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    HQ Player

    @Miska, Hi, I am looking for a registration key for my HQPlayer. I sent you an email last week with the order number. I am setting up a new Mac Mini and have nothing to prove I'be bought it! thanks
  2. Thanks. Not certain I'll be able to hear the difference however.
  3. Hi, Just got a new Mini, replacing a 2011 version. I'll be getting a streamer, have a NAS, now wondering what are the advantages of running the new Mac headless? I use Audirvana, Roon, Amarra Luxe. Thanks
  4. Shout out to Jesse Lunas also for impeccable customer service. He's dCS' Sales Manager for the Americas.
  5. Hi, I am just learning about the Sonore products. I am wondering why I'd need it. I will be receiving a dCS Bartok in a few weeks to replace my DeBussy. I am getting a new Mac Mini to replace my 2011 version. Setup: NAS, Tidal, Roon( on Mac) plus the new Bartok. I enjoy playing Amarra through Roon and directly through the application. SAme with Audirvana +. What would a Sonore do? Where would put it, how would I hook it up? Which model? Do I need one? Lots of questions. Thanks Bernard
  6. Hi, I'm looking to change my 2012 Mac Mini to the newer version. What processor and storage, memory would I require? I use it almost exclusively to play Roon, Amarra and Audirvana, along with music thru my NAS and Tidal. My current mac has difficulty upsampling and playing DSD's. Do I need the top processor? Thanks, Bernard
  7. Thanks for the quick and well explained answers. Regards,
  8. Thank you. I thought the Streamer eliminated the Mini and ran Roon, Tidal etc, directly. I wonder if my 2011 Mini is up for the task! Regards
  9. Hi, I've been using a Mac Mini to play Roon, Amarra, Audirvana and HQ. I'm looking at changing my dcs DeBussy for their new Bartok DAC/Streamer. Will this eliminate the need for my Mac Mini? Will it mean I won't be able to use HQ, Amarra and Audivana? Any ideas before I switch? Thanks Bernard
  10. Good Day, I've just switched out my Ayre Preamp and QB-9 DSD DAC for a Debussy. It sounds wonderful and I've had to turn off the various filters on Amarra 4 and A+, along with HQ Player as they all made it sound too bright. I still have not found how to play my DSD files; I've done the reformatting dCS suggests for the USB's, Ibut still can't play on Marra nor A+. (Roon is fine) Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Hi, My local High End store is offering to exchange my Ayre DAC QB9 DSD and Ayre K-5XE Mp for a demo dcs DeBussy. He's working out the price differences but this might be my chance to get a hold of a premium brand that I did not think possible. So, any opinions? thanks
  12. Exactly. I run Amarra Sq if I'm listening to Spotify, You Tube or Netflix thru my computer... SHut it down before starting 4 Luxe.
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