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  1. I don't know how many other ignoramuses there may be around here, but if anyone has the patience to do a brief "...for Dummies" version of this post, I for one, would appreciate it. What are the implications, etc.? THANKS. -Bob
  2. I certainly can't predict what will happen if you try the new iTunes version, but I can tell you that I was in a somewhat similar situation a while back. I'd delayed updating iTunes through several generations because of the horror stories. Then because of other computer problems, I had to update it to what I believe is now the next-to-latest version. It didn't harm a single thing. All I had to do is get used to the new graphic interface. And by the way, "SuperDuper" is such a better name than "Carbon Copy" that it is not even a contest. :-) -Bob
  3. Thanks so much, folks, for your very thoughtful and complete answers. I really appreciate it. I believe I have the answer I was looking for! THANKS. -Bob
  4. Thanks so much cjf. Okay, I'm WAY out of my depth here. I was simply curious to know whether it was possible to directly connect an MBP via Ethernet to a CD player with an Ethernet input, double click on a file in iTunes and hear music. (In my case, the CD player would be connected to an integrated amp -> speakers.) I really appreciate everyone's comments, but it seems I'd have to learn a lot more to understand what you kind folks are talking about. THANK YOU! -Bob
  5. Hi Neal, Yes, a CD player with USB input would probably be easier. But I'm curious in the event I find a CD player I want that does not have a USB input but does have a network input. Also, I'm just plain curious. I'm guessing my question does not have an easy yes-or-no answer! THANKS. -Bob
  6. Hi Cebolia, Long story short, my listening room/layout is really not suited for the long cable run I'd have to use if I went from router to computer. I'd rather just move my MBP close to my audio system when I listen. The only wireless use I'd have at the same time is the Internet connection via my Airport Express. (I'm obviously a novice at this, but hope I've answered your questions.) Thanks very much. -Bob
  7. Thanks plissken and Paul. I'm also thinking in terms of "the last CD player I'll ever buy," and Tascam touts the industrial-strength quality of their mechanisms for long-term reliability. Of course, sound quality must be considered, too! -Bob
  8. Thanks very much, Paul. I haven't researched the entire universe of choices, but two I have found are the: Tascam CD-240 Product: CD-240 | TASCAM And the Yamaha CD-N500 CD-N500 - CD Players - Hi-Fi Components - Audio & Visual - Products - Yamaha United States I'm not absolutely sure this would, if it's possible, be the way I want to go. Just investigating various possibilities. Thanks again. -Bob P.S. Probably should have added almost all my files are ALAC.
  9. If I were to buy a CD player with a network (Ethernet) input, could I connect the Ethernet output jack from my MacBook Pro directly to the CD player's network input and play my iTunes files through the CD player? (My setup is fairly simple; I currently just use iTunes, with the library residing on my MBP's hard drive.) Please forgive my ignorance! THANK YOU! -Bob
  10. Hmm. That's curious. Are you saying you can control the L/R balance using the computer's controls (i.e. a Mac's System Preferences > Sound slider control)? When I tried this, it only adjusted the volume level and not the L/R balance. I emailed Audioquest about it and got the following reply (from Alastair Patrick): "Unfortunately there is no balance feature in the Dragonfly. It is perfectly normal that when you adjust the balance control on your computer it only adjusts the volume." Are you on a Mac or a PC? -Bob
  11. I just read your post more carefully. If you use an Audioquest Dragonfly-type DAC, yes, you can control the volume from your MacBook (I can't answer for an iPhone). You will not, however be able to control channel (L/R) balance, at least not with the Dragonfly; perhaps with some of the others. I also noticed that the Genelecs have only an XLR input. So if you run a cable either from your headphone output or a Dragonfly-type DAC, you will need an adapter like this: Hosa XLR3F to Right-Angle 3.5mm TRS Microphone Cable 1 ft. | Musician's Friend I don't know too much about alternatives to iTunes, but many folks prefer Audirvana, J River, Roon, HQplayer(?) or others. The only one like this that I have experience with is Decibel, which costs about $35 and which Stereophile preferred to iTunes and Audirvana. I believe it makes a positive difference, but I wouldn't bet big money that I could tell it apart from iTunes in a blind comparison. I use it sometimes but an quite happy with iTunes, conspiracies notwithstanding. Decibel from sbooth.org -Bob
  12. I'm not familiar with your speakers, BT&K, but I believe all you really need is a USB digital-to-analog converter, and many of these are quite reasonably priced. You could plug it into your MBP USB port then connect a cable between that and your speakers' input. You can find out more about these devices, many of which are very highly regarded, by Googling Audioquest Dragonfly, Meridian Explorer, LH Labs Geek Out, AudioEngine D1 or Apogee Groove. There are others, but those come first to mind. They run between about $150 and $400. They take the digital output of your MBP and convert it to analog so your speakers can play your files. In fact, just about any DAC that accepts a USB input should work. I'm not sure what the "CCK' is that blownsi referred to. Also, it's absolutely okay to just run a cable between your MBP's headphone output and your speakers. In this case, the MBP would be converting the digital files to analog. Most audiophiles speak disparagingly of this method, but I've used it, and it doesn't sound bad at all. The devices I mentioned above are thought by most to improve on this arrangement, but there's no guarantee you would hear a differenc or that you would prefer it if you did. Good luck! -Bob
  13. Sorry I don't know enough to help out, Rick, but if you care to, I'd love to hear how you like that Creek CD player/DAC, if you don't mind a minor sidetrack from your question. It looks like a sweet unit, and I'm considering buying one. THANKS. -Bob
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