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  1. Can you elaborate on the difference between Sonica and PS Directstream? Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  2. David, As someone who is on the fence about going the Aurender route vs your way (Sonicorbiter SE or microRendu) I'm wondering if you've been able to compare the two paths in terms of SQ. I haven't been able to find a thread on CA where someone has compared an N100 vs your method on their home system. Thanks, Les
  3. Thanks but I think you misinterpreted my question as I'm not looking to stay with Naim due to lack of DSD. I'm seeking opinions as to whether the PCM SQ of PS Audio DSD or Lampizator 5 or 7 would actually improve on my current DAC.
  4. I own a Naim Dac which I’ve had for three years. It’s the only external DAC I’ve ever had. Its powered by the Naim XPS. I listen to files loaded onto a USB stick plugged into the DAC. I’ve finally decided to upgrade the system so I can access my library instantly. So a NAS > Server/Renderer > DAC setup is in my very near future. I figured that a change in DAC was in order to accommodate DSD and I’m contemplating either a PS Audio DSD or Lampi 5 or 7. I’ll obviously attempt to listen to the new equipment before making a decision. But I was hoping for an opinion from your kind s
  5. Mr. Wang, I have two DACs, one for PCM and one for DSD. Both are connected to my preamp. If I connect the Aries SPDIF output to the PCM DAC and the Aries USB output to the DSD DAC can I use the Aries iPad software to switch playback between the two DACs? Thanks, Les
  6. That's a possibility as I've already auditioned Naim gear at home courtesy of my dealer. Thanks.
  7. Boy Eloise, you are right about that. There's days-worth of reading there. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Ah, but as I don't own either I was hoping someone on CA would have done this already and could offer an opinion about sound quality. My dealer only claims that it is easy to hear a difference.
  9. Has anyone had a chance to compare the SQ between the two? I've been going back and forth for quite some time between the dedicated server approach vs Mac Mini Audirvana approach. I own mostly Naim gear: DAC with external PS, pre amp with external PS, and power amp. The dealer I use claims rips made through Unitiserve blow away a rip made in XLD. Les
  10. Now that Loki has been out for some time I'm wondering if users can provide a few more reviews. Thanks, Les
  11. Miska, Can you elaborate on your Naim DAC reference? It sounds like you're not a fan.
  12. Are you all saying that converting everything to DSD is the way to go?
  13. Fairport Convention covering "Percy's Song"
  14. Thanks Ted. I'll check into the de-embedder. My frustration has gone up a notch after discovering that my method for extracting LPCM bluray audio (on a Mac) only seems to work for 24/96 and not for 24/192.
  15. Hi John, The Oppo DAC is very good. My Naim DAC with XPS power supply is much better.
  16. Hi Andy, I did read that section of the manual but didn't think it applied to my situation as I was attempting to play PCM stereo which isn't included in that list as having a limitation. Between that and the fact you can choose LPCM output via coax at 192 led me to think I'd be ok. I don't know how cooperative Oppo will be as their explanation for the down sampling had to do with industry restrictions, not technical issues. P.S. I have not been able to successfully rip the stereo 24/192 files though I've had no trouble with bluray audio 24/96. Any ideas anyone?
  17. Remember this is only for coax (and probably toslink) connections. If you google bluray ripping you'll find numerous options for getting it done. I'm a Mac user and had no trouble finding appropriate software. What got me excited about the PCM 24/192 stereo file on the bluray disc was that Ted_b mentioned that Modern Cool was recorded to PCM. Ted, if you're reading this, where did you get that info?
  18. I just purchased the bluray audio disc of Patricia Barber's Modern Cool and was looking forward to hearing the 24/192 stereo mix. My system includes the Oppo BDP-95 connected to my Naim DAC via coax/spdif. My Oppo was set so that the Coax out was LPCM and the sampling rate was 192. Upon playing the disc I noticed that DAC's hi-def light was not illuminated meaning it wasn't receiving a sampling rate above 48k. I called Oppo who told me that specifically with bluray audio (not DVD-Audio) the coax connection cannot output higher than 48k due to industry restrictions. As HDMI is not par
  19. Just to keep the record straight...A Clockwork Orange came out two years before O Lucky Man. Check out the Bob Dylan 1965 documentary "Don't Look Back" to see Alan Price right after he left The Animals. O Lucky Man is one of my all-time faves as well.
  20. I don't think they have any reason to lie in this case. But when I was referring to their reputation, I was thinking of the multiple cases where we have seen that they have sold material upsampled from 44.1 kHz as "hi res 96/24" (as documented on this forum). Yes, I've been reading the forum for many months now and appreciate the warnings regarding HD Tracks material. But in the last month or so they've been including statements of provenance for at least some of their new releases. I'm consequently feeling more confident about purchasing said releases until someone proves the stateme
  21. "Mastering was completed by Kevin Reeves at Sterling Sound NYC, using the original masters from the Motown Records vault. The masters were played on a modified Studer ?A820 with Wolke Butterfly heads and converted to digital at 192khz/24bit resolution using the DCS 904 converter and Sterling’s proprietary mastering systems. As always, the most direct signal path was maintained throughout the mastering process" So are you saying HD Tracks is printing lies?
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