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  1. Hi, I wanted to share an issue I had and solution provided by Andrew from dCS after many, many hours and weeks of frustration. Setup: QNAP NAS, mac Mini 2018, dCS Bartok on my network. My router is a Comcast gateway, made by Technicolor, provided by the internet service provider. Installed 2 months ago. Problem: Constant disconnection from network; Roon could no longer find the Dac suddenly. Did not happen in USB mode. Troubleshooting: Thanks to many at Roon and dCS in offering me solution pths. This has been lasting for weeks and streaming music on my net
  2. Hello, Very unscientific of me, changed 2 variables in my test at the same time. Did a SMC reset and a Onyx management scan and Roon humming at 8% after an hour, This might be a Eureka moment. Many tanks yo all.
  3. Thank you for your input. Sorry for the delay, not from lack of interest, but a major snowstorm around here. When the CPU is running wild, it lasts the entire time Roon is running. I will try the system management approach suggested above. No issues on my Android or Ipad remote btw. Thanks
  4. Thanks for hanging in AudioDoctor. Yes, I had originally posted there, along with other clients, but like I said, my issue went away for a few weeks and the thread was closed. I'll re-ask them but thought this group might have a solution. Thanks again.
  5. All regularly updated. Roon has had some complaints , like this one, but no solution to my knowledge.
  6. Hi, I've addressed this to the great folks at Roon but the issue went away before they actually tried to do something. Well, it came back: When Roon is running on my 2018 Mac Mini (3.2Ghx, i7 core) , the fan goes on and Roon is drawing 300% CPU usage. The fan noise is so loud, I close up Roon and chose an alternative. Has anyone had this issue and what have you done to solve it? Roon normally functions at about 7% cpu, sometimes less. No other app is running that has not run before, or when it performed normally. Tanks Bernard
  7. Thank you, all of you for these comments. I have been using the Bartok on my network only for a while now, not using the MAc via USB. Regards and Thanks again.
  8. The Sonore thread you posted on is subject to censorship, so I'm sending you this via public pm.  On your system the Sonore may very well not do anything to help SQ.  You could try it out in a blinded test if and only if it is easy to return for a full refund.  This will avoid confirmation bias.


    If anything I suggest you use optical fiber in your system.


    Changes to speakers, setup, and room tmt. are much more likely to help SQ, as will carefully selecting the best masters/releases of the music you like.

  9. Thanks. I actually thought the Rendu helped with USB noise, didn't know it acted as a streamer. I thought it went between the Mac and the Bartok also. Not exactly sure why Chris raves about it and what it does. Bernard
  10. Hi, In Chris' great review of the Meitner DAC, he said: The best sound, without question, was had by pairing the DV2 with the Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical feeding the USB input of the DV2. Can someone explain, in layman terms, where in my system I could use a Sonore? System: QNAP NAS, Tidal on my network---dCS Bartok Dac-streamer-XLR to Nagra amp- Acapella speakers. Mac Mini running Roon--USB into the Bartok. So, what device and where would I use it in this setup? Thanks, Bernard
  11. I've been waiting for a Bartók thread since I got mine 2 months ago... nothing so far.
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