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  1. Having owned McIntosh gear I can say it does sound/look great. I did enjoy a C2500 preamp for a while, except for the DAC. The DAC portion was apparently upgradeable but now they’re onto a C2700? Reminds me of Bryston gear is upgradeable but no one does it. As for space saving I’m not seeing that with this beast of an integrated. It’s huge. If McIntosh were to come out with say 100w rms solid state and tube preamp section in a smaller form-not the 252 or the 352 but the 12000 form factor without the DAC or phono and only a couple inputs...brings the price down to say $7-8 grand. THAT would
  2. Outstanding article, knowledge is power and I am looking forward to reading your book. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  3. That was very fast response Chris, love the refresh BTW!
  4. Can we change the style of these comments to appear first, instead of last...most people want to see the latest comments first...kinda like UHF Magazine where readers always went to the last past first.
  5. Great article, I’ve been saying this for years, but many people just don’t get it or are offended because they’ve got to justify their purchases. We are at a point in history where we can technically make the most realistic recordings, yet we are stuck with some of the worst. This applies to live concerts too...sound engineering in the auditoriums are as hot as the recordings. This is the new normal folks.
  6. I've done similar things and just make sure you have your emails with activation codes etc. Also, in Safari you can go to Preferences>Security and view your logins to those sites to make sure you have your login credentials and passwords handy.
  7. IF something like this does become the reality...I will never own newer music...period. Once I pay for music, my expectation is to be able to do as I will providing I do not sell it for commercial use. Anything less would be a step in the wrong direction for the countless reasons already listed. Also, lately vinyl seems to be sounding much better than its digital counterparts due to excessive compression. The latest Beck is a prime example. Don't misunderstand I would much prefer a digital equivalent to the vinyl - uncompressed - NOT a MP3 vinyl rip! Now pay per month at the h
  8. Did you unscrew them? Just to see what happened? I have owned the PL300s for about 5 months now. I do like the sound but find vocals too forward. Curious what other owners are using to drive them?
  9. Hello fellow enthusiasts, I see there are a couple of threads regarding the different CAPS set ups and which is the best unit to go with...please forgive me but some of the computer jargon gets way up there:) I do not need room correction, or at least have no desire to use it BUT I would like transparent detailed sound delivered to my built in DAC on my McIntosh C2500..it has USB, OPT, & COAX...USB would seem the best way to go as its asynchronous. Currently I am using a MAC mini with JRiver for MAC, it seems to freeze regularly...the windows version is much more stable IMO.
  10. Thanks for the in-depth review Chris...and for all the input from your readers. I came across the HDtracks version via a friend and it's truly terrible sounding. Even the cat got up and left...utter dreck it is. Does anyone know where or whom to complain to? Of course in a professional manner. Something has to change. I'd be pissed if I paid for this poor quality. I gladly pay for well recorded and mastered music...but feel ripped off paying for ear bud or subway listening style recordings. Anyone know who to write to?
  11. Great review, for 6g's the expectation would be nothing less. Curious on the price though...$6000 is the same price as their DAC you just reviewed...looking at the components from the pictures 6 figures doesn't equate... It is Luxman after all, so you would expect to pay more...beautiful piece.
  12. +1 Boris75 I completely agree, it really depends on the mixing/mastering. With 24 bit depth there is the capability to make music that has lifelike impact and dynamic punch but its rarely used. When it is used... then it becomes something special.
  13. I would like to be able to play files from the Synology to an iPadMini or MBA laptop via browser while traveling... Has anyone had experience with this on a MAC using the proprietary Synology software? Any helpful feedback would be great!
  14. Hi, Thanks for the review and letting us know about the releases...gotta love old Van Halen. I currently own the original red book CD's and the HDCD's...there is more "Air" in the HDCD's BUT there is slight sibilance which is non-existent on the CD's...has anyone noticed if there is any hint of sibilance on the hi-res downloads?? I will most likely download but would really appreciate some honesty on the sibilance...again its slight but noticeable.
