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  1. They shouldn't make any difference at all. However I don't see the tick boxes in modes other than "song".
  2. You'll certainly need to fix the connections. If you have a bit of wire spare (in length) then clipping off the last inch or two and re-making the connections would be a good idea. Can you solder? Tinning the bare wire into a solid piece may also help. Subs are usually best set low, otherwise they can overbalance the sound. Do you have the main speakers bass turned down or semi-bypassed? If not the amp could be running out of steam. It's also possible the sub may be fried . Rattling is not good and may only be diagnosable by having a look at the driver. Good luck.
  3. In 'song view' untick the box by the track.
  4. I have no data on this, but one thing I've noticed for myself. Due to 're-listening' to my newly cleaned LP collection, I haven't listened to digital for a few months--and my tinnitus has markedly decreased.
  5. I agree with the first bit--my 4-way active speakers are all analog.😀 The designer was not happy with the sound of doing all the work digitally.
  6. It works for me on Mojave.
  7. GregWormald


    I use Plex on the 'local' settings to view/listen from Mac to smart TV. It works well for me and is free. The cloud stuff and streaming over the internet is entirely optional.
  8. I have that function turned on in iTunes when I produce playlists for the car. Otherwise I use a volume remote to get the right sound from an album.
  9. My SE is as fast as always--and keeps a charge for days (although I use it seldom, I prefer a full sized computer for computing tasks). New batteries are cheap.
  10. My mother always told me "If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all."
  11. Too late! Sorry. 😟 The nick-name for that style of enclosure has been "cheese grater" for years.
  12. Here's how I do it. Column browser--Artist column--Miles Davis Song listings--"Album" sub-column then click up/down arrow by album and select "Album by Artist/Year" Done.
  13. According to a number of sources there are continuing issues with Catalina. They recommend NOT to upgrade at the current time. The frequent updates to Catalina show that Apple made some poor decisions/programming errors. I have a number of 32 bit apps and widgets that I am loath to lose and only 64 bit apps will work. so I'm sticking with Mojave for the meantime.
  14. Yes to t/t, Yes to streamed music (from MacMini), but...my living room has 19 lights--many separately switched.
  15. Very neat! I want one.😀 Now all I have to do is decide if I need one.🤔
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