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  1. Well, I do not like any. Something more the LS50. In my first system (Woofer 10.6", tweeter and supertweeter (19 kHz), kidnapped by family and TV) I like more the music without EQ, only Direct. When you EQ > 200 Hz you modify the phase too: the human ear is able to appreciate the variation, unlike < 200 Hz. I think is better idea only EQ < 200 Hz, and to have speakers with flat response. And EQ only with attenuation. Films, better with Roon EQ off course.
  2. With my second system. Speakers first and headphones after. Kef LS50 plus subs vs JBL 4722 plus subs foobar2000 1.4.1 With speakers or headphones is very easy to differentiate ALL files, too easy! * KEF Q100 5.25" coaxial speakers tweaked and modded: it is very easy. * Takstar ts-671 open dynamic headphones tweaked and modded: it is very very easy. JRMC 24.0.72 64 bits The same but more easy By the way, amplification? Note: I have my Win 10 Pro 1709 x64 very very very optimized to play multimedia. Before summer only very very
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    PC computer with an old CPU: i5-4460 And silent PSU with low ripple at 5V (USB).
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    Weeks ago, I uploaded a capture of my PL setup with Win10 Pro 64 bits in other AC thread: My system has other optimizacions to play multimedia, very important too. OS and soft players.
  5. By the way, I can see a new assembled product: Combined module Soft Start (inrush current limiter) & DC Blocker (trap, filter) – assembled in case https://www.atlhifi.com/shop/fully-assembled-devices/combined-module-soft-start-inrush-current-limiter-dc-blocker-trap-filter-assembled-in-case/ with the space to add a RF/EMI filter too. This is: Schaffner FN2090-16-06 http://uk.farnell.com/schaffner/fn2090-16-06/filter-1-ph-16a-chassis-mount/dp/1304862?st=FN2090
  6. In the beginning, Aleksandar put these very good diodes and now others, but you need ALWAYS diodes! The new diodes are together, in a block: https://www.atlhifi.com/shop/bare-pcb/pcb-for-dc-trap-blocker-filter-for-toroidal-transformers-toroids/ – Diodes with 3 different bodies can be mounted on it – DO-201, TO-220 or rectifier blocks.
  7. Corrected, A and not mA: 4700uF 25V 25-28 mOhms and 5.14-4,25 A at 100 kHz
  8. [PDF] https://www.mouser.es/datasheet/2/420/UCC_GPDDatasheet-1210831.pdf 4700uF 25V 25-28 mOhms and 5.14-4,25 mA at 100 kHz Very good specs too. And four caps. The designer knows what he does.
  9. Why do you have heatsinks so big and different from the original ones (in blue and big too)? -> then you need a big case too.
  10. You can change the old 4+4 big Nichicon 10,000uF 50V +2 electrolytics in the MF2200 with Mundorf MLGO 10,000/15,000uF 63V 125ºC by $200 + shipping. And something else if you like very much the Conrad sound. Much cheaper than a new amplifier. In some hours, the PM with alternatives.
  11. My advice on amplifiers with a lot of watts was by mail and not in forums. With pros and cons. https://www.stereophile.com/content/rogue-audio-rp-1-preamplifier Maybe is a earth/ground problem. Have you tried connecting together the ground of the preamp and the poweramp?
  12. Tomorrow, by PM. Last week I answered the same question with: class D, class AB and Hybrid. And midfield active speakers. 3+1 options to a (very) expensive electrostatic speakers. Hum or buzz? DC on mains, earth... Since when do you have the problem? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mains_hum
  13. https://www.stereophile.com/content/snell-type-civ-loudspeaker-measurements Good graphs. The major problem is the peak of the bass-reflex, only -20 dB. I would try with it closed. Minor problem because it is a 300 Hz << 1 kHz (voice). Either you are very well advised or you know very well what you buy, I congratulate you!
  14. https://www.stereophile.com/content/rogue-audio-rp-1-preamplifier-measurements Fig.10 Rogue Audio RP-1, spectrum of 50Hz sinewave, DC–1kHz, at 1V into 100k ohms (left channel blue, right red) (linear frequency scale). I like the H2 predominant (SE topology) but... imagine the same with only H2 and H3 and nothing else. And you can adjust the H2 level... http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/analog-line-level/314563-aksas-lender-preamp-40vpp-output.html Off course, with less Vpp.
  15. To finish this very long off topic: [Polish] https://audio.com.pl/testy/kino-domowe/amplitunery-av/2107-arcam-avr600 to English with Google: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=pl&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Faudio.com.pl%2Ftesty%2Fkino-domowe%2Famplitunery-av%2F2107-arcam-avr600&edit-text= Maybe the AVR Arcam600 like preamp and a new poweramp with better SNR at 1 watt is more aproppiate to high sensitivity speakers like Altec, 97 dB. If you listen very good recordings and high DR, off course. With modern commercial music you do not to spend a lot of money in the audio hard. Maybe by PM or a new thread is a good idea. Too much off topic.
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