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  1. The upgrade to XLD is already up.😀
  2. Yeah--I get so many notices that "this software will not work on the next OS'' that I may just stay where I am for a while; or at least until the normal app upgrades do away with those messages.
  3. I've updated OS many times and never needed the backups I made. This time I'm considering not updating 'cause I really don't want to lose the Column Browser in the updated iTunes, and I really don't use many of the functions of the computers at home.
  4. Changing the cables is highly unlikely to make a large difference (or improvement) unless something is wrong with the ones you have. At the same time sometimes small differences can be significant to a user. Can you get a set of the new cables to try and return if they don't do what you want?
  5. Exactly!😀 Being able to scroll through the artists to find the album to which I wish to listen is ESSENTIAL for me. My LPs and CDs are also filed this way. And as I don't listen to classical I also have the album art displayed.
  6. With monoblocks it is often recommended to place the amps close to the speakers and use long interconnects and very short speaker cables. How would this work in your room?
  7. I use the column browser EVERY TIME I play digital music. I'll be replacing iTunes if it's not available. Feedback sent to Apple.
  8. I don't want 'true to life'. Even if the recording is 'true to life' that's going to mean either the musicians in my room or me in the venue. So I get to choose between 'too loud in order to get the right tonal balance' or sitting with venue/audience noise. No thanks.
  9. As an addition to this, I make a playlist for the phone, one for the ipod, and one for the car storage and then have the device just sync that playlist.
  10. The stereo 'image' depends on more than volume--the synchronisation of the sound from the two speakers is important too. At 5000 Hz the wavelength is about 3 inches. More than that off-centre will have negative effects on the image. It's therefore really hard to have more than one person in the sweet spot. Of course a number of people can enjoy the sound in the room but not the imaging. In my experience it's been rare to have more than one or two who want to listen seriously without socialising, so a high quality system with reasonably wide dispersion and well managed wall reflections can provide satisfaction. If you don't want a sweet spot at all but just to fill the room with music then speakers that reflect a lot of the sound around the room would work too.
  11. Sorry, I can't make suggestions in that price range. The only speaker I have there is a set of the Audioengines that I use on my computer. Without listening, any choice is a bit of a gamble. If listening is not possible for you then spend some time working out what you like and dislike about what you have and then read LOTS of reviews to work out what the alternatives offer. You will probably have to do a fair bit of "reading between the lines" to sort the wheat from the chaff.😀 DuckDuckGo is your friend--and good luck.
  12. The A5+ speakers are a very good powered speaker in that price range--one of the best. I suspect that significantly bettering them would take at least twice the money, especially as you seem to like their sound signature. I assume you must have a DAC at present. You certainly won't need an external DAC if the powered speakers have one built-in, and I suspect that an external DAC would not even connect. As the Topping DAC is $300 (on Amazon) this puts your $1000 budget for DAC + powered speakers at the bottom end of significant upgrades. One of the worst diseases associated with audio is "upgraditis" and I urge you to audition new speakers IN YOUR ROOM before deciding how to proceed. It is very frustrating to spend good money and end up with a very minor upgrade, or worse, something you don't like as much.
  13. The only way to choose speakers is to listen--first in the audition room of a dealer and then take the top runners home and try them in your environment. There are many, many options at every price point.
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