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  1. It is like with network switches, there is a group that says a switch cannot make a difference because of the error correction protocol and it is al '0' en '1'. I belong to the other group that says it is much more complex when digital information is passed via (basically) analog/electrical circuits. Nothing to do with coloration.
  2. It does make sense. I use a Chord DAVE in front of my Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 (essentially an all digital powerDAC with build in DSP/DRC). So introducing extra D/A -> A/D. The Lyngdorf has a high quality D/A module to facilitate analog inputs. With DAVE in the chain the SQ is at a whole new level compared to direct digital into the Lyngdorf. I almost got lynched when I reported this on another (Lyngdorf) forum. Until others tried it and found the same... Probable explanation: reconstruction filters, jitter reduction, noise rejection. And a very good A/D implementation is a must. I don't know how good this is on the Kii's.
  3. Re: the two heatsink picture posters: those fixation brackets may not be a wise choice in the context of vibration damping...
  4. Thx. So you choose a Cat 8 version. I discovered just now that Ghent has this option. A linkway cable. I was under the assumption they only had one constructed with Cat 6a Belden and Metz connectors.
  5. Yes! JS-2 in my case. I advise you to read back in this and/or other ER threads, a lot has already been written about it.
  6. Hi Jud, can you already share your first impressions about the Ghent ethernet cable? And what length did you get?
  7. I know Melco devices are especially designed for audio purposes but nonetheless, they have build in hdd/sdd's and al lot of other components that are (potential) noise-injectors. My approach is to keep the streamer hardware as minimalistic as possible. In my case a dCS Network Bridge but there are a lot of other options. I think it is more wise to invest in isolation and clocking instead of paying a lot of money for expensive servers that are so expensive because they have to fight the evil that is caused by themselves in the first place. Does this make sense?
  8. I would try setup 1 and 3 and indeed, let your ears do the judging. Setup 2, I think, is far from optimal. You want to keep noisy computer hardware away from the clean side.
  9. With the SR1a you must have heard the very sudden and rough cut in track 3 at 4.59! I guess at the time the mixing/mastering engineer thought he (or she) could get away with it...
  10. Until now forum topics were clearly divided into logical and functional categories, but - if I understand correctly - from now on they are also used to address interaction issues between different types of people? Besides it not being intuitive for newcomers, I think people generally don't like to be put in boxes. If I speak for myself, probably with age and experience, I slowly moved towards a more subjective and less pronounced way of judging things. I guess I am somewhere in the middle by now. So I question if it will be a solution. And to be honest, I doubt if it really is an objectivist vs. subjectivist problem. I think it is more related to everyday manners and how they seem to fade if there is no face-to-face communication. A generic and long existing phenomena. Mostly only a minority is guilty of this. The problem is that this minority grows in absolute numbers with the growth of a community.
  11. What is the equivalent of Nancy Pelosi's action in this context? More serious. It's good that you do address these issues, Chris. At the same time I think it is a shame it's needed. And I am curious if it will have effect. Feels a bit contrived.
  12. Don't own them, but heard them at the High End in Munich last year. One of the best rooms!
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