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  1. Here's how I do it. Column browser--Artist column--Miles Davis Song listings--"Album" sub-column then click up/down arrow by album and select "Album by Artist/Year" Done.
  2. According to a number of sources there are continuing issues with Catalina. They recommend NOT to upgrade at the current time. The frequent updates to Catalina show that Apple made some poor decisions/programming errors. I have a number of 32 bit apps and widgets that I am loath to lose and only 64 bit apps will work. so I'm sticking with Mojave for the meantime.
  3. Yes to t/t, Yes to streamed music (from MacMini), but...my living room has 19 lights--many separately switched.
  4. Very neat! I want one.😀 Now all I have to do is decide if I need one.🤔
  5. Sometimes😁 either an option-click or control-click in the upgrade panel can show an option to ignore an upgrade.
  6. According to a variety of reliable sources both Catalina and the new iOS are full of bugs. They all recommend not upgrading. Sorry, I know that's not much help.
  7. My pre-amp never goes off. The "off" switch detaches the inputs and leaves the rest of the circuits powered. It was designed this way. The power amps, when off, are still fed a trickle current.
  8. Fortunately my 2011 MacMini (my music server) won't run Catalina so upgrading the OS and being forced into the now less useful (actually useless for me as I depend on the column browser) iTunes isn't an issue.😂
  9. The upgrade to XLD is already up.😀
  10. Yeah--I get so many notices that "this software will not work on the next OS'' that I may just stay where I am for a while; or at least until the normal app upgrades do away with those messages.
  11. I've updated OS many times and never needed the backups I made. This time I'm considering not updating 'cause I really don't want to lose the Column Browser in the updated iTunes, and I really don't use many of the functions of the computers at home.
  12. Changing the cables is highly unlikely to make a large difference (or improvement) unless something is wrong with the ones you have. At the same time sometimes small differences can be significant to a user. Can you get a set of the new cables to try and return if they don't do what you want?
  13. Exactly!😀 Being able to scroll through the artists to find the album to which I wish to listen is ESSENTIAL for me. My LPs and CDs are also filed this way. And as I don't listen to classical I also have the album art displayed.
  14. With monoblocks it is often recommended to place the amps close to the speakers and use long interconnects and very short speaker cables. How would this work in your room?
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