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  1. Ha! Funny, there is a XP-12 about a 15 minute drive away. Of course Australia is a long way from Minnesota!
  2. The XP-12 was my second choice if Simaudio couldn't deliver in a reasonable time frame (There wasn't a 740P in Australia!).
  3. I've just ordered a SimAudio MOON 740P that would seem to fulfil your requirements. (I also wanted some control of the volume that didn't blast my ears at 10 or 15% of the knob's rotation.)
  4. Can you imagine your world without music..? No. Music has been around since rock music was played on rocks. I suspect that people who think that musicless is the way the world should be have much more illness than I have help. (50 years as a psychotherapist.)
  5. 👍 I watched a video of my favourite singer choosing a new microphone for her tours and recordings. She would sing a phrase or two and choose. I could barely hear (OK maybe not at all) the differences. But boy, do I love music in my living room.
  6. Our perception of reality can change—as he shows. Sometimes your brain wins, sometimes reality wins. Walk in front of an oncoming car you didn't see and your perception of reality will lose—suddenly.
  7. ...and that's why short auditions, trying to hear the "realism" can be quite useless. The harder the mind has to work to 'make sense' the more fatigued it gets. As had been said, perfection (in audio reproduction) hasn't been achieved yet, so our preferences choose our music and our reproduction. I've heard very 'accurate' (according to others) systems where my favourite music was ruined, and others where I didn't want to turn it off.
  8. 👍 An addition: If I listen at a volume that is different than that of the mixing room/earphones then the treble-bass balance changes due to the ears different sensitivity at different volumes. .............. While in general I like to hear—as close as possible—what is on the recording, I've got more than a few recordings that are bad enough I want to change them.
  9. Bad stuff happens sometimes, if it happens too often then walking away is indicated. Tell them you've paid for shipping for goods that actually work and see what they say.
  10. Despite the popularity of renting music, I maintain that there is no substitute for owning the music you enjoy. Good luck finding a copy.
  11. I suspect that if you are able to find what you've asked for the reviews are going to tell you how bad it sounds. That's why cassettes took over for portable sound, then CD, then stored on phones etc. and now, streaming. I don't hold out much hope, but good luck.
  12. His prejudices are showing, and are aggressively stated while denigrating all other opinions. People who try to elevate themselves by putting others down aren't my 'cup of tea'. Personally wouldn't be listening to him at all.
  13. What @yamamoto2002 said. Balanced have a better chance of rejecting noise than RCA so when they are available I'd use them. You either believe that cables have a sound or they don't. If they don't then any brand/price will do. If they do then you'll need to listen to some (or read good reviews if audition is not an option) and find ones you like at a price you can afford. Personally, I wouldn't go very expensive.
  14. <sigh> "There oughta be a law." A couple of years ago many artists started performing more and recording less in order to have an income, but covid changed that. When companies are so short-sighted and greedy that they are prepared to destroy their 'product' in order to profit then something has to change.
  15. I didn't expect to ever go, it's a long way from Australia, but it's still sad to hear it's gone. Good choice though. Stay safe everyone.
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