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  1. I liked the first and like the second in this series even more. Learned a lot. Thanks again
  2. Wonderful text and information. Thank you. Looking forward to the next.
  3. Havn‘t been active on this site since the days i bought an QB-9 24/96 and used an Mac mini. System has evolved, but QB9 stayed. Never fehlt the urge to update my dac, until the various lockdowns in Germany happened and I had enough time to think about where Iwant to move with my system. Thought i stop by at computer audiophile which changed its name years ago 😂😂😂and stumbled upon this review. Chris and Ryan just made my day. Already contacted Ayre. Thanks for the info and the great review. Love the analogy with different recordings.
  4. Beetlemania +1 My 2009 mini needs replacement, is getting unstable and have been thinking about powertweaks a lot. Claude
  5. Great Review Chris! cant wait to get mine updated! claude
  6. So, Some dsded qb9s must have found their way to people on this forum. I know that you are busy listening, but please share what you are hearing. Thanks Claudius
  7. thanks Charles, Thats what I have been doing the last two years. Forum Talk useally leads to more Audionervosa which does not necessarily lead to better sound. so i will Listen and wait, rather then wait and listen. claudius
  8. Hi Charles, do you have any idea when the first boards will be shipped to Germany? I am in line and eagerly waiting. Claude
  9. It feels like ages, since I last replied One this thread ;-). So one more try. Has anyone listened to the dsded QB9? claude
  10. So how does it sound? Charles already said what he thinks/hears. Anyone else had a chance to listen? Claude
  11. Hi Chris C Is there any way I can have my old status back? (Post, Join Date) Best Claudius
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