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  1. I know someone who has a pair and LOVES the Vandy 7's. I am sure they are off the hook great. We'll see, I'm still working on completing the Ayre system. Love the sound of Ayre and I know Vandy is a great complement to Ayre. Has anyone decided on which input they like best on the QX5-20? Thanks!
  2. If you use the Tidal desktop app on a computer, connect USB out to your dac, even the QX5 twenty, and you can play partially unfolded MQA at 24/96. Even this resolution and quality is absolutely wonderful and a free upgrade. You just need to make sure Masters is checked and you configure the app use "exclusive mode" to receive the 24/96 stream.
  3. Not to derail this thread too much, but I have Sonus Faber Strads and JBL 4367's along with some bookshelf speakers. Ayre is a superb combo for any speaker, especially my Strads and JBL's. I'll eventually check out Vandy, but I am so happy now, why risk it. I'll reach to you this weekend. I moderate audioshark.org and have a long history there under the same username. I enjoy reading you (ctsooner) and Blackstone, among others, on all the forums.
  4. CT, you absolutely came off the right way. I love seeing/reading your enthusiasm in all your posts. I have to agree with everything you've said. While I have not gotten into Vandy, Ayre is my destination. I have had A LOT of gear, too much to even think about and nothing has satisfied me as much as my Ayre. The future looks great. I can't wait.
  5. I am already a committed Ayre-head. Love the gear and it absolutely is a destination for me. A friend has the QX5 and is flipping at how great it sounds. It's just a matter of time and $ Thank you for all the advice now and in the future.
  6. Thank you everyone for the help. I am keeping an eye firmly planted on this thread. I am pretty convinced that the QX5 will be my next dac, especially if we get word of MQA compatibility, although it's not a top priority.
  7. Do you guys think that the Melco (N1Z?) server is still the way to go for the QX5-20?
  8. Thank you for your additional info/speculation. I expected as much but like to see what you guys think. I appreciate all your input across all forums. I love seeing and learning new things, but it takes me a little longer to absorb and digest the info. I am starting to really enjoy Roon, but need to learn how to fully optimize it in my own environment. Looks like we are heading into some great musical discovery ahead and I am excited to see what unfolds.
  9. Does anyone know if Ayre has weighed in and promised MQA for the QX-5 Twenty now that MQA seems to be a reality?
  10. Hi CT, Thank you for your honest opinion and advice. I do appreciate it. I have the MXR-20's and don't need the power but absolutely love my amps. I have SF Strads and JBL 4367's. Both wonderful. I had and sold the KX5-20 thinking I'd automatically get the KXR-20 and this was before I was able to buy the MXR-20's. Now that I don't have the KX5-20 anymore, I miss it and think I will just replace it. To get to the KXR-20 will take more than I want to spend or can spend at this point. Ayre is my destination gear. I absolutely love it after owning many other high end pieces. Part of me wanting the KXR-20 is just because it's Ayre's best preamp but I think I am more realistic now.
  11. Thank you so much, sorry for the off topic diversion. I appreciate your response.
  12. Has anyone directly compared the Ayre KXR twenty to the KX5 twenty? I'm curious how you think the KX5 twenty stacks up against the more expensive KXR twenty and if the KX5 is still competitive?
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