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  1. As far as I can remember I used the Meguiars Clear Coat Safe Polishing Compound with some success. As I'm a bit of a nut for sharp knives (OK—really seriously crazy) I now have diamond polishing pastes that go down to 100,000 grit or .25 micron, and I use them. You want something that has some grit in it and not just waxes, and that is designed to give a mirror polish.
  2. CD plastic is soft and scratches easily so as davide256 says, clean everything and use new soft cloths, etc. frequently. I've always used a radial motion (hole to outside and back) because that makes sense to me given the circular reading pattern. If I had deep scratches instead of just surface then maybe I'd use some more aggressive media but I've always just persevered with a very fine automotive paint polish.
  3. I used to race a 3 point hydroplane but that would make me need clean underwear! Although it's amazing to watch.
  4. In the "old days" I just selected artwork in the get info/song info box, clicked on the artwork and hit the delete key or selected cut in the edit menu.
  5. Note that subvocalization is usually silent—movements only, no sound. So the correct recording technique is a close-up video of the larynx and throat. This is how "mind readers" are typically able to "hear" when they ask the person to say it silently. If any sound is produced it will be within the usual vocal range.
  6. Good info, and it's good to show people how music is made, but one of the 'rules' of psychotherapy is that profanity should be reserved for extreme emphasis/shock—keep your curses seldom and fresh. It's worked well for me. For non-scatological humour try The Dry Bar on the Tube.
  7. That means that you can use the old computer as a dedicated music server and gain further quality by shutting down all non-essential processes. Streaming music to a music system is not a difficult or power intensive task but competing demands on disks and processors has been shown to cause sound degradation.
  8. I have no issues with using an old OS. My original iPhone 3G still does sterling service as an alarm clock and music player on my bed table, and the 4 does well in the car as an iPod. I am still adding to my library through my new laptop or desktop using Family Sharing and Screen Sharing so the Mini rarely accesses the Internet. This also gives me 3 copies of my music library—I remember the mantra from my computer science course in 1967—back-up, back-up, back-up. If the Mini was my only computer (yeah, I have 3) and was always being used on the Internet for banking, games, etc. I wou
  9. This sounds to me like there was a misspelling in that tracks' album name. I've had an inadvertent space at the end of an entry that did the same thing.
  10. Going from a wooden desktop to an artificial substance will lose the natural, organic sound. I doubt if ageing it will help.
  11. While your Mini is running onto 11 years old, streaming and music is not really a very demanding task and as long as it continues to work then I wouldn't be replacing it. My 2011 Mini continues to work well (also system no longer supported) with 3,500 albums. In many ways the same goes for the rest of the listening system —unless you start to notice a deficiency. By far the best 'bang for the buck' (IMO) be $1~2K of music. You might need to splurge on a nice 4TB drive though.
  12. When it doesn't work and can't economically be repaired, and storage room is running short, a hammer serves to protect sensitive information.
  13. Unfortunately there is no way to say how long electronics will last—after all there are no moving parts to wear out, except the hard drive, and that can easily be replaced or a remote drive plugged in. My 2011 plays music daily. Amplifiers and pre-amps commonly last a long time, 20 years or more, so there's no intrinsic reason a computer can't last a similar time. The real issue is how long the hardware will be supported as new software becomes developed and old software is let lapse. Of course as long as it does what you want there are few reasons to update either software or hard
  14. My 2011 Mini makes a great server. It's connected with a really short interconnect to the next component and run by Screen Sharing from either my laptop or the desktop in another room.
  15. Anything that absorbs the unwanted frequencies or causes the space to be "uneven" in reflecting will work –hangings, rugs, books, statues, soft furnishings, furniture, etc. Most speakers are designed for average rooms, so the more you can make the space average in terms of absorbing/reflecting sounds the better.
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