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  1. I'm out of the loop on what lay behind many of the last several posts, and I certainly find the distraction somewhat annoying, given that it takes away from Bluesman's find work. All I want to say is that because of Bluesman's fine work I got myself a RPi 4 Model B with 4G on board, set it up in a basic way using Raspian Lite, got a Flirc case, and it is now happily a Roon end point using its Wifi 5g connection, grabbing music from my Synology NAS, and routing it to my Bryston BDA-2 DAC using a USB 2 port. Damn good SQ, in my opinion, although I have never owned a microRendu, whic
  2. Thanks, Josh, well done. I have a Bryston BDA-2. I've compared it to a McIntosh D100 and a Schitt BiFrost. The BDA-2 seemed to be the best to my ears, so I stuck with it. The funny thing is that even though I have continual upgrade-itus, the BDA-2 just keeps truckin' on. I know there are "better" out there that can handle much higher resolution, DSD, etc., but I continue to enjoy the sound. Someone ought to do an article about when the good you have is good enough. Again, well done! John J
  3. Just a follow up... With the Flirc case running Bridge on Raspian Lite for many, many hours, highest temps, both CPU and GPU, 38C. Ambient temp 68F. No hiccups at all. - JJ
  4. Excellent write-up. Love the McIntosh house sound. Will be very interested in the upcoming C7200 review.
  5. Ropieee is having trouble with USB 2.0 out to a Music Streamer II DAC I had laying around. Pops and clicks, although it did start out okay. Not sure why it suddenly started misbehaving. It recognizes the DAC through Roon just fine. Will re-flash the 4-gig SD that I put it on and try again. I will also report the issue to the Ropieee folks on Roon, but thought I'd let you know. Went back to the Raspian Lite and no problems at all.
  6. Ropieee. Ok. Will give it a try for the same grins and giggles. I have a flirc case on its way. The one thing I am now researching is how to automagically make sure the OS updates and protects itself without my having to do so myself, and how to make sure if there's a power outage that it can come back with no corruption. Since I'm going to install a few of these around the house to group using RAAT, I want it to be as much of an appliance as possible. This is great fun! John J
  7. I don't know if this is a problem or not, but I'm recording a temp of 68C using vcgencmd measure_temp. Seems high to me. Still no hiccups though. Might try DietPi for grins and giggles.
  8. I did not know about the memory limitation. I did try to expand the use of RAM to its max, and apparently it did. Using "free -h" I see that I'm at 3.8Gi, but only using 202Mi with 3.5Gi free. The unit has been playing now for over 6 hours with absolutely no hiccups at all. Bridge is the only thing it's doing; I haven't loaded Kodi yet. I've also unplugged its power supply and plugged it back in several times to see if it will boot back up and be usable. No problems there. For my simple needs, it appears to be the solution. I'm buying another and giving this one as a gift to an au
  9. I ended up with Raspian Lite downloaded from the raspberrypi.org website. I'm using Roon, so the Pi is setup with Roon Bridge. RPi 4 Model B/4GB. Probably overkill just for Raspian Lite and the Roon Bridge, but I have it hooked up to the TV and will eventually load Kobi so I can play all my ripped DVD's that are stored on the NAS, along with my music. I must mention that where I have my system cannot be reached by ethernet or coax cabling, which irritates me no end. So everything is by wifi. I'm using the 5 GHz band and so far there have been no hiccups with this. The hi
  10. Well, LOL! It took me a whole day to get my Pi4 to make music via usb to my W4S re-clocker and finally to my Bryston BDA-2 DAC. But, I am now happily playing Mahler's 2nd. It took me that long because I did all kinds of things wrong and did them wrong at least three times, then changed my mind about the OS a few times, and on and on. But I am very happy with the result. The only question I have is, is ALSA as good as WASPI or ASIO or what-have-you. But that discussion would be for another thread. Just know that I got it to work, and am looking forward to the next installment detailing SBCs. Th
  11. Thank you for this amazing series of articles! Looking forward to the next one on SBCs. Just bought a RPi 4 to play with, mainly as a Roon bridge. I’ve been concerned that it might not provide what I’m hoping for, but they are so inexpensive why not give it a shot! Many, many thanks! John J
  12. I’m thinking of getting one to use as a Roon end-point. Anyone have an update on their trials? also, I cannot use Ethernet for this from my router (long story), soif I wanted to use one to bridge from WiFi to Ethernet for, say, a Sonore product, is that possible?
  13. The last photo, and the one on the marble looking table, reminds me of a choo choo steam engine that would play well with Back to the Future, with all the tubes glowing on the side providing some type of plasma energy. Even the white ring on top, perhaps a futuristic smoke stack? Two meters in one? I have no idea if this is the bees knees of new design, and I've not heard it obviously, but really? Lately I've not liked their aesthetics, and I'm a customer. I guess the brand needs spiffing up according to the marketing department, but it's just not working for this stick-in-the-mud. A local sho
  14. Bluesman, I'm not quite sure how to break up your response using this interface for specific replies (thank you, btw, for the time and effort you put into the response!), so I'll just cut and paste. Yes, I do know about price elasticity, etc. And I do realize that we are benefiting from wonderful technical developments, as well as price benefits. That really wasn't what I was addressing, but the point is well taken. Yes I have. Works okay, but the condo is basically a Faraday cage, so I've had to stand on my head to get the data from the office to
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