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  1. Would it be worth the above upgrade to improve my Sub response? I have it dialed in pretty well with REW measurements and adjustments. Thanks.
  2. I have two Holo Level 3s that I would like to sell. One is the Kitsune Edition and one is from Magna HiFi. The Magna unit has an upgraded Mundorf Cap. PM if interested.
  3. Hello All, I am interested in acquiring a Holo Level 3. If you would like to sell one, please contact me. Thanks, best regards.
  4. Good job. I wasn't so much talking about the SW remixes as I was the actual SW releases. I do think Aqualung is massively improved. The actual SW music is pristine. Modern master of MCH HiRes. Congrats Eagle fan but go Penguins Steelers Buccos.
  5. I disagree. I think it is definitely worth it. I have a significant BDA library, 2 channel and 5.1 24/96. Please reference the Bluray releases of Steven Wilson and you won't go back. It takes a little extra effort, and some extra $ but it's worth it!
  6. Dude, Apologies, back at ya. Get yourself a PinkFaun 2.16, run the ethernet straight in to it, run I2S out to a Denafrips Terminator, a Holo Level 3,, a Matrix X Sabre or even a Directstream. All problems solved. I am MCH, employ a PF I2S MCH bridge and employ an external NAS linked by ethernet as well. It's not complicated. Be safe. Out.
  7. @edorr: may I ask do you use REW? I am finding it is complicated to use REW w/JRiver (WDM driver) through the I2S bridge. There are significant latency issues which I believe render some of the measurements useless. I don't like Dirac because of the bass management problems and like to make my own adjustments. Any other suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
  8. Actually Jord credited me back for my shipping cost by installing the latest USB board for no charge. He paid for shipping back to me. The hdmi/graphics on the intel 7700k became non-functional for some reason. Probably related to a Windows update. It was weird. Jord also put the OCXO on the USB board. I also bought his USB cable and one of his power cords. Again, outstanding service and communication. Really like those guys. Prior to the original purchase I had a chance to visit him at his shop. Highly recommended. They were great hosts and it was an interesting and fun visit for an afternoon. That is what convinced me to buy the streamer in the end. For any of you history guys, Rhenen (where PF is located) is only a few miles from Arnhem and Oosterbeek, the location of one of the great battles of WW II...Market Garden (A Bridge Too Far).
  9. I agree, Jord said the same to me. I shipped mine back to correct a problem or two and it did take some time. Also it cost me about $300 for shipping and that was with a FedEx discount. Not sure if I want to ship it back again for low phase. edorr, I had the previous model but now have the 2.16 internals if that makes any sense. Do any of y'all have an opinion on what sounds best for redbook output: native, 24/192 or DSD512? Regards!
  10. The PinkFaun streamers can output DSD512 over USB.
  11. I also have the PinkFaun streamer. I run multichannel through Win10 Pro and JRiver. I have OCXO clocks on the mobo, the I2S MCH bridge and the PF USB board. My DAC lineup is Denafrips Terminator/Holo Lvl 3/ Matrix Pro. Revel F208s. My room is the weak spot. FWIW, several months ago I compared the Holo, the PF 3.32 and Directstream Jr for my C/Sub position. I thought that the Holo and PF were clearly superior to the DJr. I decided on the Holo based on a little bit better connection flexibility. The sonics were too close to call, Holo v PF. I couldn't be happier with the equipment, and Jord and Mattijs at PF have been outstanding to work with. Highest possible rating. Regards to all. p.s. The Terminator absolutely kills it. Top shelf, up where Grandma keeps the cookies.
  12. Hello ifi, Question about the AC iPurifier. I am interested. I have a Furman Elite 15 PFi. It has star grounding and 12 connections on the back separated in to three zones. Could you provide some guidance on how the AC i would be employed in this case? It seems as if the Purifier is meant to be used in a line-type order; the Furman is not organized that way. As well, would you recommend that the SMPSs be plugged in to a different power component than the Furman? thanks very much for your help, good weekend
  13. I understand this might not be what you are looking for, but the Oppo 205 could be an option for you. It is pretty nice equipment. Good hunting!
  14. I have a PinkFaun streamer which features a MCH i2s bridge. Unfortunately, PF doesn't support DSD over i2s. So, the Holo Lvl 3 will already have its i2s slot taken by the PinkFaun (I have just taken delivery of the Holo). I would like to experiment with DSD512, but I don't want to have to swap inputs on the Holo, if that makes sense. I understand the Holo clocks somewhat limit the USB performance (prev. post by Alex). Is there a way I can improve the USB input to use it for 512? Most of my listening will be MCH PCM; so should I just accept the somewhat diminished USB 512 performance? PinkFaun has a strong USB card (on par w JCAT/SOtM); is that the best I can do most likely? Thanks for the help.
  15. SOLD I am offering for sale a Voodoo Thunder Power Cord, 3 ft. Very good condition, 8/10. I no longer need this power cord after consolidating equipment. $200 including shipping/PP (Continental U.S. only) or best offer.
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