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  1. Anyhow, looks like I am banished to this Hydrogen Audio place. Whats it like. Has it lots of girlie men also. Are they kind to Drongos?
  2. I'm calling them names because they started it, thats why. I made me own thread up to get away from them, and they followed me over and called me a Drongo cause I couldnt hear noises comin out the end of their cables.
  3. I didn't understand what you were saying here, sorry. If you feel inclined to elaborate I would appreciate it.
  4. Sorry, the link. Health - David McRaney - 'You Are Not So Smart': Why We Can't Tell Good Wine From Bad - The Atlantic
  5. Speaking of wine, this article covers the usual Frederic Brochet experiments at the University of Bordeaux 2001. However is also includes other interesting stuff as well. People will believe almost anything, no matter how ridiculous. Audiophiles are a pretty bright bunch but venerable nonetheless.
  6. I have noticed bit of a thing with beer lately. Its sort of become ultra gentrified. Bit like that dirty inner city block you could have got cheap and is now worth a heap. Not quite up there with wine yet of course.
  7. Bill The trouble with just blind (rather than double blind) is that it is so open to things going wrong. Factors that you wouldn't even suspect can come into play. Small seemingly insignificant cues than throw the whole thing. You need very well thought out experimental design to eliminate these. Double blind protocol is an absolute must. Science, especially biology, is littered with the ruins of those who failed to realise this. You say the manufacturer of the upmarket USB did double blind testing. Does he publish detailed description of his protocol and results? It is beyond the resources of most individuals to do the above type of testing. It should be a requirement that anyone selling this stuff submit it to an independent agency to test, and those tests be made public. This should be done before it is released for sale. This is not happening atm, and is basically the cause of this whole fiasco.
  8. I meant to add that the brands selected were just what happened to be in the shop at the time. Some would have been on a special.
  9. Speaker cables are Tara Labs and Audioquest. About 60 metres total. Cost around $12/M fifteen years ago.They look like extension cords but cost three times as much. I handed it over in hope it they have good end bits etc. Some Tara labs interconnects. One is iridescent purple and looks quite lovely on top the English Oak sideboard. I think I paid $80 for 2 metres a few years ago. Same deal. Also some HMDI, coax from all over the place - some at a ridiculous premium. Once again pay up in the hope the ends stay on. Plastic optical to WDMedia player was donated. Monster AES/EBU, $40?. In the box USB. Am going to be putting in more speakers soon, so the same issue will arise. Probably the same result.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts regarding your preference for well executed multichannel recorded in that format. You are not the only person who likes it I notice. I would actually bet that a sample would show the pubic likes it better as well. Probably by a big margin. So a future there for the optimistic maybe.
  11. Just watched Monsters Inc. with neighbours kid. Pumped up the volume and it scared the life out of all of us.
  12. Yes good stuff on Amazon. Often get useful reviews as well. Headphones and other ear devices are here to stay. Convenient and non disturbing -a big thing in a crowded world. Maybe software improving to create a portable and very convincing surround sound for that group of listeners? When I say "surround", I mean like sitting in a hall/ auditorium/concert hall etc. Or is there only so far you can go with algorithms and we are there pretty much?
  13. Only girlie- men would cry Ad Hominem.
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