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  1. I have approximately 5 TB of music on my Aurender W20, what would be a good back up solution?
  2. Is there a good program to eliminate duplicate music files? I don't mind paying for the program if necessary.
  3. How about the other settings, any recommendations?
  4. I am running a Mac Mini using Pure Music software through a QB9. Should I be upsampling my regular and hi definition music before it reaches the QB9? Does anyone mind sharing the proper settings within PURE Music so that it performs best?
  5. After researching the Apple mini, it appears you can buy a basic model for $599 and upgrade the RAM and hard drive to SSD down the road for about $300. Or you can order the Mini preconfigured from Apple upgraded w/ a SSD drive and 8 megs of RAM for about $1,600. Is it that difficult to upgrade to a SSD and is it necessary?
  6. I like the fact that I have an HDMI out on the mini to connect with my plasma, that being said I just would prefer playing FLAC over Apple lossless. If iTunes would release high definition music it would be a game changer and level the playing field.
  7. Thank you, this would certainly make everything much easier. The next obvious question would be if the pocket server is so great then why do you and so many other members of Computer Audiophile use Macs?
  8. I am considering buying a new Apple Mini w SSD, 8 megs of ram and an upgraded processor for about $1,700 or do I just buy/build a Computer Audiophile Pocket Server 2.0. In all honesty, I don't want to attempt building the pocket server myself, does anyone build and sell these? I am running a McIntosh C50 w/ 452 amp, B&W 802D's and an Ayre QB9. Does anyone have advice or suggestions?
  9. It seems that both of these DACs appear on the Computer Audiophile list of recommended hardware. Is the Ayre QB9 worth the $1,000 plus price difference?
  10. I am planing on using my MacBook Air w/ SSD as a music server, any I am going to need to purchase a DAC as well. Any suggestions?
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