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  1. Hi, Just letting you guys know I bumped into quite a bit of strange folks on the auction. Got lucky the highest bidder can not pay for it . Decided to keep it. I found out today thet the hook up to my ds 710 directly to the cp 800 works fine.I will ask the experts out there their opinion on the SYNOLOGY DS 710+'s USB audio capabilities.
  2. Hi, Thannks for your advice. I re-verified specs on the back. There is a sticker on the top right with the serial number etc and it specifies that the unit is 240V. As you have correctly mentioned they cost less in the US which is why I preferer to buy one there instead of tinkering with it. I expect i should not loose much when I replace it. They cost 5500 euros in mainland Europe and it is only three months old. They add add a 30% tariff and just about 20% in VAT.Once again I thank you for your advice and your time. Regards Albert.
  3. No offense. Just a silly humor moment. Did not have much to contribute.
  4. Dear Computer audiophile readers, I currently live in France and will be moving to the US where the voltage is 110. The unit is 220-240 V As a result I am selling my Classe Audio CP 800 DAC /Pre Amp and also a Classé Ca 2200. The CP 800 is 3 months. The condition is as New. I have put it up on Ebay France. If any one needs to contact me feel free. I speak English and French. I personally love the apparatus and will be buying the cp 800. Apart from the fact that it is a great DAC the It is an excellent Pre amp in its own right. Thanks, Albert.
  5. Hi guys, What's the deal with all the <br> tags ????
  6. HI, Please let us know if you how it goes. I am looking for a better alternative than using my Mac book pro to the cp800. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if you can describe the difference in the sonic characters between the Linn Akurate DSM and the previous Linn Akurates. I just called to order the classe cp 800 and a dealer in Paris who does both Linn and Classé audio told me about the akurate DSM. Said the Akurate DSM is worth the audition and the 3 hours x 2 journey to Paris.
  8. Hi real Hifi, Yes it is the first generation Akurate DS. Instead of writing of about the Linn Akurate I suggest this link on an excellent article by Andrew Levy in this very forum. [*]http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Got-Linn-Akurate-DS-and-I-LOVE-it-Not-nearly-hard-set-and-use-reputed A brilliant sum up on the akurate ds. I could not add a word to the writeup. Really suggest you read it. As far as preferences go I still want the ethernet dac option with a decent preamp. If the USB options come along why not?? Taking these concerns into account I am leaning towards the Perfectwa
  9. Hi everyone, First and foremost thanks to everyone who contributes to this wonderful community. I feel I should return the favour and say a few words concerning the classé cp 800. My audition at the dealer was quite short as things where running late. Had to pick up the kids and was perhaps a little preoccupied to actively audition . I have always been skeptical about the asynchronous USB DAC propositions. I have lived with the Akurate ds for over 3 years and the cd players took a permanent exit a couple of weeks later. Having said that I was quite impressed with some 24 bit (FLAC)jazz tra
  10. Hello everyone, I just bumped into this review on the Classe C800. http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/preamplifiers/1500-classe-cp-800-stereo-preamplifier.html. Having owned a Linn Akurate DS I would not go bact to a cd player. I cant quite make up my mind on the ps Audio PWD or this one. Auditioning both this weekend.
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