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  1. I understand that. But I'm sure quite a few ER-X SPF users are also galvanically isolating further up the chain with their switches, so don't quite understand such a positive opinion towards the SFP model.
  2. Edgerouter ER-X SFP Chaps, there a lot of positive opinions about the SFP model. I purchased the non SFP version a few weeks ago but the ER-X SFP is available again in the EU currently. I'm just wondering if there's any difference in SQ between them, bearing in mind that I have two switches ahead of the router (Cisco and Buffalo) where finisar/planet SFPs are used, to an OM at the endpoint. I don't mind at all taking a small hit by swapping over edgerouter models. Any opinions appreciated.
  3. Not what I wanted to hear for connecting LPS..but thanks for the info.
  4. Yes, as I stated just a few posts up, @Nsxturbo compared SQ and found them 'equally good' (link below) Your photos do show some differences compared to the GS 2016, so thanks for confirming. No great surprise that it sounds harsh straight out of the box, tbh. Does modding the unit to accept LPS require soldering or any other 'challenges'? (speaking as a non-diyer)
  5. I'm just wondering if anyone has opened up a 2024 to visually check they are essentially the same, other than the ports? Thanks a lot for the feedback on SQ.
  6. The other version, praised on WBF, was FTLF1324P2BTL-MC LW? There are currently refurbished ones going for less than 8 euros on ebay (EU), if anyone wants to try. I just bought a pair of new FTLX1471D3BCV 10GB/1GB for even less than that, just to compare. It's hard to keep up 🙃
  7. Just wondering if the various net card comparisons you made also included s/w using Windows or Server OS? In particular with the intel based cards versus the TP-Link, bearing in mind you preferred the latter.
  8. Quick question: Is there much point buying the Buffalo 16 (or 24) port switch if used stock without mods? Thanks
  9. Buffalo BS-GS2024 Does the larger model have the same magic sauce as the 16 port one? Thanks
  10. I think it is used, which is why Romaz disabled it via the jumper on his USB card. And why I used the vbus 2 isolator into my NUC. Failing that, a USB A male to USB A female adapter, with the 5V pin broken might do the trick? You are happy with the sound anyway, so probably not worth sweating over.-)
  11. not sure but it also didn't work with a regular cable with VBUS active. Did you cut the VBUS from your NUC USB output in order to achieve galvanic isolation (in conjunction with the LPS 1.2 powering the Slimline)?
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