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  1. When you connect two components via a shielded ethernet cable (of which the shield is connected to the metal sleeves of both connectors), you create an electrical path for leakage currents between those components. This will adversely affect the sound quality. You can simply check your Sablon on this aspect with the continuity function of a multi-meter.
  2. You come across as an analytical person given your formulation and mindset. If you are looking for the same in a DAC then go for the ADI-2 or Mytek. In all other cases, go for a Chord Hugo or Qutest. Btw, Schiit is easily available in Europe: https://www.schiit-europe.com/
  3. So one JS-2 (both rails modded to deliver 15V) plus one LPS 1.2 would also work with this scheme.
  4. Btw, it is possible to change fonts by replacing font files in the 'Resources' directory and keeping the original font names. For instance, I replaced GrifoS-Medium and GrifoM-Medium (the most defining ones) with .otf fonts more to my liking. I am on Mac OS.
  5. Thx @firedog. I'm very happy with my custom color scheme. Didn't observe any remarks on differences in SQ between 1.7 and 1.8 on this forum. I think in my system and to my ears 1.8 sounds slightly better. I can't go back and forth so I know it's a weak statement. But it certainly doesn't sound worse!
  6. Wow, what a leap in SQ. Frontrunner again... just kidding. More serious, I think the UI has not improved. Kinda, uh, purplish.
  7. Thx for the update! Farad Super3 super capacitor LPS comes to my mind. Can be ordered in all voltages between 5V and 24V.
  8. While I more or less agree with the content, it is indeed a condescending response. The bold 'from memory' statement about a comparison with the Vivaldi and MSB DAC also makes that I cannot take this review and it's conclusions very serious. Too bad and not at all necessary to convey enthusiasm.
  9. My guess is that it will potentially eliminate noise coming from your computer (and the network card itself), despite of the isolation measures already taken on the JCAT card (transformers and external PSU). Assuming you can meet the moat related setup requirements of the ER and (preferably) power it with a high quality power supply.
  10. How shall I put it? Together with the Chord DAVE, the Lindemanns are the last thing I would replace in my system. They make my listening experience through speakers rise above my headphones setup. I think for passive speakers and in this form factor, they are some of the very best out there. Their character is comparable to Raidho and Vivid audio. Neutral but musical. They completely disappear when setup right. It's a shame Norbert Lindemann stopped designing speakers. The BL-10s were hailed by all reviewers but I understand that the larger models performed less. Maybe
  11. Thanks! Hmmm, there goes my assumption of purposely built or at least custom built to spec for Chord. This is an off the shelf supply. For medical, among other applications. Costs about 50 euros a piece here in the Netherlands and a lot less when bought in large batches. Technical specs: https://www.xppower.com/portals/0/pdfs/SF_ECM40-100.pdf
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