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  1. Mr. Smoothie, Paul Desmond, sax man of west coast style jazz He had quite a sense of humor and upon being diagnosed with lung cancer he quipped about his liver being healthy even though he was a heavy drinker. "Pristine, perfect. One of the great livers of our time. Awash in Dewar's and full of health." Paul Desmond
  2. I own quite a few JVC XRCD's and really enjoy them.
  3. Okay, that was awesome! Thanks for sharing that. Pretty damn cool.
  4. Remote Control was/is my fave Tubes album. Still fun after all these years.
  5. Yeah I've heard only super good things about it and I love the Jotas.
  6. Are there those among us who are disciples of the thermionic cult? Those who revel in the glow of glass bottles? Believers in the valve? Show us your glass! Prima Luna Prologue
  7. I think it does. It is not like night a day, but to me it is better.
  8. I've got a thing for Hank Mobley lately
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