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  1. I looked today at the Dirac website, and there is still only the NAD version of the new Dirac live software. When will the standalone Dirac Live 2.0 version be available? Meanwhile it takes a very long time for us before we can use the new Dirac!!! Does anyone know when the new Dirac is ready?
  2. Agree with ‘mergin’, I also use Roon with HQPlayer and Dirac. SQ is fine but Amarra together with a standalone version of Dirac gives the best SQ!
  3. I updated last night to the latest version and compared it to my other players. It is without any question the best sounding player at this moment. Roon is my most used player, but I think it will be from now on Amarra!
  4. Hello, Same here, I use even Amarra Luxe with iRC without problems. The only thing that's not working well is the library. So I also load only the music I want to listen to on that moment. And that is the same workaround as with Amarra 3. I also use Roon for a couple of years, it is really good, but best SQ comes from Amarra Luxe with iRC.
  5. I see a new version (4.2.436) on the site of Amarra, maybe that helps: https://downloads.sonicstudio.com/Amarra4Luxe/Amarra_4_Installer.4.2.436.zip
  6. Hi MosfetMist, Thank you for your quick reply, but I already know this solution with Amarra and Audio HiJack. I use this combination with bad recordings. But Did you (ore somebody else) know how to connect it with Roon when you have Roon Server on one and Roon Bridge on another MacMini? Thanks in advance! frans
  7. Hi MosfetMist, I have also FabFilter Pro-Q 2 and I'am curious how you can get the Amarra sound with it. And does anyone know how to connect the FabFilter Pro-Q 2 plugin and the Dirac plugin to Roon? Thanks in advance! Frans
  8. This very moment I am listening to the new update. IRC is now also not working properly, it has a shift to the right. I hope they will correct that issue, or must I make new measurements? A luck that I also own Dirac Live Stereo. The sound with this new Amarra 4.2 Luxe is superb! Enjoy the music like I’m at this moment! Frans
  9. I just happened to be on the site of Sonic Studio and see a new version of Amarra: 4.2.401!!! Tonight I'm going to try this new version. Enjoy the music!
  10. Hi Tand, With my system and the latest Amarra 4 Luxe I did not have a sound shift. Also when I use it together with the equaliser it does a good job. Tomorrow I will install the new IRC Measure.app v1.2.4 and make some new filters. I understand from another tread that the old filters don't work in the new IRC. Enjoy the music! Frans
  11. Hi Ralph, That is a good help! I downloaded it just a few minutes ago, and going to use it right away. Thanks, Frans
  12. Hi cosmuk, I think you are right about High Sierra, but IRC 1.2.4? I think the latest version is IRC 1.0.4! Frans
  13. I finally had time to perform the tests with Amarra 4 and Roon in I finally had time to perform the tests with Amarra 4 and Roon in combination with Dirac / IRC. As previously described, I have listened to the following configurations in succession: 1. Roon with Dirac Live 2. Amarra 4 Luxe with Dirac Live 3. Amarra 4 Luxe with IRC With Roon and Dirac everything sounded as used to be. But after that, with Amarra 4 Luxe with Dirac Live we heard a very big difference. In comparison, Roon sounded quite flat. Then with Amarra with built-in Dirac Live, so with IRC, I do not know how it is, but this really sounded the best of the three. So with my configuration, this gives the best sound quality, and most importantly: the best music experience. For sure, after that I've also listened to the older Amarra 3 Synfonie with IRC. But I'm staying at Amarra 4 Luxury with IRC. I only hope that I'll be able to use the equalizer again at the same time with IRC, because that is not the case at the moment.
  14. That is a good suggestion. I have also Roon and Dirac Live, so I can try Roon with Dirac Live, then Amarra 4 with IRC and then Amarra 4 with Dirac Live. I'm going to do this test this week and write my conclusion in this treath.
  15. I switched this weekend again to Amarra 4 Plus with IRC, I also own Roon that I use most of the time this year, but a few weeks ago I upgradet my AS3 to A4Luxe. What a sound! More musical, richer... my wife, who was in the kitchen, came to the listening room and says that this is the best sound she ever heared with our system. IRC is working only when the equalizer is set to off, when you set the equalizer on, the whole sound shifts to the right, on the left there is almost no sound left! I hope Sonic Studio will come with an update soon, because with version AS3 I use the equalizer and IRC at the same time.
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