  15. Hi Chris, Thanks for the review...I have been curious as to the sound quality from the Xeo 3. I have to ask though, do you think $3,000 spent on separates could get better or equal sound quality? -minus the convenience of course. Admittedly I can think of a couple of places where the Xeo 3's would be a perfect fit in the home. Regards, -J
  16. Chris, seems like size does matter...many comments are mentioning SD cards, microSD with the ability to expand. Given your relationship with the manufacturer your review can and does affect the sales performance...a less than stellar review can hurt a company. This is of course not news to anyone but you are in a unique position to be OUR voice in what WE want...the Audiophile community. I am sure if conducted a poll many would agree the 32GB or even 64GB built in memory is not enough...I personally do not wish to mess around with SD cards...never mind trying to label them. I realize t
  17. 64GB jump drives can be picked up for $20 on sale...$700 for a portable music player that's meant for hi-rez audio has 32GB of memory on board. You have to spend more money on microSD cards at $700 entry price...sure seems like a negative to me, albeit not a showstopper certainly a bad design choice IMO. True you can never have enough memory, but its cheap...memory that is:)
  18. Hi Chris, Thanks for taking the time to review this product...I have been checking out the AK100 online for some time via HDtracks adverts. The design choice for the memory size is puzzling, especially with the target market. Priaptor suggests that a reviewer can get 160GB with 2 microSD cards so that's a bonus but really its still a bad design choice but that's built in obsolescence IMO...AK200 perhaps...why not mention any negative comments in your review? Pros etc, etc and Cons etc, etc... This spring I might dive in as I love the thought of having my hi-rez portable. Lastly
  19. Hi y'all, I purchased Green Day UNO and American Idiot while they were on sale with a 15% off coupon...very impressed with UNO. UNO has good overall depth and the overall dynamic range is decent, better than American Idiot IMO...I find American Idiot still sounds HOT compared to UNO or 21st Century Breakdown lacking in punch...I purchased the 24/192 tracks based on Chris's review. While AA does sound better than the CD version its still not great IMO, my guess is the tracks were already maximized when handed over for mastering this was the case for many LOUD recordings...moving on UNO
  20. My bad, you are correct Apple does support hi-res in their proprietary format. This is one of the biggest problems in the history of audio or electronics...proprietary formats that is...FLAC is for everyone and its free, compression scheme is good too and most of all it sounds great. HDTracks 24/96 in FLAC anyone? Seems like a no brainer but Apple wants to control everything Apple why pay $12 to download a lossy version of an album from iTunes with no hard copy...CD's are cheap and make a good back up and last forever! (according to Sony) I love the MAC hardware but wish it had the functio
  21. I like the Metal of the 70's - 90's not sure where that falls in on the poll...take Judas Priest - Point Of Entry ...amazing album well recorded not overly compressed. Now it is considered rock? Back in the day it was Heavy Metal...a benchmark for quality production.
  22. I get that its Rock, but it can be mixed to sound good and to be involving. Detroit Rock City sounds terrible, there's hardly any bass apparent...sizzling vocals and guitar on top. Snare drum always sounds louder than vocals and should have some impact IMO. If you would like to hear a good ROCK mix, the new Billy Talent is amazing...yes Billy Talent - Dead Silence sounds awesome for a CD release...I can only dream what the 24/96 would sound like. As for Kiss they should've left the album alone and released the "original studio mix"...most likely would sound much better.
  23. Hi, Thought I would share this with fellow audiophiles...just came across the new new release from HDTracks of KISS Destroyer Resurrected and I cannot believe how bad it sounds. Really loud, no depth, tinny all around bad sound. Very disappointing for something thats supposed to be superior audio. Save yourself some money and your ears and never buy this one...unless you would like to showcase how bad 24/96 can sound. Appalling.
  24. Great review, I am finding more reasons to go back to Windows...currently a MAC user. Why can't Apple support FLAC and hi-res audio already? Don't get me started on 64GB max for their largest iPod... JR Media Center beats MAC hands down, the remote app looks great too.
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