to think of it and acting very suspicious for a moment: why the Hifiman promotion in your review? Does Chris do background research?
  6. Don't put words in my mouth. And, on the contrary. I am strongly against censorship and sponsor dependencies. I actually commented on some of @The Computer Audiophile own reviews as being not critical and comprehensive enough. What I meant is some kind of a structured approach to review writing and a final assessment if criteria have been met. Certainly needed when you work with a pool of reviewers in my opinion. I understand that not everyone has the skills and meticulousness of @austinpop but in this way overall quality will be higher. Reviews like this are placed on the homepage of this site and - by this choice - reflect a certain authority. If I were Chis I would care about it. If this item was placed in the speaker and headphones forum I wouldn't even have reacted and just taken @Sonis experience as bad luck.
  7. Wow, this could easily be the worst and misleading review I have read in years. It actually starts off quite nice with the technical stuff about sensitivity but after that, the blunt, only two or three sentences counting, part on sound quality makes no sense at all. You either must have had a second faulty unit or something else wrong in your setup with these kind of qualifications. All other reviews on the LCD-4z are very positive and my own experience is the same. Audeze makes very fine headphones and the 4z is no exception. They are not for everyone but a distorted top end would be in no-one's notes. Is there no final editing on reviews?
  8. Thank you John, exactly the answer I was hoping for!
  9. Thx for your input but my goal is yo keep the EtherREGEN (or any other solution) outside the 'audio power domain'.
  10. @Superdad, I have a question about the EtherREGEN after a discussion with @vortecjr in the optical module thread: I have my audio components (streamer, DAC and (pre)amp) on a dedicated power line and behind an isolation transformer and I want to keep everything else out of this domain/cluster in electrical/noise injecting terms. My understanding is that this can be done with the EtherREGEN. More specific, that the RJ-45 output of the EtherREGEN is completely galvanic isolated so no leakage current can go from one power domain to the other. My streamer is a dCS Network Bridge and this device can only accept RJ-45 so optical into the 'audio power domain' is not an option for me if I want to keep this domain 'as is'.
  11. Yes, I know what fiber optic does but I don't think you got the point that I don't want a unit like the opticalModule, the EtherREGEN or any other solution within the (power)cluster behind the isolation transformer. To my understanding I can keep the EtherREGEN out of this cluster and have complete galvanic isolation. May be @Superdad can clarify this?
  12. Thanks for pointing me to this. I actually had the opportunity to compare the Bartók to DAVE and I had the same conclusion when looking at it from a headphones perspective. The DAVE's headphone amplifier part is its weakest link, especially with difficult to drive headphones. That is why I use a dedicated headphone amplifier (see signature). When I compared the dCS NB/DAVE combo to the Bartók as streamer and DAC only in a loudspeaker setup, I preferred the first. DAVE - for me - is the better DAC. But the Bartók is a beautiful 3-in-1, that goes without saying. Sorry for the OT 😬
  13. I have my audio components (streamer/DAC/(pre)amp) on a dedicated power line and behind an isolation transformer and I want to keep everything else out of this cluster in electrical/noise injecting terms. My understanding is that this can be done with the EtherREGEN but not with the opticalModule.
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