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  1. Agreed. I suspect many of the comments about high freq. contamination are just part of the anti DSD myth. I haven't heard any high freq. distortion with the mytek. All, flacs-etc., here are converted on the fly by JRiver to DSD. The difference is significant on the positive side. It would have to be significant for me to tell the difference. :0)
  2. Umberto, when picked up at the pound. Quickly renamed Hank...
  3. Hello Leica; A great inexpensive cable; Amazon.com: Pangea Audio - USB cable - PCOCC & 4% silver - 1 Meter: Computers & Accessories Significant differences can be heard in cables as a result of two possible considerations. 1.) RFI & EMR, if appreciable degrees are present in an environment can contaminate either the 5 v. dc signal (pin 1,4) or the data stream (pin 2,3). If the presence of these two factors is not strong, or the cable has good insulation qualities their presence becomes irrelevant. 2.) Impedance matching for the data lines described above. If
  4. Thanks Wisnon for the heads up on the DSD Lampizator. I've been flying around in an Audiophilic euphoria with the Mytek 192, especially since JRiver completed it's latest version with PCM2DSD functionality. I have a good collection of 15 DSD recordings, but >100 PCM flac recordings. Everything I play now is converted to DSD. PCM 16/44.1 converted to DSD is like the flying, if I go back to PCM, it's like the landing - and taxying on the runway, so never mind the (in one case) obsessive-compulsive complaining. :0) Native DSD, what a wonder, but even a great PCM recording conver
  5. Hello Mark; I am a ham operator, so I have a nice, deep ground rod set up for the radio gear. Like you, I looked at the scope to establish differences between using the earth and a floating ground. Here, the earth ground looked cleaner on the scope, but I could not differentiate between the two conditions by listening. In any event, I left the earth ground in place. Congratulations on your work. Can you report significant differences in the sq of your system as a result of the improvements? It made a big difference here. Jim P.s. Mark - Adding a 47 ohm resistor (1/4
  6. Hello Starre; The question concerning advantages from a clean 5 v. supply for USB implementation, is very dac specific. With a Peachtree Dacit I owned initially when first exploring this wonderful hobby, USB implementation was much improved with the addition of a clean linear ps. The Mytek 192 presently used here, uses an extremely clean onboard 5 v., and removing the 5 v. from the pc via USB has no effect on it's performance at all. The first thing to establish is if Meitner is using the pc 5 v.. This is easily done by slipping a shim made with a matchbook over the +5 v. pin of th
  7. Hello Jaxwired; Not feeling very technical tonight. The generalization that asynch USB can be less than stunning is just silly, but completly dependent on the dac. The Mytek will likely knock your socks off (@ $1595-1695), and perorms flawlessly with DSD as well - no converter required. At least that is my experience, as well as that of many others here. You only have one person to satisfy, and that is yourself. Give one a trial, if you have the inclination and time, your likely to be very pleased... Jim
  8. My understanding of the details of native DSD vs. DOP is limited. In general Dop was formatted to allow apple products to play DSD files, since Mac OS is not capable by way of it's raw data characteristics to process pure DSD, as is the Window's OS. A reference I found elaborating on this subject; DoP open Standard | DSD-Guide.com Pure DSD is most certainly of a different nature than native DSD, as it is processed into PCM, and then prepared to be input into a DSD capable Dac; DSD Format - JRiverWiki There are many references on these subjects. I have read many opinions by e
  9. Hello All; When a Dac implements USB well, I am very pleased with the result, and I don't have to spend $900-1200 for a usb to s/pdif convertor. I have been more than pleased with a USB input to the Mytek here. I have not enertained the idea of using Firewire (fw), although many here, swear to it's superior sq as compared to USB. This is largely due to the fact that my pc was not equiped with a fw output. I have recently had to install a fw PCIe board in order to upgrade the firmware and drivers for the Mytek (approx. $100). After the firmware upgrade, I thought I'd take the ti
  10. With new build 19.0.37 and this system, there is no stutter nor artifacts all the way down to minimum hardware buffer, no large hardware buffers required, or any setting greater than... Thanks JRiver. Jim
  11. Yes, generally the cleaner the 5 v. dc supplied by the USB cable to your dac, the better the implementation. Of course a battery will, without any noise from a charger or the use of a switching ps, deliver a cleaner voltage. But about USB cables and their effect on sq. An old rule applies well for those who are new here and reading this thread, that is, that it doesn't matter what others hear with different cables, but what you hear. As stated earlier, it's a lot less expensive if you don't hear differences. :0) As with James1776, the Pangaea is a preferred choice here. I use the
  12. Hello Phusis; Agreed about minimalist approach to equipment in general, but... The configuration I ended up with here, required me to play Russian roulette with my speakers everytime I was starting the system or changed audio paths. The speakers take 250 w., and are fused, but as careful as I was, I still nearly blew them. With reluctance, I introduced the Adcom GFP-750, thinking I was going to suffer a degradation in sq. To my surprise, sq improved to my ears. Since the Adcom 750 is reknown for it's transperancy, I am left wondering if the JRiver volume layer does add a discern
  13. Yes, as well as convert flac to DSD on the fly, as will JRiver (on the fly is easier with JRiver 19). You should try them both. JRiver has a free trial, and foobar is free. Anything added to your system should to be tested in your specific system. Jim
  14. Welcome justM; Your going to have a blast here. Several other Aussies here as well. Jim
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