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  1. Wouldn't turning Bluetooth off have the same effect?
  2. The latest version (I have 4.3.500) actually has a library that works! I find the iTunes integration to have issues--as well as inferior sound.
  3. Unfortunately I can't remember which car it was, and I haven't had the pleasure of visiting in person. There is a Youtube video of a visit to the museum with a sound meter. Yes, they actually fired the cars up! in the museum!
  4. Who cares? The loudest car in Porsche's museum is about 135 dB. I don't need or even want that much volume in my living room.
  5. The emergency starter I like the sound of is the one that charges a capacitor off the "dead" battery and then discharges into the starter.
  6. I really hope they are all right down the track. Burning lithium generates incredibly toxic fluorine.
  7. IMO there is no "right way" of dealing with the situation.😕 I suggest you decide what sort of a person you want to be and do what that entails--both about the money and about the friend(ship).
  8. Tick 'Manage music manually'. I think it's on the first screen when the iPod is connected. Or you can set it up to sync only selected playlists, etc.
  9. So install 10.9 and then update to 10.13. Simple.
  10. I suggest a listen to Meze 99 Classics.
  11. Deoxit, Pro Gold, Cramolin system--I've used them all with only positive results and will continue to do so. They all say to wipe off any excess so the contacts appear essentially dry.
  12. Since pot is still illegal in Federal law, telling the Feds you're going to a pot conference is a bad idea.🤣 Just 'cause you are an investor doesn't make you smart.
  13. This works well. Of course I only found out after fixing the broken wire!
  14. I have used Sennheiser pads on my Grados but they too deteriorate. I've tried washing them, and while it may slow down the disintegration, it hasn't stopped it.
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