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Audio System

30 Ampere hospital 120/120 isolation power supply.

Harmon Kardon HK990 150 WPC dual-mono integrated amp.

Martin Logan aeon-I ESLs brought up to Vista specs

Apple MacBook Pro (music server [Tidal/Qobuz/ Amazon Music/ripped and downloaded music library via Audirvana]
Korg MR-2000 (for DSD master playback)

Schiit Yggdrasil DAC.

Sonic Frontiers D2D hardware up-scaler

Oppo UDP-205 media player

Thorens TD-124 turntable

Mayware Formula Four Tone-arm

Sumiko Songbird cartridge

Grado Reference 2 (not currently installed)

Chord Huei phonostage

Logitech Squeezebox Touch (for Internet radio only) 
Otari DT-800 pro-studio DAT recorder.

HiFiMan Jade 2 electrostatic headphones/amplifier

Stax SR-L300 electrostatic headphones

HiFiMan Edition X headphones

HiFiMan Ananda headphones



Mac mini (2012) computer

Schiit Modi Multibit DAC

TUK powered Loudspeakers



KORG MR-2000 DSD/LPCM recorder

KORG MR-1 portable DSD/LPCM recorder

TASCAM model 16 mike preamp/mixer
Avantone CK-40 large diaphragm condenser stereo mike 

Behringer B-1 large capsule condenser mikes (pair) 

Behringer C-2 matched pair of “lipstick” condenser mikes

AKG 414 condenser mikes with both Omni and Cardioid capsules (2 mikes)

Sony C37 FET (2) 

2 Revox Analog tape recorders 1- A77, 1- B77, both half-track, 15 ips (38cm/s)

Assorted stands and booms, about 200 ft of Mogami XLR cables of differing lengths.
Koss Pro-4A*isolating headphones for location recording.


* Yeah they sound really mediocre, but nothing else I’ve tried excludes outside sound so well in a noisy atmosphere such as a night club or bar.

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