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  1. That would indeed be lovely. If Big Sur has LOTS fewer bugs than Catalina I might even upgrade from Mojave and iTunes.😀
  2. How much experience/skill do you have with troubleshooting hifi and car issues? If it's minimal I suggest you search out an installer. Tweeters don't produce bass, so the most obvious causes are blown tweeters or amp problems. Good luck.
  3. "sound like a good solution"?😆😆 Yes, that should work well. The only true measure is if it sounds good to you.🙂 ps--keep at least two backups of the music if you haven't already. Electronic storage fails eventually.
  4. Just use the MacMini as a music server. You can also use it "headless" (no screen) and use the PC as a manager by remote access with the Mini directly connected to the stereo. Music servers don't need to be fast. Serving music is not a hard task. I've got 3000+ albums on a Mini and it works fine.
  5. It really depends on whether you want 'audio as a hobby' (adjust, fiddle, compare) or just want to 'enjoy the music' (set up reasonably quickly—once, play music). There is no absolute best.
  6. It sounds like either the card is damaged or the transfer was faulty. IMO you'll have to format it and try again. Unfortunately I'd say the data is probably toast—I really hope the original files are safe. If the second go is a dud, chuck the card. Even if the second transfer is a success the card may be unreliable (all cards have lifespans) so keep multiple backups.
  7. I've had a wire inside the headphone 'cup' break. A dot of solder and my Grados were fixed.
  8. Do you know if your artwork is integrated in the individual files, or just for each album?
  9. Thanks for the link, it's interesting, even if some of the stuff is beyond me. I found the free recording—here you all go. Cowboy Junkies—Live at the Ark
  10. Try another amp and make sure where the problem is. Capacitors deteriorate over time. As the amp is 1986? vintage it probably needs some servicing—which may be much cheaper than a new amp, and since it already does what you want... The Bose equaliser could also use a service.
  11. Is it really that bad?—No. Can it be improved?—maybe, depending on how much else the computer is doing while it's transferring files; on the quality of the transfer process to the DAC; on the quality of the DAC; and probably more. Will I be able to hear the improvement?—maybe, depending on the rest of the equipment; whether you're listening to the equipment rather than the music; depending on your ears and brain and how fussy you are; the meaning of "significant" to you; ... Are you missing something?—maybe, maybe not. A test in your system, in your room, with your music is really the only way to tell. Try and find a dealer who has a return policy you can use if the improvement (if any) doesn't match the expense.
  12. As a psychotherapist/trainer of 40 years— Doctors of any genre are also high in the suicide stats. Dealing with people in dire straits is hard, and the stresses do add up. Except in social work, peer support is generally not automatic, so without care the stresses can be fatal.😔
  13. There's a free binaural recording of the Cowboy Junkies out there (can't remember where—sorry) that has the door at the back of the hall opening/closing at one point. The sound is definitely behind me, and if I haven't listened to the recording for a while I find myself thinking that the door behind me has opened. And sometimes turning around to check. I'd be interested to experience a full, quality, surround sound system, but I already get carried away by the music from my two channel system.
  14. Many!!! years ago I was speaker shopping and waiting for the audition room to be free. The room I was in had a set of AR3a speakers set up with the sound coming from a local FM station. I can't count the number of times I turned around to see who was speaking behind me—it was that 'live'. (I couldn't afford the 3a but did buy the 2ax.)
  15. IMO, the latest version works fairly well, although it certainly does have its glitches—database wise.🙁 I keep persevering with it because I haven't found a sound quality I prefer.🙂
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