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  1. Ah, that's very informative that the ISO alone sounds better than either the SU-1 interface alone or ISO + SU-1. My DAC (MP-D2) doesn't accept I2S either. I was going to try the SU-1 but then started to follow the ISO discussion and subsequently ordered one. Maybe this will end the accumulation of add-on boxes. I plan to use the LP1 with the ISO and my Acopian 12V PS with the SOTM 200. The Acopian has very low jitter (0.25 mV RMS) and is very tightly regulated.
  2. Well.... it'll be interesting having it hanging off the back of my DAC over nothingness. My DAC is huge. 15" deep and the shelf is 15" deep too. No matter, I'm going to order one anyway and figure out some way to support it and keep it from being subject to bumps and entanglements.
  3. Does anybody have a photo of the ISO REGEN connected to their DAC using the 90 degree USPCB A>B adapter? Thanks ..Roy
  4. newbie here Does the BNC WCLK word clock output on the Singxer SU-1 allow superclock insertion? If you installed a superclock via the SU-1 would this be too close to the DAC for maximum effectiveness? Would this be better and cheaper than going all in on the SOTM solution which is a moving target? I have the SOTM 200/ LPS-1 and would like the keep things simple but on the cusp of buying the SU-1 for its connection options and clocks.
  5. On the contrary, the Spring does do DSD. Read ted b's excellent review. Computer Audiophile - Holo Audio Spring Level 3 Kitsune Tuned Edition R2R DAC Review
  6. "Haltron double Mica 5r4gy....cost was only $35 delivered!" Care to share your source for the Haltrons? Thanks, Roy
  7. I wonder how the Holo sounds with the copper transformer? Silver has its own sound which is thought by many to be more precise and detailed whereas copper is regarded as more organic and warm. It would be interesting to compare a copper tranny Holo that has all the mods (Jensen PS caps, fancy fuse, upgraded IEC and silver wire) that the Level 3 has except, of course, the silver tranny.
  8. Thanks for sharing. It seems that the Yiggy and the Holo are very close in performance. It would probably come down to personal taste, individual speaker characteristics, general system synergy and room acoustics that would determine which was the most pleasing to you. I do like the Holo's versatility because of the separate R2R network to handle DSD.
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