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  1. Hi Phil, in your guide you recommend particular settings of the network card used for the direct link between ControlPC and AudioPC. You suggest to uncheck everything besides TCP/IPv4 ans QoS. In my Dual-PC setting I use psshutdown.exe (C:\Windows\psshutdown.exe -u Administrator -p My_Password \\ to switch off my AudioPC. This is very convenient and works very well. But I found out, that psshutdown won't work if I uncheck File and Printer Sharing in AudioPC! Would you please verify this and - if applicable - adjust the manual? Martin
  2. Hi Phil, I have been looking for some information in the new manual (AO 3.0) and was surprised that important information are no longer part of the new manual (BIOS settings, Basic DOS Commands, Network Tuning, etc.). Did this happen by accident or on purpose? Martin
  3. Hi, when I want to (re)configure network settings, open sconfig go to 😎 Network Settings and select the given Index #, sconfig just disappears and nothing happens. Any idea? Martin
  4. @ Phil, when trial-period of WS2019 is over (including extension) can I take the same (already used) ISO and make a new clean install or do I have to download a new ISO (with different footprint) to make a new install? Martin
  5. after some more tests I just want to complete my post # 1428: the one and only problem I encountered was installing DAC-driver properly. Adding FOD and a full run with AO before was indispensable. In contrast to my previous post, F8 is not necessary for installing the DAC- driver. Martin
  6. Just a short report: Years ago I started with WS2012 + AO + Jplay in dual-pc setup. Then switched to WS2016, now WS2019. All details only concern Audio-PC! Here some details: OS: WS2019 Standard core + AO 3.00 Beta.36 DAC: Bricasti M1 Driver: TUSBAudio Driver for XMOS Vers. 1.61.0 Need to press F8: Yes Player: Jplay KS working: Yes WASAPI working: Yes Needed HD Audio Driver: No Here some more details: The *only* way, to achieve this, was to follow AudioPhil's schedule step by step, he posted on January 29. It was impossible (and I tried many different ways always with clean install – backup and recovery of OS) to get the DAC- driver (KS) to work *without* installing FOD before. Don't ask me why, but all I know is, that Windows sometimes is a mystery. Martin
  7. Hi, a Microsoft technician told me, It seems like behavior by design, as Server Core systems lack of GUI components. Does nobody here in this forum use Microsoft remote control through tablet to operate Server Core? Is there nobody who can share his experiences? Martin
  8. Hi Phil, I found this command for WS2008 powershell: cscript C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ato Does it work for WS2016? Thanks Martin
  9. Hi, I'm running WS2016 Core ServerStandardEval edition with a timebased activation expiration, which is linked on AO website. The one instaled on Control-PC works fine, the one on AudioPC shuts down after 30 to 60 minutes. Could it be on purpose to force people to activate? Martin
  10. Hi Phil, in dual-PC setup Audio-PC shuts down after a while out of sudden , even when playing. AO 2.20 Beta 5 Any idea? Martin
  11. @ Asimov, happy I could help you with a trick which I found by accident. Martin
  12. Hi everybody, I use my Galaxy Tablet S2 in conjunktion with Microsoft remote Application to operate my Control-PC (dual-PC setup, on both PC WS2016 Core). Everything works fine, the sound with AO 2.20 Beta 5 is great – if there weren‘t a weired phenomenon which rains in my parade. I have invested endless time to solve this problem– without succsess. When I use the tablet, the tablet‘s scoll-function doesn’t work any more! When I swipe with my finger over the tablet‘s surface, the elements just get marked, but scrolling is impossible. I use foobar and it is really annoying when you can’t scroll through your playlists which sometimes are quite long. Of course I have tried to localize this problem and found out the following: - it happens only in core-mode (in GUI-mode I can scroll flawlessly) - it happens with WS2012r2 as well as with WS 2016 - I have tried different tablets – no scrolling in core-mode Now I’m at a loss and hope, that somebody here has a breaking idea to isolate the problem. Martin
  13. @ Asimov, I had exactly the same problem. I could solve it, because I had made a security-copy of all Foobar settings from 2012r2, which I had before (C:\Users\"current user"\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000). I simply copied my old settings into the respective folder of WS2016 after I had installed foobar - and voila- foobar accepted the path to the music-folder (same folder which I had before in my WS2012r2-settings). Martin
  14. Hi, thanks for your help! Problem is solved. After reinstallation of DAC-driver, kernel streaming works! Thanks Martin
  15. Hi, I have installed 2.20 Beta 5 on WS2016 Core. I run Jplay in dual mode. Everything works fine, except Kernel streaming. Although I have enabled Kernal streaming in AO, Kernel streaming doesn't appear in Jplay "Play via". Any ideas? Martin
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