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  1. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate that the question fell into the "dumb" category and that a sub (as I have connected to s couple of systems) is typically placed "unobtrusively" in a corner (or wherever). In this case it is to support two orb speakers in a kitchen and my wife won't entertain a "revolting" sub anywhere. I think my best solution is to find better speakers!
  2. Hi, Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent-ish but small (ideally no more than 6"/10cm per side for a cube) subwoofer? For various reasons, I need to fit a pre-/power amp (my old and too loved to sell Naim NAC42 and NAP110), a Squeezebox and the sub on a wall mounted shelf. The speakers are Orb Audio's, orbs. This is kitchen/dinner music, so (as you can see) not super high end. It obviously needs to connect to the speaker outputs of the NAP110.... Any ideas? Marc
  3. He's waiting for the next version of OSX in the hope that his old driver will work with that.....that makes sense doesn't it?
  4. Total and utter +1 on this. The last thing Manunta needs is an excuse to keep his head buried in the sand with his hands over his ears (however implausible that may sound). What Huy Hong has done is fantastic but is, in his words, a hack. It is not a substitute for a professionally developed driver. Note I contrived not to mention Manunta and professional in one sentence; I strongly suspect we have heard the last of him. After all, the next version of OSX will be out soon......
  5. Read post #16 of this read for a little expectation management....
  6. I think his website developer buggered off too...if you click around enough you will find the page, although not, as you say, under a legacy item. His links are all messed up. The driver message is gone on the page but it is still there on the Young page. I don't know why I am surprised, but Manunta seems to have decided that ignoring the problem is his most effective course of action. I have decided that this is an individual who has no business running a company and, cruel ad it sounds, I find myself wanting his company to fail.
  7. Yeah, you had better not move this beyond the (with the very greatest of respect) "nasty hack" phase. (A) because as you say Northstar may be decidedly uncool and (B) on the off chance that Manunta is reading anything here (my guess is that he has his head buried in the sand) it will give him an excuse to keep his finger jammed in his dark place.
  8. Mark we are all heart here! Don't confuse a general disappointment that we can't get our hands on a new and potentially groundbreaking product NOW with any negativity. Dongles, which do seem a little retro, aside I can virtually guarantee that anyone who has read this thread would be all over a trial version like a rash and as someone said above, I doubt you would find a more capable bunch of beta testers anywhere.
  9. I am finally outed. All I can say about Mr Levinson's music player is: It's a beautiful noise Made of joy and of strife Like a symphony played By the passing parade It's the music of life ...or I am sure I would say it, were a trial available!
  10. Every time someone on here reminds me that M2Tech implied the above my twitch comes back. Can anyone conceive of a situation whereby a company wouldn't have backups up the wazoo? Furthermore that an employment contract wouldn't make it a routine matter for M2Tech to get back any stolen source code? This is what we are being asked to believe.....and I for one ain't buying a word of it. I am also a broken record on this topic....
  11. Now were he to start contributing here as well you would have a lot of middle aged audiophile rockers doing air guitar versions of Like a Hurricane in front of their laptops and generally upsetting their dogs....
  12. Mr Levinson, why aren't you and Neil Young working together?
  13. He's advertising for a driver developer on the website (http://www.m2tech.biz/jobs.html). Based in Pisa though, not Palo Alto!
  14. This does indeed work. Huy Hong, thank you very much indeed. Mr Manunta...on the off-chance you are actually following developments on this site, this DOES NOT constitute a fix, it is a workaround whilst we wait for you to extract the digit. What it DOES tell me is that you need to hire Huy Hong.
  15. I am not sure OSX likes you setting the permissions to read/write on System extensions. I tried that and got a pile of errors at boot time and had to repair permissions. Anyhow, we shouldn't be having to phart about like this.....
  16. Reinstall iTunes maybe? Do you have another machine with iTunes on it to test with? No other network changes, a new cable/dsl modem, wireless router? Is the iTunes library stored locally on the iMac or on a NAS? If NAS, anything happened there? Sorry to mention all the "bleedin' obvious" but it's usually something really simple!
  17. Have you tried turning Home Sharing off, rebooting and turning it back on again? I have had such issues in the past but can't remember precisely what I did to resolve it. Something simple and stupid like this though. One also assumes you have, ahem, rebooted?
  18. Using Sudo is equivalent to Root. I am not sure if you can log into a Mac as root as a user...
  19. I just had another go at this and still can't get through the process. The kext isn't loading with an authentication error, here's the console log 14/01/2014 16:44:38.520 sudo[430]: nieldm : TTY=ttys000 ; PWD=/Users/nieldm ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/sbin/kextload -b com.async.driver.async192 14/01/2014 16:44:38.621 com.apple.kextd[12]: WARNING - Invalid signature -67030 0xFFFFFFFFFFFEFA2A for kext "/System/Library/Extensions/async192.kext" 14/01/2014 16:44:38.671 com.apple.kextd[12]: Invalid signature -67030 for kext <OSKext 0x7f9c1d932dc0 [0x7fff79469eb0]> { URL = "file:///System/Li
  20. I am definitely missing something here; why "two" copies of Windows? I am running Windows 8.1 under Fusion on my MacBook, there is only one copy of Windows involved. On the size topic, is the VMWare machine running BC smaller than a VMWare machine running Win8? Am I being thick or is it that English thing again, separating us with a common language?
  21. I meant if you are running BC alone, without Fusion. Agree Fusion is a non starter on a music server, I only use it on my development MacBook. Out of interest, why run BC inside Fusion at all? Wouldn't it be simpler just to install Windows under Fusion? I suspect I am missing something here... ....plus I am hijacking the thread. Apologies.
  22. So you still have to reboot into Windows with BC? That was what put me off a while back and I never went back to it. Horses for courses I guess......
  23. Did you consider VMWare Fusion or Parallels alongside Bootcamp? There is a cost involved, although they both have free trials. There is a development environment I use all the time which only runs on Windows, so I live part of the day in VMWare. I find it a lot more convenient than Bootcamp, although I haven't tried BC for a couple of years now.
  24. Yes, Tollers. Wet and muddy ones right now....just how they like it!
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