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  1. Isn't it ATX? Can't find a block diagram unfortunately.
  2. Didn't realise that! I used a pair of FTLX1475D3BCV in OM -> Buffulo GS 2024 (both 1gbe devices) back in the summer. Seemed to work ok but soon replaced with Finisar ...1321 and Finisar ...1324, which sounded better to my ears. Could it have caused any physical damage? 🙃
  3. If you use a solarflare 8522 in a reasonably powerful server machine with passive cooling, playing native hi-res PCM only, would you likely need to leave the top cover off due to the extra heat produced by the card? Obvioulsy, a very generalised question indeed (influenced by many factors) but just trying to get a sense of how much of a 'heating element' the card could be in practice.-)
  4. @jabbr Do you power your network gear, such as switches, into the same outlets as your servers or have a difference set of outlets somewhere else for them? Like you, I have my endpoint and dac in a separate room from the server. Both use their own isolation transformers. The network gear uses a nearby AC socket to the server, but without going through the server's IT. Just checking I've got things configured well from an AC perspective.👌
  5. Do folks using a ER-X SFP connect its single SFP port towards the modem or in the other direction towards the switch etc? Hopefully that's not a silly question..
  6. Plucked from a current thread on LPS's in the net section. I have no idea if import charges from worldwide places (outside the EU) to UK are more than they were pre 2021. Dreading to find out.. 🤔 https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32966779449.html
  7. Using a m.2 to pci riser and pink faun i2s bridge?
  8. Thanks and ordered! Needed something for listening to tunes while doing occasional jobs in the garage. Will report back with findings.
  9. Are you able to notice any obvious anomalies with this one? Limited viewing from the pics though. https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32966779449.html
  10. At least one person (but possibly a few) posted their recommend settings with the buffalo switches (using the configuration tool), but I cannot find anything after almost an hour searching. If someone could repost, I'd be most grateful.
  11. Out of interest, did that group of finisars include the FTLF1318P3BTL that @auricgoldfinger likes?
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