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  1. There is still work to do with 1.5 version ... I still get static noise during playback when using Luminar AI or other software on M1 Mac mini 16 gig ram. The problem exist also with Audirvana 3.5 version on the same mac. ❓Anyone else having this problem of static noise occurring while listening AS ?
  2. does R8brain really better sounding than Sox ? I really like to see someone speak about sound quality and less to tags.
  3. i will try this day on my Mac mini M1 with 16G of ram if i get the same problem.
  4. ✅ Hi, everybody can try the new version Audirvana Studio. There is a free 30 days trial version here https://audirvana.com/studio/
  5. Do you think SOX is the reason of this sound upgrade ?
  6. Hi, I use a Digione with DietPi operating system, no problem with the volume controler.
  7. Hi, meridimac does it sound better than Picoreplayer for you ?
  8. Dietpi is very good. I am using it since last week. Have a look here : http://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2317 Slick Web Interface to configure and control the system. Preinstalled with Audiophile software, such as Roon, O!MPD, NAA Daemon and Shairport-sync (AirPlay), Squeezelite and Gmrender (DLNA audio endpoint). Ready to Run. Pre-configured and pre-installed image (No SSH/Terminal setup required) Audiophile quality, all the optimizations and features of DietPi, 156MB RAM usage (RPi, all services enabled), RAMlog and more. Perfect for audio usage.
  9. Hi, Audirvana 3 can see Dietpi if the GMrender service is ON. You have to select dietpi as a « virtual « sound card in Audirvana preference. it work very well. Audirvana act as a media server. I have tried it a few days ago. If you need it, Audirvana can upsample your music one the fly.
  10. The Digione card as galvanic isolation and good power filtering components. Lpsu benefits with Digione is near 0.
  11. Thanks Tim, y understand. (Not all DLNA server send information about bitrate) I was last two years on Cubox running volumio. I can say that Your work on moOde is great.
  12. Hi Tim Thank you for your prompt reply. The answer is here : My DLNA server is JRiver. The VBR compression is strange ,
  13. Hi do you know why "Track 17 • VBR" is displayed below the cover art ? I 'm afraid about the stream sound quality. Track playing quality is 24bit - 96khz
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