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  1. Finally biting the bullet and moving away from iTunes via an Apple Laptop to Lightning DS via an Auralic Aries. My current set up is: a Lacie hard disk connected to an Apple Airport Time Capsule, streaming wirelessly to a MacBookPro; the MacBookPro using iTunes into a Schiit Yggdrassil via USB. The hard disk has about 1GB of music, all in Apple Lossless format. So my question is: Any tips on preparing my music library before plugging it in the Auralic Aries? (I’m thinking about things like: using Doug’s Apps to “Embed Artwork”, and/or to “Save Album Art To Album Folder”; what to do about the metadata for compilations etc) Any recommendations appreciated.
  2. There's a nice interview with electronic artist Robert Henke aka Monolake about having no compression on his album "Silence". OK, he's not exactly the type of massive artist (outside of the rareified confines of minimal techno) whom Chris wishes would step forwards http://www.carosnatch.com/2010/02/monolake-interview-producing-an-album-with-no-compression/ But in another interview, he actually says "I'm not willing to take part in that race for loudness anymore, because it is so damn redundant at the end of the day. Each amplifier has a volume knob." http://www.monolake.de/interviews/mastering.html
  3. Interestingly, we had a conversation similar to this on ComputerAudiophile back in 2008. The conversation was swiftly (and somewhat ruthlessly) gunned down by various technical replies - perhaps because I erronously referred to "upscaling" and its effects, when I should have perhaps referred to interpolation software and its effects. But the basic consideration of that 2008 post remains valid: the effect of predictive algorhythms "filling in" information which isn't actually there...
  4. Observations In his article “Computer Audiophile Turns 10 Today” Chris Connaker, the founder of Computer Audiophile, noted of Apple USB ports: "April 11, 2008 - A USB Port is Not a USB Port - So, what is the deal? Apple's design of the USB architecture in MacBook/Pro models is flawed in my opinion." We have recently witnessed the rise of an understanding of the need to clean up the signal when feeding DACs via USB from computers: this forum is filled with solutions. From my experience, using an Audioquest Jitterbug into various DACS (when fed from my MacBookPro via USB) has, on all occasions, noticeably improved the sound. Questions So I am wondering: - In relation to USB output, are some Apple machines “cleaner” than other Apple Machines? (So, for example, does a MacMini provide a cleaner USB output than a MacBook Pro?) - For machines that have more than one USB output: I know I am able to access information on the USB ports from About This Mac/ System Report. But once accessed how would I determine which port is "cleaner"? - Have any of you hardcore Mac Heads done any comparisons on the USB outputs of your Macs? Or compared Macs?
  5. Hi Solstice380, In his review of the Yggdrasil in The Absolute Sound, Robert Harley states: "...Moffatt selected an unusual DAC—a 20-bit R/2R ladder device from Analog Devices (the AD5791)...." It may be that I am getting confused with my terminology, but from this I came to the assumption that the Yggdrassil is a R2R ladder DAC.
  6. To date, the best DAC that's been in my system has been a R2R DAC: the Schiit Yggdrasil. It's an unusual machine: it takes a few days to warm up aka thermally stabilise and during this warm up period the sound changes noticeably. Also (as per the designer's own comments on another forum) it sounds better on the balanced outputs rather than standard RCA phono outputs. The best CD player that I have heard was the Marantz CD94. For many years I attributed its amazing sound to its use of the legendary TD1541 chip. But it was also a R2R machine, so that may have had something to do with it as well. Yes, I think the Yggdrasil is great - the DACS I have been through include ones made by Linn, Stello, Musical Fidelity, Naim and Chord, and the Yggdrasil betters all of them.
  7. Thanks for the explanation ECWL. Certainly when feeding a Chord 2Qute into my previous pre-amp - the Linn Kairn - something was not right with the sound, and that may well have been clipping. Interestingly, when this was raised with Chord via my dealer, Chord offered to mod my 2Qute to ensure compatibility - which impressed me no end. Of course the three output settings on the new Qutest addresses this issue, and I have the Qutest on order. shame there's a six week waiting list for it over here in the UK...
  8. Hi Jos, Just wondering: (a) which output voltage have you chosen for your Qutest? and (b) did you try the different voltage output settings and did they affect sound quality?
  9. As a responsible parent I must express my shock and outrage at the fact that your five year old daughter is listening to the Bill Evans Trio. Needless to say, my 14 month old daughter is now being fed a strict diet of Aphex Twin for breakfast, Thelonius Monk for lunch and Delia Derbyshire for supper.
  10. Thanks tmoomh for the link. Yes, I am aware of the developer's recommendations. I ws just wondering if any BitPerfect users on this forum had any further recommendations/ opinions.
  11. True. Indeed over here in London, England if you walk into any TV showroom you are confronted with a barrage of screens - all with the brightness and colour turned up - vying for your attention. Often, the screens are displaying animations or CGI-heavy films which not only accentuate and exaggerate said brightness and colour but also prevent the viewer from making any proper assesment of colour accuracy. Placing my iPhone5 against my Pioneer Kuro Plasma Screen: and the colours on my phone appear vivid and enticing, and my television appears dull and drab in comparison. It's only when I move my eyes away from the screens and look at a tree through my window that I realise which of the screens is a more accurate representation of the real world.
  12. Just got the 2Qute. And am thinking of getting the Yggy. Jimmypowder: any further thoughts on these two DACs one month on?
  13. Come on Ted-B! We're still waiting....
  14. And of course Detroit's Juan Atkins aka Model 500 collaborating with Berlin's Mark Ernest's (one half of Basic Channel) remixed by Chilean minimalist Ricardo Villalobos... over 45 minutes...
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