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  1. Very useful information, thank you Ari. Now it’s clear why my W20 „ classic” does not support for time being the native DSD playback even though I updated SW to the last version. I hope it will be available soon. Already with DoP protocal good recordings in native DSD sound spectacular using unpowered usb to my Pacific.
  2. My W20 shows different version - 4.21.89, will wait until Ari gives some details about it.
  3. We tried first LDMS connected to my Pacific with unpowered FTA Callisto cable . Then Lukas proposed the connection over rj 45 using the switch ( generic one of good quality ) , server was connected to the switch with my best usb cable - an unpowered Stavessence Aprictiy cable and then with a standard LAN cable to the Pacific. It was promissing but requires further audition. Afaik Luc himself uses Apricity usb cable between his server and Pacific DAC. It deosn't work properly between my W20 and Pac but had no problem with the former B7 Lampi DAC. The connectors applied in Apricity usb cable are not standard though.
  4. @michaelID Thank you, I will for sure give W20 SE a try. As soon as we get rid of this coronvirus or at least learn how to live with it. I consider also LDMS which I auditioned at home last year with the designer, Lukas Domanski, trying rj 45 connection with switch to my Pacific. Taiko Supreme is too expensive for me , my first experince with less expensive version - SGM Sound Galleries at Geoffrey’s was not convincing though. Btw I have Jcat ref Lan cable between my W20 and the wall socket, as well as LAN Jcat grounding device to my Pacific.
  5. I have my W20 already for 6 or 7 years, I update SW on regular base. Before I had S10. I tried AES connection with my different DAC’s but in my system and for my ears the unpowered usb cable with power switched off in usb audio output is a significant improvement over AES. I have also Tidal with MQA first unfold for 2 years or so , I tried also hires streaming from Qobuz for one month but to be honest the playback of files in their native form be it wav pcm or native dsd is by far superior to my ears than streaming. So I buy files from different websites , prefarably in their native form, I use Tidal only as a secondary source of music. For time being the best sounding files with Pacific SE DAC are for me wav DXD and DSD 256.
  6. Thank you michaeID. How your W20 SE is connected to your DAC ? If with usb cable - is that an unpowered one ? And pls forgive me another question -do you play music from NAS or from your W20SE as a server?
  7. +1 Especially in comparison with W20 if possible pls.
  8. I have had the same impression after the audition of SGM 2015 with HQ Player and T+A DAC 8 DSD at Geoffrey's Sound Gallery a few years ago . I am also in favor of native files be it dsd or SM pcm so I keep my W20 for the sound and functionality. I had also the home demo by Lukasz Domanski of LDMS which was very promissing, both in usb and RJ 45 connection. I like very much the idea implemented in Taiko Extreme to transmit to the DAC the files in their native form to reduce the noise due the heavy transcoding and upsampling by HQ Player. The idea to make the transport " as simple as possible but not simpler " is also behind Jplay and W20 solutions , I started my computer playback journey with Jplay which excelled in hibernate mode . It would be very interessting to compare LDMS and Taiko Extreme as the price level of Taiko is rather prohibitive.
  9. No risk no fun:) I upgraded my W20 to 4.18.125 SW version and both dsd and hires pcm are played flawlessly. Lampi Pac fed from W20 with unpowered usb FTA Calisto here. It seems to me after 5 min audition of well known pieces that pcm sound has really improved, need more time to be sure.
  10. Good to know that the update improve SQ but I still wait for the explanation from Ari about the issues with hires playback. Hires pcm and dsd files are essential for me. PS Sorry for empty former post but I could not quot the post of jon2020.
  11. I will also wait, maybe some Lampi owners here with W20? As for footers I use Polish Pro Audio Bono , made of brass ones. I have them also under La Fontaine sacd player and acrylic footers under Pacyfic and Muarah controller.
  12. Tank you, good to know. How about Ravenna protocol and its sonics?
  13. Have no idea, Pacific does not play dsd trough AES/EBU, Lukasz Fikus confirmed that, this is not a matter of specific cable.
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