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  1. I have the same issue. My laptop HDMI out will stream video but no audio to my TV. I had to use the analog out (headphone jack) To my receiver to get sound.
  2. My experience mirrors those above. Packages with digital downloads usually are mp3. 320 kbps obviously not lossless but not bad for portable use. Lossless or hi res usually requires rips or separate downloads.
  3. Multiple inputs and sub $300 may be tough. You might look for a used Emotiva -A 2. I had a DaciT (earlier model, not the X) and liked it. Schiit is showing a b- stock Bifrost for $349. Well worth a budget stretch, IMHO. My original Bifrost was less fatiguing and fuller soundstage than my Peachtree.
  4. I'm If you think the sub is the weak link, consider a usb/spdif converter. Peachtree makes one reasonably priced.
  5. Have not heard the new chip, but the Uber upgrade made my Bifrost more open and airy, better highs. The multibit ups the ante even more, especially with good recordings. The better the file, either cd or computer, the mo' better the sound. For the cost of the upgrade the Multibit is really remarkable.
  6. If you can't hear the difference it doesn't matter.
  7. I agree that he should look out for his own self interest. I just reacted or overreacted to the comment about the employees' interest being foremost. In fact Atkins did not make that statement. It was one of the posters in the thread. Hence my apology.
  8. Just my natural cynicism born of years of experience. While the employees may in fact benefit, rarely are they the foremost consideration. However in retrospect, you are correct it was ungracious and downright rude. I apologize. Let's give Messrs. Butler and Adkin the benefit of the doubt.
  9. Since you already have an XPA-2 why not consider an Emotiva XSP-1?
  10. Also if you are running analog outs from the dac thru the receiver to your power amp, make sure you have selected "Pure Direct" on the Yamaha to take as much of the processing as possible out of the equation. Otherwise it's all running thru the Yammy's dac and you lose the benefit of the Bryston dac. I have a Yamaha RX-V3900 and while its dac is pretty good, my Bifrost is noticeably better. It may not be an "Aha" moment but you should be able to tell the difference using the Bryston and Pure Direct on the Yamaha. Only you can decide if it's worth the $$.
  11. Listening to Kuniko via Tidal. Thanks for the tip. Marimbas Counterpoint would be great for driving with the top down under a night sky!
  12. Since a SB Touch is $800 on eBay, maybe an expensive PS is not so weird any more[emoji3]
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