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  1. Is that the one that you got from me?
  2. I talked to the US reseller that says the price is $12,500.
  3. I use the e38 and jriver on Windows. I do not have any issue. I did not set up any special buffering. The channel depends on which one you plugged into the dac channel number. generally 1. FL 2. FR 3. C 4. Sub 5. Sur L 6. Sur R 7. Sur Back L 8. Sur Back R
  4. Couldn't you just use the Jriver WDM driver that takes all audio traffic and routes it to whatever driver you specify in jriver for output?
  5. I spoke with support and they said that they custom and unlimited plans are essentially the same but the custom plan lets you add more users cheaper where the standard unlimited is $10/month for each additional user over 2.
  6. Could it be that they have traffic prioritization and those with the custom accounts get bandwidth priority?
  7. Check out opendrive. They are $99/year unlimited with 2 users and no throttling. They also have a bunch of access methods that work well. https://www.opendrive.com/
  8. I have the e38 and I also have the Light Harmonics Pulse and Chord Hugo. I like the e38 most.
  9. I have the EXACT same tape machine... mine is in great shape but still cant compete with my cheap Sony PCM-D100 with an earthworks microphone. It also takes a TON of work to keep it in good shape and calibration.
  10. How can any of those be true when they only recorded on low quality analog tape that was run through a tape recorder that had a max of 15khz frequencies and about 7 bit dynamic range?
  11. Perhaps you could point me to another 8 channel DAC that can properly play all of the multichannel files available for less money.
  12. It finally is giving me multichannel in conjunction with the ExaSound e38 DAC.
  13. I don't know about your network, but mine is solid. I would use Ethernet, but even wifi should work fine as 8 channel 192khz flac is under 20Mbps. I am currently recommending an ExaSound Playpoint and ExaSound e28 mkII. This is the only combo that I found that is fully capable of multichannel Hi-Res PCM and DSD. I was hoping to find a competing solution to recommend to my customers.
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