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  1. yes but the Draco has few resistors=== poor resolution and detail.. 600 vs 989 ? I will go for the Pegasus.😁Sweet spot like u said
  2. I hv a ESS9038pro SMSL VMS D1 dac a Gustard A22 AK4499 dac a Burr Brown 1794(i think?) iFI iDSD micro Black Label PS Audio PWD II (ancient dac) So a R2R Dac now👍👍
  3. Sorry everybody for late response... Ok i hv seen that LT3045 Psu too but decided a USB Hub with ultra low distortion was next purchase! So thus is it.. 1st image below Sorry Shaar is out of production .. Martix H wairks with WinServer 2019 Core and GUI .. no driver needed.. the factory driver download fike is incompatible! No matter ASIO Driver of your DAC goes straight thru the H card and is recognized by JRiver MC26 and Hqplayer My problem with the H card us that insertion into the PCie slot is tricky.. The pcie bracket is misaligned and can prevent proper contact of t
  4. rIntel 10700k Win Server 2019 Datacenter Core Mode - Ultimate Extreme setup for USB Direct connection Only - No network connectivity at all Second PC Intel 6700k - WinServer 2019 Datacenter Core Mode with Network connectivity for Streaming through HQplayer's NAA to my SOTM SM200 Ultra Neo Audio Endpoint. No I am not a Jplay 2 pc user. I prefer to upsample. DSD256/EC modulator from Jussi of Hqplayer puts the noise way above human hearing. DSD is softer in the HiFreq than PCM. Sweeter sounding. I have tried upsampling PCM to 705.6 khz and playing back using a bit perfect player like Hy
  5. Those of us using Windows Server 2019 is awaiting the launch of Audio Optimizer 4.0 ?? for cleaning up Win server 2021/22. I have taken the journey with WinServer 2012/2016/2019 GUI mode and CORE command line Mode, All with Audio Optimizer. Tried the Audiolinux, Euphony, etc - Just did not sound right to my ears. Linux was another choice, but I prefer Driver direct availabilty under Windows then Linux's universal driver suitability. Linux command line - just not my cup of tea too. Fidelizer 8.0 - I used for a while and then dropped it. I dont like it messing a
  6. I find that AAC downloads from itunes Store pretty decent for SQ especially after I convert back to WAV- It keeps all the metatags and I get fulll data on my HQPlayer playback display. As to loss of info. through the use of a lossy download format, I think of it this way:::: 1. I am into a new craze - Kpop especially Kdrama Original Sound tracks. These are impossible to get in CD Format - think of 3 months from buy to receipt on ebay if you can find a copy at exorbitant prices. 2. The S Korean music industry uses very high quality recording process to encode their music for
  7. In my case, since I am using USB direct connection, main HQPlayer PC is off the internet - No connection. especially it is in WinServer 2019 Core Mode - No wireless too If you are worried, install the PC after a separate Switch /Router connected to your ISP Broadband router/modem. Then you should be safe. I dont think you will be doing Internet surfing on your Music playback PC Right?? Good Luck
  8. kelvinwsy

    HQ Player

    4.12 sometimes loads Without the last played playlist?? Clicking on the load playlist button does nothing. Same as load URL for album . I thought it was an Asio /Dac driver issue but cycling power of the DAC thru a direct USB connection does not solve it. I had to reboot the Win OS? Anyone encountered this??
  9. kelvinwsy

    HQ Player

    Strangely enough ... Having switched back to 4.10.3 version ... Everything sounds better than 4.11 and 4.12... maybe bcos no stuttering ever so infrequently??? System setup...Musical tastes and personal preferences matter the most.. As usual YMMV
  10. kelvinwsy

    HQ Player

    Totally agreed.. Musical tastes and personal preferences matter the most.. As usual YMMV
  11. kelvinwsy

    HQ Player

    I just tried the new polysinc-xtr-short-lp with ADSMEC7 and prefer it to the polysinc gauss filters..(these soften the music.. Tension in crescendo passsges in orchestra pieces gone??) Add on ASDM7EC 512fs instead of ASDM7EC makes it even sounding better.. The decay in drums and pianos is so nicely clear until the last fade..The SQ is so airy with full punchy bass Easier load than the full xtr-lp i like in 4.10.3
  12. I am using Matrix Element H PCie card and using a 1.5 amp LT3045 LPSU to inject externsl power.. On Windows Server 2019 Core (Samsung 970 NVME) and WinServer 2019 GUI on Intel Optane .. Both are on AudioOptimizer AO3.. SQ is far superior to internal USB output.. Power input and OS is critical to achieve good SQ.. on noisy Win10 Pro on even LTSC SQ is not good enough I use the H on my older Z170 rig I still prefer My other USB card Clones Audio SHAAR as the Element H was not handling DSD512 w/o stuttering on my main Gigabyte Aorus Z490 Ultra PC which the SHAAR had no issues
  13. Ohh so my 44.1 khz tracks of say up to slightly over 4minutes is generating the max number of taps already? So i am seeing those numbers 149-170 up to just less than 200M taps?
  14. What were you intending to power this with? Thx
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