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  1. I don't understand. I was just trying to remember this joke about 2 days ago! Thanks.
  2. I have a few songs that seem to act in funny ways. I don't even like them, and didn't load them, but somehow either Apple or iTunes thinks I need to have them. No matter how often I delete them they keep coming back and are automatically transferred to my 'phone, despite not being on my transfer list. Now I just ignore them. I'd be giving the copy, delete, and re-load option a try.
  3. The test show the isolators beat the spikes when the speakers were spiked to a platform, not a concrete slab. The inertness (if that's a word) of the base of the cabinets is not specified but there must have been significant vibration according to the graphs. Research facilities test what they are given to test. I'm not saying they don't work, but analysing information can be difficult without training, and PR departments are good at "spinning".
  4. Stands get the speaker to the right height and level without interfering with the music. Spikes couple the speaker/stand rigidly to (ideally) a large non-resonant mass and stop the movement of the drivers from moving the whole cabinet. Flexible resonance control stops the speaker vibrations from vibrating the floor/stands and any resonance from the floor from vibrating the speakers. As you can see, spikes and flexible resonance control are likely to interact and may actually cancel each other out or make for a mess. Ideally the speaker cabinets s
  5. The advantage to registered mail is that it is often a precursor to legal action. It's been signed for, so nobody can say they didn't know.
  6. A formal letter to the appropriate executive, by registered mail, will actually get read. How they respond is ??? I'd be sending a copy to Mac as well to support them with Fedex.
  7. It sounds to me that you've done your due diligence by making your displeasure known to both the dealer and Mac, and that they are responding. Have you castigated Fedex as well? I hope it all works out for you—I hate having to cope with other people's incompetence and lackadaisical attitudes.
  8. I have an old pair of the AudioEngine A2 that I still enjoy. What do you want to spend?
  9. At the time I thought I had—but maybe not. Anyway I downloaded from the link and it turned out to be the same version I have that works...so who knows what was going on.
  10. I'm still on Mojave but I did find that the latest XLD upgrade had serious issues while the previous version continued to work flawlessly. That might be worth a try.
  11. I can't honestly be bothered to do a lot of thinking about music distribution; if the labels want to make money that's their job, and they, unfortunately, have proven that they obviously aren't capable. A few years ago a couple of albums 'owned' by Warner came to my attention. They were not available in Australia so I decided to download or order physical media. I preferred download because the physical media charges (manufacture, packaging, storage, shipping) are high and the whole process is far from being ecological. The albums could not even be found on the Warner s
  12. I have both Grado and Meze 'phones, and would recommend them to anyone—and both are easy to drive. Of course you MUST listen for yourself.
  13. It almost sounds to me that this is a 'back-handed' support for piracy and VPNs. It at least proves that Sony (and probably others) have no idea how the internet works and how to take advantage of it rather than try to restrict it.
  14. Even if there is no-one you know yet, try the internet or your shops for local groups. There will be some hi-fi nuts somewhere close and most are more than happy to let you have a listen. Most shops will only advise about what they sell and some will denigrate what they don't sell. Avoid the latter—just walk out! They are not there to help you, only themselves. Local manufacturers: try this https://hifi-products.com/hifi-audio-manufacturers-netherlands.html The trouble with DIY is that you probably can't listen until you've built it. I know listening before
  15. At up to 1000 Euro it is possible to get a nice system. As prices vary country by country it is almost impossible to say what would be best for you. Usually local manufacturers provide a good deal as import duties don't apply. DIY can provide great value although it does make prior listening (see below) difficult. I don't find headphones for extensive listening very useful, I prefer speakers. However, bass is expensive. Deep bass is really expensive, but for most music it is more satisfying to have clean bass rather than more bass that is boomy or distorted—as well as good overall
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