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  1. Or DSD256 with EC modulator which many prefer on DAC8 DSD to DSD 512 with non-EC modulators.
  2. This may be a dumb question, but what is the difference between the downloads hqplayer-embedded-4.19.1-x64.7z and hqplayer-embedded-4.19.1-x64.7z.asc ? Thanks
  3. I asked the question because the new EC modulator is included in HQ Desktop with the advice that it is for 512+ rates.
  4. What processor is needed to use the new pseudo-multibit AMSDM7EC modulator at 512?
  5. Thanks, I’d forgotten that. Actually one reason for exploring HQPlayer Pro was to try the effect of the two filters I can’t do in real time with HQP OS - sinc-L and closed-form-16M. I can try them with 44.1x files though.
  6. Brilliant! Thanks! - that’s exactly what is happening. The errors were all with 48k based 512 DSD. I’ve just tried two 44.1k based files and they work perfectly with both Roon and Audirvana. I’ll raise it on the Roon forum. Easy to work around, except of course it rules out using non-apodising filters with 48k based source files. The NativeDSD files must be limited to 44.1k-512 (even though they employ an apodising filter). Sensible decision.
  7. Thanks for the response. Yes I don’t know what the difference could be between the NativeDSD 512 files and the ones I’m producing with HQPlayer Pro on my MacBook Pro, unless it is an unintended byproduct of the trial version that I’m using. I was only using Audirvana as a front end via UPNP to my HQPlayer OS server when I wanted to play files on my MacBook that I hadn’t transferred to the NAS that Roon and HQPlayer use as a library. I don’t use Windows. My main reason for trialling HQPlayer Pro was to see if I could produce files to use with Roon without the HQPlayer server
  8. Has anyone worked out why 512DSD files produced with HQPlayer Pro won't import into Roon or why they crash Audirvana (which shows them as 557DSD)? I've tried editing the metadata to make sure that is behaving properly, but it doesn't seem to stem from that. They play with HQPlayer, but that's not why I wanted to make the files. The 512DSD files from NativeDSD, which are made using HQPlayer Pro, do import into Roon. Strange.
  9. 6.07-392 Thanks. I’ll use the separate thread from now on.
  10. Should the album cover be showing on the now playing screen? Mine is not.
  11. Miska, can you advise please?
  12. Understood. So there’s no point in acquiring such files to feed straight to the DAC. But does HQP benefit from receiving 32-bit floating point DXD files to process, rather than 24 bit? (Specifically for DSD output to T+A DAC 8 DSD)
  13. I understand and share your view, but the point of that link was just to show you the claim in relation to DACs handling floating point files: ‘If a DAC with a DSP with an internal (32bit) floating-point architecture (which, again, applies to most DACs) receives a 32bit floating-point signal, it doesn’t have to convert anything at all, right until the moment it’s converted into the analog domain.’
  14. And also https://trptk.com/blog/a-new-chapter-32bit-floating-point-dxd/
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