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  1. When is this lossless option going to be available? June 1st or sometime in June?
  2. I am very pleased to be of help. Mind that it is difficult to use at the beginning. But you will be rewarded with superb sound quality and flexibility. Read the manual, watch the tutorials on youtube. Don't expect to get it to work just doing the connections and hitting play!
  3. Yes Thorben, I've done a comparison between the two with switching on the fly so it was very easy to detect any differences. There are differences in sound quality of course. Hapi sounds more refined in the upper register, more extended bass. Hapi seems to have just a little bit more resolution. Soundstage in Anubis sounds notably flatter. Besides these minor differences Anubis is remarkably good for the price. Comparison was done using XLR outputs on both devices using the same HQPlayer upsampling to DSD 256. Another comparison between Merging Anubis and Weiss DAC202 was completely in favor of the Anubis with dinamic, extended and trasparent sound being the strong characteristics of the Anubis.
  4. I fall into the first case, my core is on a Mac. So I should be fine. Thanks for clarification. the Anubis is on my list as my next Dac.
  5. I think it works fine with Roon. You can select it as an endpoint with the specific Merging driver and core audio for example with the Mac. Just like a NADAC. Am I right?
  6. Well I listened to the flagship 1541 at Munich Audio show. Not the best place and setup to get information on how it sounds. It's certainly very smooth and detailed. I am also super curious to know about listening impressions and comparisons with other dacs. I do believe this line of dac is super interesting.
  7. Well it seems many people are interested in this setup. I am another one. I have been recently to the Monaco Hi End and I have been impressed by the Sforzato Master clock (14.000 €) attached to the sforzato server and Dac that was confronted with another Dac (metrum adagio with no master clock). According to the Dutch distributor the master clock made the difference in performance ( the adagio is said to be an outstanding Dac) And what was that difference? Well, the master clock made the sound so much clear and clean, obvious. So now I am looking to some kind of clock to include in my setup. I have the SMS-200 and I was thinking to upgrade to Ultra. The ref10 also seems to have a reasonable price. Who is going to pull the trigger first? If it is good everyone will follow...
  8. I would like the old CA app back. I feel a little lost.
  9. The ADI2P is in my home. This thing is tiny! Sitting besides my Estro Armonico Nordlys tube preamp looks even smaller. I like all the features it has. I spent 3 hours to learn how to navigate in the menu. Especially I love crossfeed. It's very convenient when you listen to old jazz recordings with strong pan left/right. I have the same feature in Roon with release 1.3 Have to decide which one is better. Having fun
  10. Great! Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  11. I just got back to Musica Nuda concert here in Milan Italy. And I bought the CD that came out in January. I am not aware of digital download at this time hope you can find it in the future Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  12. The latest effort by this wonderful duo. Actually one of their best. Music and recording quality at the top. Highly recommended!
  13. I tested this unit yesterday at home when a friend of mine from the "PRO" world came by. I think it's just brilliant! very dynamic and airy sound, rock solid imaging. Compared with my Lector Digicode S-192 Dac. Well, maybe it's time to move forward from tubes... I have a pair of custom made active speakers and a full Stax 009 headphones setup. The Adi-2 Pro behaved very well as a DAC and also as a dac/preamp directly into the speakers. I placed my order. Will report back with more information. I first thought to get one for a secondary system now I don't know. Simone
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