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  1. Thank you for your info, Matias. I also got a Makua with DAC, but not roon ready. I use QNAP nas as roon core, so if Makua can support Roon ready via Lan, it will be a nice feature for me.
  2. Hi Matias, Do you happen to know know when Makua will get an upgrade to enable lan streaming? John
  3. I am owner of M900u. while I was auditioning at the seller's place with c900u, the result was not that good compared with boulder 1010 as the preamp. c900u as the preamp makes the sound too soft and a bit lack of vividness, but boulder 1010 brought back the energy and thus made m900u perform to its maximum. I'm not sure if Makua a better fit with m900u or not, but it worth a try. Makua is going to have Roon Ready feature as the Tambaqui does?
  4. I have two PC running Windows Server 2016 Core, both have the latest AO 2.20 and fidelizer 8.2. One PC is running HQPlayer 3.23.0 and another PC is running NAA and Roon Bridge at the same time. So I can use my Ipad to select which zone I want to play. I can either play from Roon Server(on QNAP NAS) to Roon Bridge PC or Roon Server to HQPlayer then back to NAA. It's very easy just turn on two PC and take my ipad to select music, then Voila, here comes the music.
  5. Hi, Could you share more on Makua as Preamp only? Could it be better than Audio Research Reference 5 se? Thank you. John
  6. Does anyone know if MC3+USB supports UAC2.0? I would like to connect usb out from NAS to MC3+USB, or a usb out from Roon Ready device, which supports UAC2.0. Thanks, John
  7. Is eGPU possible for cuda offload?
  8. Pachanko REF Sata is not stiff.
  9. Julian, Have you received my message? Thanks. John
  10. hqplayer runs in core mode without any issue. my dual pc are both in core mode. One runs hqplayer, whilw the other NAA.
  11. Chan is Chan King Girand, not Sorry for the misspelling. Is it a bug or something that I cannot edit my previous post.
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