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  1. craighartley

    HQ Player

    Would there be a case for thinking that xtr, being non-apodising, might be more appropriate for hi-res files, or is this irrelevant?
  2. That’s very helpful and instructive. Thank you very much. It also means that using the bootable image is even more convenient than I thought!
  3. Thanks. I keep assuming booting from the HQPlayer image USB rules out making the changes possible when HQPlayer Embedded is installed on a hard disk, because I assume changes won’t stick when the system is next booted ( ie from the USB). It’s my fault for not knowing how boot images load and work, but are changes (hostname, username, disabling naa or HQPlayer function, etc) written to the USB (or SD card, or whatever one is using for the boot image)?
  4. Sorry for another naive question, but if I change hostname from ‘hqplayer’ does that also change the ‘Username’ (also ‘hqplayer’) in Web Browser? And if not, is there also a way to change Username? I’m talking specifically about using HQPlayer OS boot image.
  5. How do you rename instance of HQP OS on one of the machines?
  6. craighartley

    HQ Player

    Even so, I’m intrigued to increase my understanding of what filter choices make theoretical sense for hires files if you like ext2 for 1x?
  7. Thanks. Strange though - the only XMP profile with CL12 I can now find on the Kingston site is for 2400, with alternative profile for 2666 with CL13.
  8. Thank you. I’m having trouble finding DDR4-2666 with CL as low as 12; do you mind telling me exactly which model you have?
  9. So, for use with HQPlayer, given two similar results in the last three columns in the table, would you give preference to the one with lowest CL figure? Or is it only the figures in the last three columns that matter (in which case it becomes a choice between price levels)?
  10. craighartley

    HQ Player

    I thought that CUDA grey meant it was only used for convolution. As you are not using convolution, I don’t understand why the CUDA grey results are different from CUDA off. Miska?
  11. Thanks for explaining that. In relation to HQPlayer OS, does amount and speed of memory make much difference to the performance?
  12. Here it is again. (I don’t know why it turned into a HEIC file when I included it last time).
  13. I'd still like an answer to my previous question, as I can't fathom what I was doing wrong with installing HQPe, but I'm probably abandoning HQPe+Ubuntu for the time being, and going back to the embedded HQPOS image on a bootstick as that plays without problems in the same system. My attempts to solve the connection problems by reinstalling Ubuntu and HQPe only made things worse: HQPlayer wouldn't appear on the web server at all. Its no doubt due to my inexperience with Ubuntu server, but I've decided that CUDA offload is not much of an advantage in my system, and certainly not worth the hassle of dealing with Ubuntu server over just inserting the HDOS bootstick.
  14. Thanks. I've tried reinstalling the Operating System and HQPe again, with no more success. When I'm installing your Linux-Image package I get the following 'Hmm...' messages. Why might that be? IMG_0713.HEIC
  15. Miska, Does this signify anything specific that might be problematic? ! 2019/09/25 09:17:25 clPlayerDaemon::CreateEngine(): clHQPlayerEngine::Initialize(): clALSAEngine::Initialize(): snd_pcm_open(): No such file or directory
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