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  1. Well, unlike thge count, the Rockna definitely does NOT suck!
  2. Please share your findings. Mine was replaced by the Metrum Adagio, but I am, once again looking to upgrade with a substantially higher budget.
  3. So can someone tell us how the "lossless volume control" on the Tambaqui works and how it differs from the Makua/DAC? Other than switching functions, why would one choose the Makua over the Tambaqui if one's system is dedicated to a single digital source?
  4. Its funny how many people still believe we can measure everything we hear...😆 and vice versa..
  5. Hi all. Just wondering if there's a poor mans Habst out there thats a nice upgrade of the Pasternack RG216? (For the Habst not...;-) I've Tried the Snake river, which didn't float my boat, but just one mans opinion. Thanks
  6. Calling all Canucks! I am just curious as to how many of us own or plan to own the Schiit Yggy and where you are located? I'm in the Hamilton Area. Kerry
  7. Anyone from Canada have a broken-in Yggy? Kerry
  8. Is there any software besides HQ Player that up samples to DSD512?
  9. Hi Guys. I've read the three reviews I could find on the original STP-SE Pre, but I am unable to find any reviews on the upgrades. Of particular interest is the Stage 2 'Full Monty' ;-). Anyone pointing me it the right direction(s) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kerry
  10. Hi guys I've recently taken to rip all of my concert DVDs using DVD AE. All of the discs I've ripped so far have come up with either 'English AC3 (48kHz 6ch), English AC3 (48 kHz 2ch), or DTS (48 kHz 5ch). My question is, what is the native bits per sample on these discs? I know one can set the ripped bit size to either 8,16, or 24 bits, but I would like to know what it is initially so I can set the extracted bit rate to the right value. Thanks Kerry
  11. Good Morning Phil & Claudia Once the dust has settled and AO 2.0 is released, which OS do you think will provide the best sound? Will it be Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 10? Thanks Kerry
  12. Thanks for the answer Phil. Another question if I may. Assuming all things are equal (server hardware, Windows server 2012 OS, & AO optimized for each setup), would increasing the CPU cores from, say 4 to 8 to 16 offer better sound? (theoretically) Thanks Kerry
  13. Hi Phil Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but will AO 2.0 take advantage of the additional cores (8,16) available on some processors/servers? Thanks Kerry
  14. Kenneth I saw the work you did on your Taiwanese customers X100L with the customized back plate and connectors. Can you quote me one of these PSUs shipped to Canada? My E-mail address is [email protected] My Home address is 76 Morgan Drive Caledonia, Ontario N3W 2L6 Canada Thanks Kerry
  15. Kenneth Do you supply installation instructions with the PSU? Does the Aurender X100L requite more than two solder joints? What does a PSU for the X100L cost including shipping to Canada? Does one have to drill a hole in the Aurender for the patch Cable? Thanks Kerry
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