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  1. Hi Geoffrey, just read your help file. If I understand correctly Music (iTunes) should be running as the music source. My music is on external HD. Was trying to use HQP and your "Catalina" software alone. Thanks
  2. Would be really great if Damien could look at this!? I know I asked a few years ago.
  3. jake43

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    That would be ideal. Thanks for that thought. Would be good to hear Damian on this.
  4. jake43

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Thank you all for your helpful replies, appreciated. I had something set up like this before (don't know which version of Audirvana that was) which worked. I had folders on the desktop labelled with the disk number and used these for seperate storage of sqlite etc. I have added a new disk today but my system seems not to be working for some reason to establish a fresh database. Maybe I should leave it until the morning!
  5. jake43

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Yes, but as far as I can see this combines the libraries for all hard disks together and what I am trying to do is have separate libraries for each disk. Thank you for your quick reply
  6. jake43

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Can anyone describe how they use and set up their libraries when they have more than one external hard disk for their collections. All I seem to get is one library which combines the albums from all disks together in one database and what I would like is seperate librararies for each disk. Maybe simple but any assistance would be much appreciated.
  7. Thank you Musicophile and damien78. I had not appreciated there were 2 versions.
  8. Does update 2.2.5 supersede which I have had installed for several weeks. Updating from Audirvana running, Menu-Check for updates, tells me I am up to date with! Maybe 2.2.5 should be 2.3 or Would just like to know so I am running the latest version.
  9. Any suggestions for ramdisk on Mac?
  10. Seemed to have resolved the mute issue of 2.2.3 on El Capitan by simply exiting SysOptimizer in Audirvana preferences, closing and re-opening Audirvana, and re-applying SysOptimizer.
  11. Anyone keep a copy of app prior to 2.2.2 before mute problem? Am getting this problem on starting Audirvana and stopping momentarily during playback with 2.2.3. Thanks.
  12. Cheers sebassie, always good to learn
  13. @ Colin Get the Finder menu along the top of the screen, select Go and then Go to Folder and type "~/Library", without inverted comms. I had the same problem and after much Googling uncovered the hidden Library files. Good luck. Jake.
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