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  1. Thank you for the info and the link which I'll have a look at tomorrow. Perhaps I ought to delete Asset Control....... It's a shame I can't get JRiver to display my library how I'd want to (by folder), as by all accounts that system does provide gapless playing. I have quite a lot of recordings of continuous music split into tracks so gapless playing really is essential. The only other alternative should all else fail is to join up all the continuous tracks!
  2. John, I did indeed think Asset was involved in the gapless process until the other day, and had begun to think there is a conflict between control points. The Asset edit window says last active control point is auto-selected. I have Asset Control which appears four times, once each for the CLiC, Oppo 105, TM player and on its own. As well as those, other control points are Twonky as part of Windows 6.0 service pack 2, PVConnect and KnOS. I guess one or more of the non-Asset control points gets used for some reason, and has the disadvantage of not enabling gapless. The BubbleUPnP re
  3. However, today it's back to square 1. There are gaps between tracks of continuous music.
  4. I'm not sure what exactly provided the cure! I've now installed Asset v.5 (and Bubble server) - the gapless problem is now solved. Thank you all for your advice.
  5. Thanks for that - I may well raise the topic again over there. Meanwhile, another installation has Asset showing in the list of media servers, and it's currently repopulating the library.
  6. Yes, the CLiC does handle gapless and shows it can do so with Twonky. Unfortunately, I now remember why I gave up on Twonky - it loses my library and the whole thing needs repopulating every couple of days, so I've uninstalled it. I've now reinstalled a slightly newer version of Asset. My new problem, hinted in the post above, is Asset is now not on the list of media servers. It doesn't show up after reinstallation, rebooting of computer and router and so on. Thanks for the suggestion about minim+bubble - I'll try that in a few days. PS I notice Asset version 5 appeared at dbpowera
  7. Thank you - I'll try that tomorrow after I've had a chance to sort out more problems.....
  8. I have a Musical Fidelity CLiC wired to the network. I would like UPnP software to provide gapless streaming. On the face of it, Asset should fit the bill. It's not resource-hogging, and works well without crashing, and allows viewing by folder, but doesn't provide gapless with the CLiC. https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?34672-Gapless-support&highlight=gapless I gather that changing to a Linn DS or Naim would solve the gapless problem with Asset. Can anyone confirm that? That would be a rather expensive fix. I went back to Twonky (3.1), which does seem resourc
  9. Meyerbeer Ballet Music Worth keeping an eye open for this appearing in 24 bit. Qobuz allows you to upgrade from 16 bit to 24 bit if the HD version appears later (I did this with one of the Naxos Weinberg releases) Mahlerei who reviewed the OP's recording, has also reviewed this one: Musicweb review
  10. eClassical - Brazilian Repertoire for Brass Quintet Not a daily deal, but short-term 24 bit for the price of mp3, one of BIS's download-only releases. 24-96.
  11. I have tried from the UK to buy various items from HDTracks and failed. However, I have very recently managed to buy from the selection of Everests so perhaps they have world-wide distribution rights for those.
  12. Audite is offering 24 bit downloads from its site. There's a free track here: Grieg - free track Here's the download main page: High Resolution Here's the full catalogue: =DOWNLOAD"]Catalogue
  13. For me the physical product makes far more sense at this stage as the multichannel option is included.
  14. I do have both on SACD - the Biber is especially stunning!
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