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  1. Thank you for a wonderful review Rajiv, I  just placed an order for the etheRegen.  I just had two questions for you: -

    1.) I have an Uptone audio JS 2 power supply; since it has a variable voltage, which voltage should I use to power EtheRegen?

    2.) Is it recommended or not to put the JS2 right next to the Roon Nucleus+ music server? Would there be a degradation in sound quality with a power supply next to the music server? The JS2 powers both my roon nucleus+ as well as the current ethernet switch.

    Thanks for reading this post

    1. austinpop


      Thank you.


      1. I haven't experimented with voltages, but would think 12V is the best to start with. Since you have the JS-2, it would be easy to experiment at 9v and 7v and see if you prefer those.
      2. This is a tradeoff, as the length of the DC lead also matters, with shorter leads giving better SQ. I don't see a problem keeping the JS-2 next to the Nucleus+.




    2. salk81


      Ok thank you

  2. That would be much appreciated, I shall wait for it
  3. I guess I am stuck then as I can't seem to find any players listed to work with ISO2DSD
  4. Right, thanks for pointing out that mistake. Even if I were to correct that, I still have a problem because my player is not a 103 or 105, Right?
  5. can you list all the models, if you know them, please? Thanks
  6. I'm using a Mac and I downloaded the ISO2DSD software; I have tried just about everything and nothing seems to work. I have also used text edit on a Mac to change the IP addressing SACD.cmd but even that was not helpful. The only thing I can think of is that my player is oppo BDP-95 instead of the 103 or 105. Could that be the reason? I am attaching a screen shot of the error that I am getting; Would anybody have any ideas how to read SACD to a Mac given my setup and situation? Any help to make this work would be God sent. Thank you all
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