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  1. I own a pair of the PSB M4U2s, and can say after extensive experience with them that they are fantastic. One of the most balanced presentations across the board. Tight, solid, articulate bass (with some nice boost when using the internal amplification feature -- really does live up to the design as to sound like a "sub" is in the room with you). Midrange is nicely fleshed out, with natural vocals. Treble is smooth, never harsh, and has very good detail. Imaging is solid, nothing amazing, but it's a closed-back. Soundstage is nicely distributed, with extension just beyond the cups (width) and a fair level of depth. The only qualm I have with the M4U2 is the noise cancellation feature. While the actual ANC is very respectable, it adds an audible mechanical "squeal" as well as substantial background hiss. Now, mind you, I only ever use the ANC while on planes, so it really never bothers me. Other than that, it's a great set of headphones!
  2. From my experience, Sennheiser's headphones do a phenomenal job with movies and "surround sound", even their budget models (HD598). Back when I owned a pair, I distinctly remember having several of those "holy crap!" moments when a quality surround effect occurred, and those headphones truly made it sound like there was a distant speaker playing that effect. Very cool, and with the open-back design, you get a really nice soundstage to expand that surround effect. I would look into headphones that also come with a longer cable (HD598s come with 10' I think), depending on what your viewing distance is.
  3. All great responses, guys. Thanks for the many hours of digging I get to do :-)
  4. Trying to expand my collection a bit, but could use some direction. Typically, my music tastes favor progressive metal/rock and female vocals. However, I've also grown up listening to bands like The Doobie Brothers and Chicago, who have some great horn sections. I'm aware of some more modern "jam-bands" like DMB and OAR, who also have some solid horn sections (especially sax), but what are some other great bands out there that can rip it up with the horns? I love a good sax as well, especially the OAR sax player...guy can really get soaring/atmospheric with his style. Any other similar groups like that? Thanks guys! BTW, gotta throw a pitch for Spotify. That app has truly changed my ability to find/enjoy new music prior to purchasing albums!
  5. Hey guys, I have had a Dell Studio Slim PC for several years now, still going perfectly strong. I am thinking of turning it into a barebones PC to work as a music server only. My first step would probably be to clean the harddrive to have a clean slate. Does doing this also clear any/all spyware and viruses from earlier normal browsing use? I ask because I'd like to also remove all antivirus software. That stuff has always bogged down my system. I currently run Windows 7 Enterprise, and would simply re-install that. The soundcard that came with the system does have a digital coax output, as well as the USB slots...so I have options with audio output to a future DAC. What else would you guys recommend? Upgraded, quieter fans? Upgraded power supply? Anything else? I use my iPad for internet browsing now, so the only internet use on the streamlined PC would be for music streaming/audio downloads. I would then just use iTunes w/ Pure Music and control via iPad remote app. Your input is much appreciated!
  6. The soundcard I got as an option for my Studio Slim PC already has the SPDIF output (thus no need for an external converter). I was seeing if upgrading to a higher quality soundcard w/ SPDIF would yield benefits over the current one I have. This would be in addition to using USB. I think the point is moot anyway, as $200 for a single output (of which I already have) doesn't seem too intelligent. I was simply curious to see if other felt it might be worth the expense. Thanks, Scott
  7. Hey Daren, Thank you for the suggestion. I would prefer to stay away from adding another component in the chain, especially as the Bifrost already accepts USB and does it very well. I was just trying to see if upgrading the SPDIF output from the PC will present any potential benefit in the digital coax department. As you said, it seems the card won't fit anyway, so it may just be a worthless avenue to pursue. Thanks, Scott
  8. Hey all, I have a Dell Studio Slim PC with an S/PDIF output already built into the soundcard. I am looking to A/B the S/PDIF output with USB output on my Bifrost, and was wondering if upgrading the stock soundcard to a Xonar Essence STX90 would be worth it? I've never used an "aftermarket" soundcard beyond what any of my past PCs have provided, so I have no idea what/how much improvement (if any) I'd receive. Thanks! Scott
  9. Hey Barry, My plan was to implement your Enjoyyourshelf rack idea, wherein placing a piece of maple plywood on top of each glass shelf I would be isolating my components on. I may even add a piece of deadening material under that as well (if needed). Beyond that, I plan to fully utilize your outlined template. As far as dressing goes, I have that "addressed". And for clean AC, I have a Belkin PureAV PF30, which I assume is taking care of my AC, and hopefully not adding noise (I don't audibly hear any difference with it). Again, budget-level equipment. Thanks, Scott
  10. Then in my circumstance (budget-minded) I imagine it's almost a worthless endeavor to even worry about isolation. Since I can't afford (at this time at least) a higher quality wood rack, the glass in mine will pretty much negate any benefits of isolating my components..am I wrong? I would hardly even call my equipment mid-fi at that, not to mention I'm only using a headphone-based system. Oh well, still sounds very good at this stage prior to any isolation. Thanks, Scott
  11. Barry - Do not mean to hijack the thread, but what are your thoughts on isolating the equipment rack? I have a very basic-construction rack consisting of wood and glass (glass placed via suction cups, not pegs). Would it be necessary to isolate the rack as a whole, or does isolating the components on the rack suffice? Thanks! Scott
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