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  1. Barrows, I wonder if you could help me please? If I am in right in thinking that you use Sonore Rendu (linux) native DSD, to a DSC-2 DIY DAC, with Amanero firmware CPLD_1081 slave and 2006be11, can you please confirm you have no clicks (muting problems) when playing direct to power amp with software volume control? I am told that that firmware is likely to be the source of the clicks I have using the T+A DAC 8 DSD (streaming DSD) direct to power amps.
  2. craighartley

    HQ Player

    Confirmed 9900KS EC with DSD 512 unobtainable with any filter. Have you got Windows set to Ultimate Performance power setting?
  3. craighartley

    HQ Player

    Have you tried it without GPU offload (without CUDA ticked)? If you think your GPU does not cut it, maybe you would be better without using it. My 6700k did EC modulators to DSD256 without any GPU.
  4. craighartley

    HQ Player

    No it didn’t work with xtr. Or Closed form 16M. But then the latter won’t work with the 9900ks either (without GPU).
  5. craighartley

    HQ Player

    I didn’t need to use -2s filters with my 6700k to achieve DSD256 with EC modulators. And that was without GPU. On Windows and Embedded.
  6. craighartley

    HQ Player

    My 6700k could manage EC modulators to DSD256 fine. Somewhere on one of the HQPlayer threads on this site I posted the details. I now have 9900ks, but it doesn’t do much that that the 6700k couldn’t.
  7. I don't suppose you are tempted to try using cores differently to maximise potential of the 9900KS are you? (I have one, of course!)
  8. Buggy? Embedded? That’s strange. My move from Windows to Embedded was precisely because it’s the least hassle. It’s like you suddenly have a turnkey solution without the messy variables of a Windows environment or the hassle (in my experience: I know it’s different for others) of coming to terms with Ubuntu.
  9. It was a limited edition and has sold out in many (most? all?) places. I'm in the UK and my source has run out.
  10. Just for the record - I have the 9900KS. It will do Closed-form or Closed-form Fast with EC modulators at DSD256. But it won't do Closed-form 16M.
  11. Depends slightly on which filter you use though: it won't do DSD256 with EC modulators using Closed-Form 16M.
  12. Yes. T+A think it may be the Amanero firmware.
  13. Thanks for the message, and I understand your caution. Yes I still get the clicks. I’ve put my transformer-based preamp back in, which subdues them. When the Covid19 situation has eased I may send the DAC back to T&A for checking.
  14. I can hear enough between the dropouts to know that I definitely prefer ASDM7EC/DSD512 to ASDM7EC/DSD256. Very tantalising! This is with T+A DAC8 DSD.
  15. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d be very grateful if you could please try fixed output from the DAC8DSD and use HQPlayer alone to control volume. It’s with that arrangement that I get the clicks (and only with DSD output, not PCM).
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