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  1. Has anyone seen how (or if) the Dirac IRC license from Symphony 3 will work with Amarra 4 Luxe? I ask because the IRC is listed as optional on Luxe and it doesn't state if existing IRC users will have the license transferred.
  2. Funny timing: I have been listening to Roon almost exclusively lately, and for some reason last night I dusted off my MiniDSP microphone and took a new measurement set for Symphony. I had forgotten how much I like (and prefer) Symphony with IRC, the SQ is fantastic. However, my laptop is on the bottom shelf of my equipment rack so I also spent a considerable amount of time crawling around to manually update the crappy playlist view (I don't use it with iTunes). I am hoping the new version adds a better UI and remote control outside of the iTunes integration.
  3. Power cord: Siltech 270p (the copper cord). I tried Cardas Clear M, Crystal Diamond Reference and Verastarr Grand Illusion. All the cords were excellent but I preferred the warmth of the Siltech. Interconnects: Siltech 550i XLR. I tried Cardas Neutral Reference (both RCA and XLR). Todd
  4. Thanks, this is very helpful. 1. I am sending in my DAC for both the clock upgrade and the DSD over I2S upgrade. 2. The Sonore Rendu looks interesting. I exchanged emails with Adrian on the Signature Series Rendu (SSR) over the weekend. One thing that I would really like is Roon support, which the SSR does not support. I see that Sonore just released a couple of devices that support Roon, but the output is over USB. I am hoping they will offer something similar with I2S.
  5. Yes, Steve was working on the OR6 that was going to support DSD over I2S, but he ran into some issues and has put this project on the back-burner. Steve is working on a new Ethernet to I2S device similar to the Off Ramp so that might be of interest to me.
  6. I have been using an Empirical Audio OR5 with HDMI I2S as the input to my W4S DAC2 DSDse. I would like to switch to an I2S renderer that supports native DSD. However, I was recently informed that my early DSDse unit only supports DSD over USB but that newer units are capable of DSD over I2S. Fortunately my DSDse can be upgraded to support DSD of I2S. Is anyone successfully using the DAC2 DSDse I2S input for native DSD, and if so, what source device are you using to deliver the I2S?
  7. I'm using the I2S interface on my W4S DAC2 DSD-se via an Empirical Audio OR5. I vastly prefer the I2S input but I have to admit that I'm not sure if it's the interface or the OR5 that's making the difference. Probably both.
  8. Hi Richard, I haven't noticed any change in SQ, it sounds great and has worked flawlessly in the short time I have been using it.
  9. The M2Tech guys have posted a driver for Yosemite! http://www.m2tech.biz/it/mavericks_install.html you have to delete the old driver per the procedure listed. It's working!
  10. My Off-Ramp 5 isn't being detected by Yosemite. I tried to re-load the Mavericks driver but that didn't work. I hope it's a stupid user problem...
  11. John, My experience with IRC filter gain settings below -6.0 was a complete loss of musicality, it was just lifeless. After quite a bit of experimentation I ended up setting the gain to -3.5 and that seems to work for most albums. There was a lot of discussion in this thread about 6 months ago on optimizing the setting, you might want to read that portion of the thread. Todd
  12. Hi Simplon, Ralph acknowledged the initial download problem and sent a new download link and activation code for Symphony. The reinstall was easy and I had Symphony with IRC working within a few minutes of installing the new code. Todd
  13. i installed the new upgrade package and am happy to report the music is back! Having used Symphony with IRC for about 6 months now, I can report the difference with and without IRC is shocking. The symptoms listed above were mainly accurate indications of something being wrong with the install: 1. The blue "A" in the icon is back with the correct install 2. References to "Amarra" now say "Amarra Symphony" 3. I was still not prompted to re-enter the IRC password. I did see the quick splash screen while the IRC license was being checked and it worked fine. 4. The IRC button now shows
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